Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A garden of pink; Flower Bottle outfits

I love this skirt. It’s cute, simple and adorable. And, with the full shirred waist it’s also pretty comfortable!

It is also very pink! Much as I love pink, I don’t actually tend to wear it much (except pink x black combos, because pink x black is amazing). So even though I wouldn’t call it a challenging piece to coordinate, it’s certainly one of the most distinctly sweet lolita pieces that I own and therefore a bit of an oddball.

Given how typically sweet it is, for my first outfit I simply ran with that and pulled together a very traditionally sweet lolita outfit…and a very Metamorphose one, with the blouse being from them as well! Their lucky packs have truly served me well over the years. This would be worn with white ankle socks as well.

The second look also features a Metamorphose blouse… what can I say, it’s just how these turned out! For this coordinate I wanted to go over the top with pink. All the pink! I will honestly say that I don’t think I would ever wear this, but at the same time I think it’s pretty adorable. pink...

For the third and final look I came up with something I absolutely adore. It’s quirky, bright and so very, very me. Unlike the last outfit I would 100% wear this. I think it’s unusual, but not in a way that’s too weird or jarring.

I have to say, I love simple skirts like this. They are easy to wear, give lots of coordinating options and are quintessentially lolita. And, in this case, they are also pink, sweet and adorable ^__^

Saturday, 22 April 2017

How much have I spent on lolita?

There was a thread recently on CGL about how much you’ve spent on lolita, including most expensive item, best deal and the cost of your wardrobe overall. I don’t have much of note to say on the first, have already covered the second but the third point caught my interested so I sat down to do the maths. As a note, prices are inclusive of fees and shipping and are in AUD. And as another note, though I say “I’ve spent” there are gifts included in this: I didn’t personally spend every penny that was spent on my collection, in fact quite a few pieces were bought for me by my lovely boyfriend. Anyhow, with those two points covered…

I don’t tend to track prices, but I know I tend to buy cheaply. Therefore I’m assuming each dress, skirt, blouse and piece of outerwear cost an average of $60. I have 11 pieces of outerwear, 19 blouses and cutsews and 24 main pieces for a total of $3240. Then I would add an extra $250 each for Anniversary Rose and my Lyris Design JSK as those were the two most expensive items, so we are now up to $3740.

My two priciest lolita dresses.

I would count shoes, petticoats and my fawn fur collection as costing $50 per item and respectively I have 18, 3 and 6 which brings the total here to $1350.

Brand OTKS I would average out to being $20 a pair and I have 22, so add $440. Offbrand legwear I’ll factor in at $5 a pop and I have somewhere around 33 pairs (though I’m not 100% sure how many pairs of ankle socks I own, since I wear them pretty regularly) so that adds another $165. So my legwear total is $605.

I love pretty socks!

Headwear I’m going to count as $5 a piece so 83 pieces brings that total to $425, and then the bulk bows were around $50, so the final count here is $475.

In miscellaneous items I have 6 pairs of wristcuffs at $10 each for a total of $60, 2 pairs of bloomers that probably cost $30 combined, as well as $20 worth of each AP and Rouge Aerie jewellery. All my other jewellery is not lolita-specific, though a lot can be used for it, so I’m not counting any of it. Then I also have 10 bags which had massively varying price points but let’s say an average of $30 each for a total of $300. So in miscellaneous items I have probably spent $430 overall.

A few of my accessories in a favourite colour scheme.

Combined, that brings my current lolita wardrobe to a nice, round, total cost of $6600, based off some perhaps slightly sketchy maths. For the sake of my “better safe than sorry” mind, let’s even round that up to $7000 to account for anything I may have forgotten to include and for things like shipping and fees that I may not have factored in correctly. For my international readers, that’s around $5400USD,  €5000 or ¥608,000 at the current exchange rate.

This was an interesting thing to do, because it really makes me think about the value of my wardrobe. I love it – I think I have a great, versatile collection which can suit a range of styles and occasions. Lolita has also brought me a lot of joy over the years, and will continue to do so. It’s given me a new creative outlet in the form of this blog, and has improved my grasp of fashion overall. I love lolita as a fashion, and I feel like having a 7K wardrobe after 5 years is pretty good. Yes, my wardrobe isn’t very impressive by brand standards but it is well curated and above all it’s exactly what I want.

Thinking of the value of my wardrobe makes me want to go a little further – I feel like I’ve probably bought and sold almost as many main pieces and blouses as I currently own, so let’s say I spent another $3000 over time and sold things for $2000 (or have them sitting in my to-sell pile, but let’s count that a sold). That’s another $1000 I’ve spent that isn’t present in my current wardrobe, so in 5 years I’ve spent $8000 on Lolita or an average of $1600 per year. That’s almost $135 per month which really, with the maths of my wardrobe, isn’t that much – it’s a blouse and a skirt, or a pair of shoes, two pairs of brand OTKS and a few offbrand accessories. Yes, that is still a lot of disposable income channelled into a fashion, but it’s not an excessive amount.

I was surprised by how much I've spent because on the one hand that's a lot of money, and on the other its not what I expected...though I'm honestly not too sure what I expected! But this was a good exercise to do, even though it is based on guesstimate maths so I could be out by quite a bit,. However, it seems pretty much right and I'm comfortable with having spent that amount on my wardrobe over the years.

Do you know how much you have spent on lolita in the time you've been in the fashion? Do you look at that amount and think it's big or not so much?

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Lolita 52: 5 inspirational fictional characters

To be honest, I’m not much of a one for “inspirational characters”. I don’t get inspired from fiction, really. I enjoy things, and do find certain qualities endearing or insightful in particular characters, but this is a surprisingly challenging question for me, especially when trying to answer in something of a lolita sense.

However, I can answer with these characters:

Adora Belle Dearheart (Terry Pratchett’s Discworld). She is severe, smart, well-put together and all in all a wonderful, vaguely intimidating, stylish woman. Hashtag goals.

Lirael (Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom). A shy, quiet, misfit of a bookworm (sound familiar? Except I’ve never really been quiet…) does what she must to make things right in the world. Also she has a Librarian’s waistcoat and a somewhat mysterious sword.

Sara Crewe (Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess). The book, not the movie. Though this is a kids book, I love Sara’s determination to “be a princess” when a princess is someone who is good and brave and just regardless of what life throws at her.

Pamde Amidalla (Star Wars). Especially in the novelisations, where you get a little less Lucas and a little more depth than the movies, Padme is a powerhouse. And her outfits are some pretty amazing eye-candy.

Captain Janeway (Star Trek Voyager). Voyager is the only Star Trek series I’ve watched to completion, and I actually do admire Janeway something fierce. I also enjoy her change of hairstyle each season.

It may not read like it but I really struggled putting that list together. Like I say “inspirational” isn’t really a word I apply to characters. “Enjoyable”, certainly and they all are. “I found the overall message of this book/movie/show inspiring”, also yes. I feel like this list is wrong, incomplete, but also like it’s too long and also kind of fake.

I know that’s a bit of a downer to end a blog post, but regardless of the empirical goodness of my list, I hope it gives my readers a little insight into my taste in books, TV, and movies!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Dots and berries; Chocoberry outfits

The really fun thing about these flatlays is I get to try new things with pieces that I honestly tend to wear in the same way over and over. Bodyline's Chocoberry skirt is just one such piece - black top and red beret is my go to look. I mean, it's a good look, but it's nice to try something new!

So I decided to steer clear of my standard coordination and try a few more interesting things.

First of all I decided to go with pattern mixing and I love the result! One the one hand, this is kind of a simple look, but on the other the stripes with the dots makes it quite loud...and I like that!

For the second look I decided to tone down the black as much as possible and instead highlighted the pink. In retrospect, I feel like I should have included some black up the top to balance it out, but all in all I rather like this look.

Lastly, I went in the other obvious direction that isn't! I have to say, I really love this cutsew, it is so good for casual looks! Our of the three outfits, this is probably the one I'd be most likely to wear, it's just very me!

Do you have any pieces in your lolita wardrobe that you tend to wear in the same way?

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Closetchild mini haul

It’s funny to think that in all the time I’ve been a lolita – which is coming onto five years now – I have not once ordered from Closetchild. Until now, that is.

Two items that were on my list of wardrobe goals came up for sale at the same time, and I decided to go for it. I also eyed off a number of other things (cutsews and OTKS, mostly) but in the end kept my purchases to a minimum and got only what I needed. So, which items where these from my list? An ivory short sleeved bolero and a pair of black wristcuffs.

I’ll be honest, after shipping costs kicked in I had a moment of regret for buying these. But even though it’s harder to get excited about basics they are things I needed for my wardrobe, and I am pretty proud of myself for not buying additional items to make myself feel better about the cost of shipping.

Overall I found Closetchild pretty straightforward to order from – their how-to guide for international customers was handy and everything was simple enough. I ordered and paid on 19 March, received an email that the order was received on the 20th, it shipped on the 22nd and arrived on the 27th. And yes, I am aware this review is a bit late but hey, better late than never. All in all Closetchild provided a good service and I will happily buy from them again.

Onto the items! First of all I got Innocent World's Ribbon and Pearl Short Bolero in beige, which is super pretty.

It is unfortunately too small on me - it fits, but it looks too small. I am going to hang onto it to see if it gets better as I lose weight or if it's just a problem with my big Western shoulders. It's a really lovely bolero though, the details are just gorgeous. And it is NWT!

Then I also got some AatP "wristcuffs". Why the quote marks? Because they're actually sock toppers...

And it's entirely my fault! The listing said sock toppers, but I wasn't really aware they were a thing, and given how Closetchild listings have been a bit haphazard lately I assumed it was a case of mislabelling or bad translation. But it wasn't, and so now I own some sock toppers and don't really know what to do with them...

So all in all, despite the experience of ordering being fine I'm not all that excited about my actual purchases. But ah well, you win some, you lose some. And at least now I have ordered from Closetchild so I'll be more comfortable doing so in future if something I want pops up.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Coordinates from January - March 2017

In keeping with my 2017 goal of wearing lolita more often, I've decided to post an outfit round up post every few months. Sometimes, like for the first quarter of this year, I may not be posting too many outfits, but I'd still rather for a regular, smaller round up than waiting for ages or even than posting each outfit individually.

So, in the first three months of 2017 I wore lolita twice. Which isn't a lot, but given that 2016 saw me wearing it only four times it is definitely an improvement!

In January James and I went out to buy eggs and I decided to dress up a bit for it. We also ended up hanging out in a local park for a little bit playing Pokemon Go. It was a short outing, but I was pleased to wear lolita for it.

JSK & Shoes: Bodyline
Bolero: Handmade
Bag (not pictured): Taobao
Everything else: Offbrand

The other time I wore lolita was when I went to the Sydney swap meet in February! You may notice, seeing these two outfits in the one post, that I like casual brown outfits ^__^ What can I say, brown or black tend to be my go-to colours...

JSK & bow clips: Rococo Soul
Bolero: Handmade
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Taobao
Everything else: Offbrand

So yeah, not too much lolita for the first part of the year but still off to a good start!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Lolita 52: Favourite hair style

This one is an easy one! Plaits and braids are my number one go-to hairstyle. I mean, aesthetically I love half updos with loose curls, victory rolls, hime bumps, and all of that but as far as a hair style I actually like to use it is plaits and braids all the way. I have very fly-away hair and things tend to get messy very quickly if I don’t keep the main restrained! Of course, just natural loose hair with lolita is something that I really enjoy as well and what's great is I recently go my hip-length hair chopped to shoulder blade level so I can do this again without becoming Cousin It!

My most common lolita hairstyle is simply two plaits, generally with bows at the end. It’s simple, looks nice and most of all – it’s easy to do. I don’t have a lot of patience with my hair! Plaits like this were especially good when I the purple balayage because it showcased the colour nicely...and now that it's shorter their cute because they frame my face nicely!

Me with my purple glory.

Another variation I enjoy is a crown braid, though for this I used to cheat and just wrap two plaits around my head. It’s only in the last couple of years that I had long enough hair to do this easily and I loved it... but I'll be going back to actually braiding now!The only downside is that having the hair up, given that I don’t tend to go for very large hair accessories, my head can sometimes look a little small compared to my petticoat inflated skirt with this style!

Lastly, a style I’ve only worn out once but that I intend to again if my newly shorn hair can manage it is looped braids. Unsurprisingly, this also starts with two plaits but looping them up is super cute and a bit doll-like. It’s certainly an old-fashioned kind of hairstyle and I really like how it look with classic outfits. And hey, if I can't do it with my natural hair I can do it with a wig!

Do you have a favourite, go-to hairstyle for lolita?

Friday, 24 March 2017

When in doubt, wear red; Tartan Check outfits

I will admit that over time I've come to appreciate Baby, the Stars Shine Bright as a brand more and more. The pieces I have from them are just so very lolita, if that makes any sense at all!

Recently I put together three new coordinates with my delightful Tartan Check "Mini Sleeves" JSK from BTSSB. I completely forgot to take a close shot of the fabric, which is how I typically start these kind of posts, so let's get straight into the outfits!

The first direction I took it is in a bit eye-hurting, I'll admit, especially because I would wear pink tights with this too! I enjoy the combination of pink and red quite a bit, and I think this particular look turned out really cute. In your face, to be sure, but cute.

This next look is also very bright, but I feel not adding pink keeps it a bit more restrained despite the excessive amount of red. I would so totally wear this outfit though - I love how vibrant and casual it is, while still being very lolita.

Lastly I tried to tone it down rather than embrace the colour, and though this coordinate is nice (and uses some new wardrobe additions!) I'm a bit ambivalent towards it. I feel like this JSK needs to be worn in either an oldschool or a gloriously quirky way to really shine - in this outfit it's jsut coming across as a little bland. Still nice though, don't get me wrong, just not exciting and I'm at a point where I like these flat-lays I come up with the be at least moderately exciting!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Project 333 Take 3

Believe it or not, I've been working on this hypothetical Project 333 inspired lolita capsule wardrobe since I posted the last one. Speaking of that last one, I wasn't so pleased with how versatile it turned out - yes, it was thematically diverse but not in terms of colour or even really style overall. So this wardrobe was a long time in the works as I tweaked and tweaked and tried to come up with something that was varied in theme, colour and style...and in the end, I think I did a pretty good job!

For this wardrobe I really made myself relax and picked things that worked together on colours while not focusing on theme so much. Buuuut...I ended up going fairly floral again, though it wasn't really intentional! Mostly I just tried to have thing be cohesive rather than matching, and tried to work in some quirkier pieces to make the wardrobe feel like it could go in unexpected directions and wasn't just same old, same old. Things like having the pair of ouji shorts and that epic Axes Femme gobelin jacket really helped lift this wardrobe up, I think.

And naturally, I had to put together some outfits for each main piece to show everything in action and honestly I think this is my best attempt at a capsule wardrobe yet!

See, I can do non-florals! Both the print and underbust cut made this JSK a bit of an outlier in the wardrobe, which I thought was pretty good. And these outfits provide both colour and seasonal variety.

This JSK allowed for even more variance in the coords. I really loved using the bowler hat - it gives a bit of otome-style quirk to some of the outfits! But as you can see in the two right-most coordinates, you can really vary what you do with this JSK in this particular wardrobe.

Style-wise, this wardrobe is on the sweeter end of classic for he most part, and this is definitely the sweetest main piece of all! So mostly I ran with sweet looks overall here. I actually really love the wintery look on the bottom left - so cosy!

This Innocent World OP I chose because, even though it's not OTT, it is a bit out there with it's very Victorian sleeves. This gives me such strong Anne of Green Gables vibe to be honest - puffed sleeves! But still, it can be worn in a few ways, from otome quirk to full blown lolita to fairly simple.

For this wardrobe I also tried to not depend so heavily on JSKs, though I still think they are the best and most versatile style of main piece, so here we have a second OP - this time plain and short sleeved. It can be dressed up or down, and the colour makes it both simple and noteworthy. I know, I know, cream is not really the most wearable colour but I think that's what makes this dress a really valuable inclusion to the wardrobe - it's a non-obvious statement piece that relies on colour, rather than cut or print.

Next, we have something that is really a stretch for me - ouji (or kodona, whatever...let's perhaps just call it boystyle). I figured if I really wanted to make this wardrobe as diverse as possible, they warranted an inclusion. Boystyle is pretty freaking cool, and the simple inclusion of this one pair of pants gives the hypothetical wearer something casual and comfortable and different to wear.

And then last of all some outfits featuring the lone skirt. This skirt is simple, but still quite elegant, and it certainly lends itself to a good range of outfits from super toned down to very lolita.

I think where I managed to succeed in this wardrobe is that though it is very versatile and you can get a range of looks from it, there aren't really any statement pieces (except, perhaps, the gobelin jacket). You can pull statement looks, to be sure, but even the cream OP that I called a "statement piece" doesn't make you go "wow", though some of the outfits might! Of course, to some this may make this wardrobe seem boring but to me it makes it really exciting. There's no "this is the OTT dress that can be worn to be super fancy" or "this is the casual skirt for relaxed outfits" - to differing extents each piece can be worn in dressier or more causal ways by virtue of the accompanying pieces rather than the main pieces themselves. And that's what I love in a lolita wardrobe!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Lolita 52: Something that’s not my style, but I love anyways

Two things immediately pooped to mind for this: regular sweet lolita and EGL! Neither are something I’d be comfortable wearing outside of a photoshoot but that I really, really love to see on other people.

By “regular” sweet lolita I mean basically anything that is pastelly with cute motifs. Dark coloured sweet, including things like chocolate prints, is fine, as is pastels in floral themes. Also oldschool sweet is something I’m fine with. But adorable AP pastel vomit? Silly cutesy Metmorphose prints? Circa 2008 OTT sweet? Early noughties simple sweet where white blouses and lace topped OTKs dominated? I adore those aesthetics but they are so very, very, very not me!

GLB scan from

EGL doesn’t need much explanation as to what I mean, but the reasons it’s not my style is because I have this weird inability to do goth, in any of its forms. I own a lot of black clothes, and many pieces that are typically goth, I really enjoy a lot of gothic styling and aesthetics, and I think I have a pretty good grasp of coordinating outfits, lolita and otherwise but goth…just eludes me! I really don’t know what it is so any variation of gothic fashion, including EGL, remains something I try to pull off for photoshoots, but that’s it. And even then I don’t tend to look very goth-y, just like I’m wearing black!

Mana in all his glory.

This post made me realise once again how much I love lolita. I adore the huge range of substyles we have to choose from and how that, though there are certain looks I don’t feel comfortable in there are plenty that I do. And what doesn’t work for me works for lotsof other girls so I get to live vicariously through those who can enjoy what I can’t! 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Cream and brown; Classical Bustle outfits

As your surely expect of me I've put together three flat-lay outfits with my newest main piece; Innocent World's Classical Bustle JSK in brown.

This JSK is really, really beautiful. It's definitely a fancier piece than I tend to buy, but it's good to have at least one dressy dress! I like how it's a bit old school, but not in a limiting kind of way. There is a lot of detail to it - the bows, the laces and or course, the bustle at the back as well as the open-style front.

First I went with a very straightforward look - more cream, brown and floral themes. Also, this is the most IW coordinate I can pull together, I even included the two-way clip that I got at the swap meet for extra IW points!

Next, I wanted to go a bit more casual, inasmuch as you can with a JSK like this. Can I just point out here that I am now even more chuffed with the new BTSSB headbow than I already was - it matches my other burgundy items! I am all for versatility, but I also love having good matching base sets, so to speak, even if I don't always use them as a set. And this headbow just elevated my burgundy base quite nicely!

For this last outfit... first of all don't ask how I managed to mess up the photo... I don't even know... what is composition?

On the coordinate itself, I thought peach was another good option, and it is. I would wear this is solid dark brown tights and beyond that I don't have much commentary on this outfit. It's certainly nice, but it doesn't quite spark my interest the way the other two do.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

February auctions haul

I know that it seems like I’ve been buying a lot of stuff, with this being posted so soon after my Lolita Desu lucky pack review, but that was technically ordered in December so I’m not really that much of a shopaholic…right? But anyhow, here is a little haul I’ve made recently from Yahoo Japan via Buyee. This actually arrived last week before I went to the swap meet, but I wanted to post about the meet first!

One of these things is not like the others…

I got a lot of little things this time around, and it turned out to be a very Angelic Pretty focused sweet lolita haul…

Starting off with the thing that is the most unexpected; AP jewellery (and a Milk hairclip)! Part of me loves sweet loves Angelic Pretty plastic jewellery but unless I become a heck of a lot richer it is not something I would ever buy new, or even at most secondhand prices. But I won this set at 1400 yen, which was not unreasonable at all (though still a bit frivolous, I admit, especially when you factor in shipping and fees on top of it). It is a bit ridiculous, I know, but black and pink is one of my favourite colour combinations and I have absolutely nothing like these pieces in my jewellery collection.

Then we have the pieces that started it all, Candy Fun Fair OTKS and a Melty Chocolate headbow. Even though I really don’t need them, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a pair of OTKS to match Jurassic Party, and since I like pairing that skirt with pink these seemed like a good option. And the headbow was cute so I figured why not? Admittedly, from the sellers photos I couldn’t tell if the headbow was pink and black or pink and brown, though I eventually figured from stock photos it was the former. But I’d have been happy with either so it wasn’t a big deal that I couldn’t tell!

From socks to more socks I also bought a bulk lot of assorted OTKS. In the end I am only keeping the Metamorphose Sweet Cherry pair and the Jane Marple ones on the far right...though how cute are the Baby and IW pairs?

Then from socks to…even more socks? That’s right, I am vaguely obsessed with lolita OTKS. This pair, Angelic Pretty’s Ribbon Ribbon Going Out OTKS, was just too cute to pass up!

At last, we have something not sock related, but still distinctly in sweet lolita territory like nearly everything else in this order…two pairs of Angelic Pretty wristcuffs! One pair is Melty Chocolate (I’m really on a theme here, aren’t I?) and I’m not sure about the pink pair but they sure are adorable. Since I did have adding pink wristcuffs on my 2017 goal list this was certainly a fully successful purchase ^__^

Continuing the sweet theme but heading back to bittersweet, this gorgeous AP bag was a bit of an impulse purchase but like I repeatedly say – I like black and pink. It’s quite an old piece, as you can tell by its label, and is in really great condition for that! There are a few minor marks on the outside, but you can only see them if you look for it.

And finally, the biggest piece of the haul and the only non-sweet item; the Classical Bustle JSK from Innocent World. At 4000 yen this was the most expensive item in my haul, but at that price how could I not buy it? It's really, really gorgeous and I can't wait to figure out some good outfits for it.

So there's my recent haul!

Monday, 27 February 2017

Sydney community swap meet 2017

I did the thing! Yesterday I went to my very first ever lolita meetup! And I had a rather nice time ^__^

About two months ago a date was set for the swap meet and I decided it was high time I actually went to a meet. Besides, I had a lot of things that I've been needing to sell and either have not been successful at parting with online or haven't even listed anywhere yet. So I clicked "going" on facebook, and earlier this month, when we actually had to confirm via message, I did, nervous about it though I was. In the week leading up to the meet I was tagging, pricing, organising and had basically no idea what to expect.

Well, overall it was nice! It was a long day, because it was an hour and a half drive each way for me, then I was there for five hours but it was a great to finally get involved in the community. I got to speak with lots of nice girls and now I feel confident to go to other meets in the future. Everyone brought a plate to share, so there was a tasty lunch spread to partake in between browsing clothes and chatting. And I only had a like one really socially awkward moment, yay!

Unfortunately I didn't do too well on the sales side and only managed to get rid of two pairs of shoes and a pair of socks, and traded two other things. I also didn't buy particularly much, because I really wanted to watch my spending and there was nothing I really, truly loved enough to pay much for. But there was a good reason for my lack of sales because...

...there were so. many. clothes! There were two rooms filled with clothes; the downstairs room was for dresses, skirts, outwear, shoes and bags and upstairs was for blouses, coats and accessories...though it ended up with a bit of everything as some latecomers arrived. And to give you an idea of volume there were four racks of dresses, two of skirts, two of blouses, at least 10 pairs of shoes and a big dining table plus another smaller table filled with all kinds of accessories. Some girls who had been to Japan said we basically had a Closet Child's worth of clothes and I can believe it! We had around 45 girls in attendance, and nearly everyone brought a tote bag of clothes at least!

Though I did come home with basically the same things as I left with, here's a picture of my little haul! I traded for the Meta shawl thing and the Innocent World clip, and bought the socks and the Rogue Aerie chokers and bracelet (I couldn't decide between choker styles, lol).

And, what meetup post would be complete without sharing what I wore? The dress code was casual/otome for ease of trying things on and also for space constraints (and even with all the small pettis was still hard to move around!) which suited me perfectly!

I got James to snap a photo for me after I came home, so excuse the peeking petti! I wore my Jam Paradise JSK and got several compliments on it, as well as one on my bolero, which was nice. Really, the Sydney community is full of lovely girls!

So yeah, I went to a meetup! What was your first lolita meet like?

P.S. I'm tagging this post with "Lolita 52" because it can belatedly count for the "My first meetup" topic!