Friday, 15 February 2019

Lolita Blog Carnival: The item I wish I had more of

My lolita wardrobe, you may have read me mention a time or twelve, is pretty well rounded. I have a good amount of everything and have multiple varied coordination options for each main piece I own. But there is one item type in particular I do wish I owned more of - headbows.

I don't deny that I do own a decent number of headbows. The problem is that I don't necessarily own the right ones. Given that I also love to wear berets and hats and clip-on bows it's not necessarily a problem, since any colour I'm lacking here I definitely have elsewhere, but sometimes I find myself reaching for a headbow that I just don't own.

For the purposes of this post, I actually went through my wardrobe to figure out exactly what other colours of headbow I'd like to add to my collection.
  • Dusty pink
  • Ivory/offwhite
  • Lavender
  • Red
  • Black x red
  • Mint
  • Tan brown
At the risk of sounding like a snob, I also think I want to get more brand headbows in future. It's just that I find myself loving the shape of the brand ones I own more than any of the offbrand ones! I also enjoy the few headbows I own that actually match a main piece, so that also may be something I keep an eye out for.

I think this quote unquote problem has really only cropped up in the last year or so since I am a. wearing lolita more often thus want more options and b. have been broadening the colour palette in my wardrobe. Really, the only colour I don't own now is blue! And orange and yellow, I suppose. But I'm no longer in a position where everything matches best with black or brown, nor do I always want to be coordinating with those colours.

This prompt was actually very helpful in figuring out what gaps I have in my headbow collection. I'm also starting to think I need to do the same thing with my OTKs, since big as it is it's feeling a bit lacking at the moment.

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  1. As a fellow headbow fan, I'd also suggest you consider the shape/positioning of the ones you'd like to add. I quickly figured out that I prefer a bow that sits off-centre to the side, so most of those that are dead in the centre and can't be moved end up being worn much less than my side ones. And when I look at my headbow collection, my favourites are actually those from Sweet Dreamer, then followed by Angelic Pretty. Of the ones that I have these two brands have the most comfortable ones and the nicest variety of shapes/sizes/positioning/extra trims. The only brand whose headbows I haven't tried is Meta, but from Japanese brands my headbow ranking would be AP, IW then Baby (even though I've never really worn the one that I have from them, just tried it on - but I heard from many people that they're not so comfortable worn for a long time).

    1. That's a good tip, thank you. And I also appreciate your brand ranking, shall keep that in mind ^__^

  2. I love headbows too! ^^ I am lucky enough to have the headbows for most of my printed pieces now but I knew that when I started it was such a hassle for me to find the right ones to match in my closet! ^^'' I wish you luck for your hunt of your future headbows, haha! ~