Friday, 22 February 2019

NZ 2018 Day 4: Our wedding day

Waking up on Friday, the last day of August and the last day of Winter (yes, we chose that date for a reason), felt a little surreal. We were still sick, still tired, but excited. All the time though, it just felt natural. We’ve lived together for over seven years now and we’d mutually decided to take the next step, but it wasn’t going to change how we lived or who we were or what we meant to each other. We were so casual about it the whole day, it was a really pleasant experience.

The relaxed attitude definitely came in handy because this was another rainy morning, which dashed our plans of taking photos by the water. Spoiler alert; it did clear up enough for us to get other photos later, so don’t feel bad for us!

Anyhow, we woke up, cuddled a bit like usual, then got up to get ready. I made sure to have some toast, otherwise I knew I’d be hangry later since we probably weren’t going to be finished up until around three in the afternoon. And I really do get grumpy if I’m not fed on time! Then we got dressed into our beautiful outfits by Lyris Design. I’ll be posting a full review about our experience with her eventually but the short of it is she’s fabulous and does really beautiful work. We were dressed up, but still us! I did my make-up, Nat helped me affix my veil to my hair (also, sidenote, veils are super annoying!) and then, since our photographer hadn’t arrived yet, we took some selfies and I tried getting artsy with our rings.

Dave the photographer arrived soon afterwards, congratulated us, and took a few photos of all of us indoors. We made sure to tell him to get some nice couple photos of Nat and Luke together as well throughout the day since they both looked really nice as well!

Then, trying not to get too wet, we got into the van. Luke drove, with Nat up front, Dave was in the middle set of seats, and James and I were at the very back. Dave took some photos of us in the car, and also handed the camera over to us for a while so we could take some more selfies.

We had some trouble when we got into Wellington, because the car parking station we had found on google maps was tiny, full, and almost impossible to turn our van around in. Sorry Luke! But we got out of there with a lot of swearing, and found some street parking. Nat ducked out to pre-pay at the meter, and we all scrambled out of the van and under the shop awning at the side of the road. It was still raining. But we had umbrellas and the wet weather actually allowed for some nice photos as we walked a hundred metres or so to the Archive building where the registry office was located.

Once inside, we shook off our dampness and I looked around to see where in the massive building we were meant to go, which was up the stairs and to the left. Obviously, with my veil and flowers and all I was recognisably a bride, so the man at the desk just said my name and I confirm that it was me. He directed us across to the room where wedding ceremonies were performed and said the celebrant would be with us shortly, so we all went into the plain but neat and nice room.

It was a bit empty, with just the four of us and Dave, but that’s exactly how we wanted it. In a minute our celebrant Daniel arrived and introduced himself. His nails were painted pink, which James complimented him on and he said his daughter had done it! So cute, especially because he was a big Maori man ^__^

We joked around for a bit, and then we got in position, Daniel told us how the ceremony would go, and we were ready for our vows. James was first, and repeated after Daniel “I do not know” – and I started crying. And didn’t stop till we were married (James knew it was going to happen and brought tissues in his pocket, but I was surprised at myself lol). The ceremony was very short, and very sweet. I was just so overjoyed to be marrying James! He was also really sweet, and kept touching my face and smiling all the time. It was adorable.

James took this version of the artsy ring photo ^__^

We signed the papers, exchanged rings, and then it was done! We were married! And, being all romantic like I am, my first words as a wife were "does anyone have any tissues?" because I needed more, promptly followed by an exclamation about how those were my first married words! Cue the laughter. James also had the smart idea to take the GoPro with us for the ceremony, so we have that on film for ever ^__^

It was great, it really was, and we took a few more photos around the room after Daniel left, since we had the space for a hour. Then James asked "who's up for some tea?" so we all went back out to the cafe near the entrance.

Nat and Luke grabbed some breakfast as well as beverages, and James and I both got juice alongside our tea. The waitstaff were super sweet, and while we were sitting and chatting in our booth they even came over with some slices cut into cute little squares as a congratulations for James and I. Unfortunately he couldn't eat them, but I happily devoured them for both of us.

As we were wrapping up we noticed that the rain had stopped outside, so we decided to still go ahead with our original plan to go to the Botanic Gardens for further photos. Back to the van we went, then we got a bit lost on the way because GPS can do strange, strange things, and then we arrived at the Gardens.

We took a range of photos in the Gardens, but in the end we weren't actually happy with our photos. Dave was kind enough to let us edit them ourselves, which was something we really wanted, but a lot were poorly lit, in bad focus, or only one of us looked good! So it sucks that we don't really have any proper photos that we like. Even the ones int he post are only okay, in our eyes, but I still wanted to show a bit.

We spent a little while, just half an hour or so, taking photos in a small area of the Gardens. They were really beautiful and I'd have loved to have spent more time there, and not just for photos, but we were just so sick and tired that half an hour was all we could manage!

So we wandered back out and to the van. Since we'd wrapped up earlier than anticipated, Nat and Luke were planning to spend the afternoon at Zealandia while Dave flew back to Australia and James and I went to our wedding night hotel, the QT Museum. We were in luck, and a taxi driver was taking a break just a few parking spaces behind where we had parked the van, so Dave, James and I went one way while Nat and Luke went another. The taxi driver dropped us off at our hotel first and we piled out. We were a bit damp and dishevelled, dragging small suitcases, and I'd changed from my heels into my teal blue sneakers because my feet hurt. But we were happy and married and everyone was so nice!

A porter took our bags, we checked in, and made our way up to our room. And what a lovely room it was! It was technically one of their studio apartment style rooms, so there was a small kitchenette but more importantly there was a massive bath and epic rain shower, and a bed strewn with dried rose petals.

Isn't that just the sweetest thing? I'd mentioned when booking that it would be our wedding night, but we hadn't booked a romance package or anything like that. But not only did we get the rose petals, we got a complimentary bottle of champagne when the porter came up with our bags. We also got some free drink vouchers since there was construction scaffolding outside our room, which was a nice touch even though it didn't bother us at all.

We're neither of us into champagne, but we still popped the bottle and had a little toast to ourselves as we changed into our pyjamas and slothed around the room. It was really nice to get comfortable and lazy and just play some mobile games together. We also attacked the minibar with a vengeance - it was our wedding day after all! And we ordered room service for the same reason!

Our initial plan for the day was to not leave the hotel at all, but we were sore and wanted a massage (which I eventually managed to book at a nearby Thai place after difficulties with the place associated with the hotel), and also thought we'd head down to the lobby bar to claim our complimentary drinks. So after a good time of lazing about, eating and drinking, watching part of The Last Jedi on TV, enjoying the enormous bath, and you know, typical wedding night things, we got dressed into proper pants and headed out into the evening.

We got a little lost, but then re-oriented ourselves and swung by a local supermarket to grab some energy drinks for the next day, which was going to be a driving day. Then we made our way to the massage place, passing this (and more!) interesting bars and restaurants on the way.

The massage place was located up a slim flight of stairs, and we had to ring the intercom to get let up. In our town there are a number of "massage parlours" upstairs so we were a tiny bit doubtful for a moment, but once we got up it was all legitimate. The massage was very good and relaxing - though a live rock band starting playing somewhere nearby part way through! I also still had my cough which was uncomfortable at times, trying not to cough all over the masseuse or myself.

Actually, I'm not sure if I mentioned the cough yet, but that was the worst part of my sickness because whenever I lay down it was worse. I did not sleep anywhere near enough this whole trip because of it, which in turn probably didn't help me get better. Now you know, lol.

But anyway, back on topic. After our massage we went back into the street and back to the hotel. We went up to our room briefly to drop off the energy drinks and use the bathroom, then went on down to the bar. Our bartender was a lovely young Canadian woman, who made James his typical grasshopper and me something with St Germain after I told her about the yummy cocktail from Charley Noble the night before. It wasn't the same, but it was still tasty. We got to talking a lot and we gushed about getting married, of course, and showed her some of our Instagram snaps from the day. Turns out she loved my socks so I pointed her in the direction of Innocent World and Angelic Pretty.

After a while we got up to leave...and discovered that we hadn't read the fine print on the drink vouchers which only covered beer and wine. Oh well. We were told we could use it at the main restaurant though, which was good because we were going there for breakfast the next morning.

We took our time going back up to our room, taking a good look at the thing that made the QT Museum unique - its art collection.

We did have one funny moment while looking at the art. One piece was a lushly padded, oversized door, which James was looking at...until the concierge walked out and asked if we needed anything! Turns out it was just a door, but with all the eclectic art around we thought it was an art piece! A little embarrassing at the time, but hilarious afterwards, and really makes you think about what constitutes as art.

Also, an interesting thing we learned from the bar staff (not sure if it was our bartender or the other one on staff) the building the hotel was in was the first building to be picked up and moved - it used to be located where the Te Papa Museum is! That's just fascinating and bordering on magic in my eyes.

So up we went to our room, where we enjoyed a luxurious rain shower and ordered another round of room service for dinner. Then it was off to bed for the first time as husband and wife ^__^

PS At some time on our wedding day James let it slip that he was collecting mementos from wherever we went to put into a memory box when we got home. He's so romantic and sweet and I just died a little of happiness when I found this out ^__^


  1. Weddiiiiiiiiiing! <3 I think it's so adorable how you and James got matching wedding outfits, it just makes it all the more special. Although as someone who is all about that wedding shebang, it was odd to read about just *how* chilled your affair was. The important thing is that it worked for you two - and to be honest, with both of you being ill, an actual wedding party might've killed you. (The idea of dying together so soon after marriage though is so Shakespearean loool!)

    1. Our outfits were so important to us, and turned out so beautifully! Haha yeah, I just cannot imagine enjoying a big wedding at all. I actually have come to realise I just don't like weddings at all. So this really was perfect for us!

  2. Congrats!! Yall looked fantastic!

  3. Looks like you had a really lovely day despite your illnesses! I love the coordinating outfits you chose, and that they reflected your personalities so well! The rich jewel tones look incredible on you <3

    It's a nice change of pace to read about a couple doing such a small wedding. I've never been into the idea of big weddings, or understood the need to spend ridiculous amounts of money for one day even though that's become the expected thing. I'm glad you created an experience that worked for you ^_^

    The story about the hotel building moving reminds me of one of my local McDonald's doing exactly the same thing. One time I went there it was on one side of a car park, then the next time it was on the opposite side and I was incredibly confused!

    1. It was a great day, and thank you! I adored our outfits, and we've both re-worn parts of them already.

      I have learned that I do not enjoy weddings and was glad that we were on the same page in terms of not really having one. It was perfect!

  4. Congrats! Your outfits look beautiful. Wishing you both much happiness <3