Sunday, 20 September 2020

AYWI30C #24: Using your least worn main piece

For this prompt I wanted to work with my Innocent World Princess Rose JSK, as it's one of several pieces in my wardrobe that I have actually never worn.

But, to be completely honest, this outfit just...didn't work for me. I don't know why, since it does match quite well and on paper it's nice but it just doesn't excite me at all. Which is a pity, because every individual piece is gorgeous. Perhaps it's a matter of shifting tastes, since I did approached this wanting to do something very classic, and I've really been more on a casual sweet kick lately.

Oh well, at least when I do these coords I do take close-ups so we can enjoy the good aspects of the coord. Like my wedding flower crown, which I still love a lot.

And this Innocent World book bag, which I felt matched in aesthetic if not in colour. Bags are one of those things that I really want to get loads more of, but I know I don't need them and really shouldn't. 

Innocent World is an interesting brand, in that what matches Innocent World best is nearly always more Innocent World. Other brands I find I can mix and match and it's all fine but when it's Innocent World I just drift towards matching it with more of the same.

Though, like my overall opinion on this coord, it could just be a bit of a classic thing. Even though my wardrobe is a bit of everything, it definitely skews more sweet than anything else, which could be why I find Innocent World goes best with Innocent World. 

But regardless of the substyle, I do love working in some offbrand accessories into pretty much everything. This two-way clip is gorgeous but I never seem to wear it! So it was good to bring it out for this coord.

So yeah, this coord ended up being a bit of an odd one, but it was still good to try a new outfit with something I haven't yet been able to wear. I've definitely got options for when I drop a dress size or two and can fit it ^__^

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

A little bit of loliable crafting

 Recently James and I got to spend some time with our eldest niece, and we did some beading together. I took the opportunity to string together a couple of bracelets in colours my lolita collection was missing, as well as make myself a big rainbow necklace!

My first bracelet, the purple/red/pearl one was to match Verrry Berry Picnic, since I don't have many purple accessories. Then I was on a roll and made the pink/purple/pearl one in a very similar way, since I often pair my purples with pink.

Since our niece was making herself some fun rainbow things, I also wanted to make a rainbow thing! It doesn't come up much here since it's not all that easy to work in with lolita, but I am a massive rainbow fiend. I have a little collection of rainbow goodies, and it was really nice to add something handmade to that.

The only downside of making these things I want to make so many more bracelets!

Thursday, 10 September 2020

AYWI30C #23: Using your most worn main piece

I was really excited when I got to this prompt, because I'm taking it as an opportunity to showcase my handmade cherry skirt in a more traditional lolita coord. This skirt is perfect for casual wear, which is how I most often wear it, but I really wanted to try something a little more "proper".

I mean, sure, to a lot of people this is still quite casual and I guess it is, but it's more "proper lolita" casual than casual casual, if you know what I mean ^__^

I decided to keep a lot of the elements in this coord quite "traditional", hence the big old headbow. But I couldn't resist sticking on a cherry clip as well...gotta keep on theme!

For the legwear I chose to go lighter rather than darker, same with the cutsew on top. Obviously you can't avoid black with a black main piece, but I did like pairing this skirt with some lighter and brighter options.

I kept the accessories very minimal, and I loved how perfectly this necklace sat under the collar of the cutsew! Unfortunately it's probably one of those things that wouldn't behave so neatly when actually worn, so let's just admire it in flatlay format.

This coord once again brought into sharp relief that I still down own a black lolita purse, and that is a sin and a shame. Fortunately, most of my black coords are really black x red (and berries, of course) where this Milky Berry tote works perfectly. Or they're black x pink and match my AP bag, or they're black and white so I whip our the big, old, much-abused BTSSB bag.  I don't really need a solely black bag, but I do want one!

This coord really rekindled my excited over this skirt. I've always loved it, but I do tend to wear it in very samey ways so it was nice to see a new potential in it ^__^

Thursday, 3 September 2020

"July" Lolita Haul

So I did a thing, namely I got my tax return and while most of it got squirrelled away some if it went to funding new lolita! I'm calling this my "July" haul since that's when I ordered it, but  it took a while ^__^

I placed the order with Japonica on July 15, and received a near-instant email letting me know that they couldn't ship by EMS but could hold the order at no extra cost and was I okay with that. I was, so I replied just as promptly. I did have a bit of a panic over the order, because the seller for my first item just wasn't responding and I didn't hear anything for like a month until I decided to check in with Japonica. Turns out they had missed the sellers reply and were able to buy the dress after all but I was a bit sad for a while thinking I wouldn't get it!

Ultimately I got my package on the first of September, though I did have to ship by DHL which was horribly expensive. But let's not dwell on that, let's look at the amazing goodies I got!

The dress that started it all is Meta's Blooming Garden OP in yellow. I've been after a sweet dress in a light pastel for a while, though I hadn't specifically considered this dress before I found it on Fril for a decent price and decided to go for it. I was actually strongly considering buying this no matter what, but once I realised what my tax return was going to be I decided to go for it!

In person it's just lovely. It is hands down the most typically sweet thing I own now, and that's exactly what I wanted. The print is really beautiful, and I love how it's both very soft and very vibrant. With front and back shirring the sizing is very flexible... but I can't zip it up on my own due to the high waist! Oh well, that's what husbands are for ^__^

I also decided that it was high time I bought the Maxiciman Lovely bolero that I've been eyeing off for like a year. If I was going to have a bit of a lolita splurge I was damn sure this bolero was coming with me! I wanted a pink bolero anyway so into the cart it went, and besides, it was on sale.

The bolero also came with a shopping bag, a fan, and some catalogue pages, which were really fun to look at. 

An oh my goodness, I am not a firm Maxicimam fan. This bolero is absolutely perfect. It fits me so well, it's comfortable, it's beautiful and I'm so glad it's out of stock int he other colours I'd want otherwise I'd be buying too many of these! Seriously, if you are plus-size check out Maxicimam's Lovely size, you won't be disappointed.

Then I did a little more browsing on Fril and found another wishlist item - mint OTKS! Admittedly, I was hoping to find something more versatile but given that my only mint main piece right now is Teddy Chocolatier and these are a perfect match I figured why not? As you can see, they were actually part of  a set and while I'm not overly excited about the other two pairs they certainly do go with my wardrobe so all in all I was very chuffed with this AP sock set.

I also picked up a couple of cheap Bodyline main pieces secondhand. The first was this bustle back cherry print skirt. You know me, black berry prints are kind of my thing, and I liked how quirky this was. On the surface of it it's just a cherry pattern, but I liked how prominent the flowers were in the print and I also loved the bustle back. It's a weird mix of casual and OTT, very old school.

But unfortunately, despite being a full elastic waist this skirt is still tiny! Probably a maximum stretch of 70cm and while I have had a 70cm waist I don't think I'd ever be able to get it past my hips or boobs even if I got down to that size again!

And that is a massive pity, because I adore this skirt. I'm toying with the idea of deconstructing is an replacing the bustle back with a wider one, but more likely I'll just sell it. Though it has made me think about making this skirt cut myself so that's a plus side, I suppose. I'm just really disappointed that it's too small to even keep as a "when I lose weight" thing.

Last of all I bought this older Bodyline floral JSK (L003). It's a beautiful simple piece and that's about all I have to say about it. It was a gamble, size-wise and thus it is a bit small for me, but it's definitely something I can fit in time. I actually really love it - I've always thought it was pretty when I've seen it online but IRL it's even more gorgeous! 

So that's my "July" haul. It was really exciting to buy a bunch of new lolita items given how much I've been wearing the fashion recently, and I'm loving the immediate boost to my wardrobe versatility. Stay tuned for outfits with my new things soon!

Friday, 21 August 2020

Lolita Blog Carnival: Update an Old GLB Snap

 This prompt was a lot of fun! I don't have all that much to say, so I'm starting off by showing you the "remade" coord.

The street snap I chose to redo is a pretty well-know one - can you guess what it was?

If you guessed this, then you guessed right! And if not...hey, I wouldn't have either ^__^

I chose this coord because a. I love me some Meta gobelin and b. I enjoyed the slightly gothic vibes is has, despite being what we would not probably define as classic lolita and lastly c. unlike other snaps I looked at, I could think of ways to updated it without ruining the vibes entirely.

As you can see, the main elements of the coord and colours are the same, but the choice of pieces reflects more modern tastes. I actually really love the coord I came up with!

PS I used a different skirt int he same fabric because it had a better stock photo for me to work with ^__^

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Friday, 7 August 2020

Lolita Blog Carnival: Create A Coord Based On A Flower

I love flowers, so I was very excited for this topic! But I struggled to summon the motivation to put together a flatlay from my own wardrobe. However, this turned out to be a boon because once I decided to do a digital outfit instead I could pick whatever flower I wanted - no limits! - and I chose the snowdrop.

I really love snowdrops, and have every since I was little. When we moved into our current house I was very happy to discover there's a snowdrop plant in the back yard right outside the window behind my computer. It's currently blooming wonderfully and it makes me happy every time I see it. So, a lolita snowdrop coord seemed like a great idea!
I wanted something airy and light and spring-feeling. Of course the main piece had to be white, but I also wanted to play around with adding some light spring greens. They don't really match that well, but I still think they're rather charming.

And now I really want to add some green and white to my wardrobe...oh oh!

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Coordinates from July 2020

Almost the first half of July passed with nary a coordinate. I've been cold and stressed and just not up for it. But then things settled down, I felt my creativity starting to return, so I decided to knuckle down and resume the daily work coords.

We start this coord round up on 13 July, a chilly but decidedly average Monday...

JSK: Metamorphose temps de fille
Bolero & Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Scarf: Sweet Dreamer
Shoes: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand/Taobao

I love Teddy Chocolatier so much! It's cute and comfy and this time I tried to go as mint as possible with it, which still isn't that mint. I also wore my new MeLikesTea petticoat for the first time and oh my goodness it felt amazing to have a proper petticoat again. I hadn't realised that my lack of poof actually made me feel kind of bad about my coords but apparently it did!

So yes, wearing this coord made me feel happy and good about myself, which was really nice! The only thing I'm not 100% sold on is the ankle socks layered over the lace socks, but I wanted more mint down the bottom and that is literally all I have in that department!

The next day I will admit that I only stayed properly dressed for about two hours - it was really windy and I just had to get warm! But I still really loved my outfit and I'm glad I wore it ^__^

Skirt: Handmade
Cutsew, Wristcuffs, Bracelet & Necklace: Angelic Pretty
Bolero: Heart E
Shoes: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand/Taobao

I was actually really happy with my accessories, so I asked James to grab a hand photo for me, and I just love it!

Next day was a simple outfit, so no further ramblings! But I will say I take back any negative thing I ever said about Shirring Princess, I love this dress ^__^

JSK: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Headbow: Handmade
OTKS: Jane Marple
Shoes: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand/Taobao

I was lazy on Thursday and stayed in my PJs, so flash forward to the following Monday!

JSK: Metamorphose temps de fille
Kimono: Vintage:
OTKS: Innocent World
Flower Crown: Lyris Design
Everything else: Offbrand/Taobao

Now this outfit I have some very, very mixed feelings about. First of all, not too happy with my headwear and shoe choice, they're too heavy. but the combination of JSK and kimono is what really gets me. It's sort of great and at the same time doesn't really work. So I'm a bit conflicted about this outfit, and won't be repeating it. However, I'm really glad I experimented with it!

On Tuesday I had a Zoom staff meeting, so I had to be work appropriate from the waist up, so my coord isn't anything special at all. But I still tried something new with the blue accents and while it's not exciting I'm still glad I did a new thing. I also discovered that my new petti is too big/long for this skirt!

Skirt: Victorian Maiden
Shoes: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand

I also hope you enjoyed this cameo appearance by Panda, who actually looks good for once ^__^

Wednesday was cold, Thursday I had to physically go to the office, and then I had a five-day weekend (because oh boy did I need a break!) so now we jump to the following Wednesday and an attempt at an OTT coordinate, because why not!

Skirt, Shoes & Black Sock: Bodyline
Cutsew: The Black Ribbon
Bolero, Wristcuffs, and Candy Bracelet: Angelic Pretty
Pink Sock: Handmade
Everything else: Taobao

I love the concept and colours of this outfit, but I think I needed more interesting OTKS to really capture the OTT vibe. I wanted to do mis-matched shoes so I thought the contrasting socks was a good idea, but looking back I think I should have chosen differently in that department. But still this was a very fun outfit and I'm keen to try more OTT (ish) sweet since now I actually feel like I can.

I also want to shout out to James since he had to take two set of photos for me - we initially went into the backyard but the sun came out and the colours blew out since my phone can't handle bright light. But he took cute pouty selfies as I got into position outside, so have one of those ^__^

On Thursday I was feeling pretty under the weather so that's that for July! While it was good to have a bit of a break from wearing lolita while working, it also felt really good to get back into it and I'm keen to share a lot more outfits with you soon ^__^

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Japan 2020 Highlights: Tansuya

A somewhat unexpected highlight of the Japan trip was shopping at Tansuya, a secondhand kimono chain. It started while we were in Tokyo when we went to the branch at Nippori, the fabric district, since I had read that they had lots of cheap, damaged or worn kimonos for sale very cheap. Indeed they did, and we actually visited this shop twice.

There was also one in Shinjuku Station, which we did not visit, since we thought only the Nippori store had the cheap kimonos. We were wrong...

...because we went to Kyoto, and in the mall right near our hotel we discovered another Tansuya! So we added more kimono and obi and other pretty things to our purchases.

And then we moved onto Hiroshima, and I just happened to be wandering around on my own while James got a much needed massage when I spotted, you guessed it, another Tansuya! If memory serves me right, this is where I bought the brown haori.

To make things even more ridiculous when we went to a particular Book Off in Osaka we passed a Tansuya on the way, where James found the most stunning furisode and we bought way too many obijime.

We thought it was hilarious that we'd stumbled into a Tansuya every city we travelled too. But it did get a bit excessive when we walked past another one in Namba Station on our way to transfer to the airport train ^__^

I never thought we'd own such lovely things as the kimonos we bought at Tansuya. As we were on a budget we only shopped their cheapest items, most of which are damaged in some way. But the quality of Japanese secondhand items hold true even with kimono - most of the damage is tiny snags or stains, or at worst, yellowed lining. The garments and still whole and still amazingly beautiful.

There was also a lot to admire in these stores, like the vegetable patterned kimono above! James even found a gorgeous kimono raincoat thing, which is really cool and not what we thought we'd be getting at a kimono shop. And he got himself a very attractive red and black haori, which he look amazing in!

As you'll have seen in my coord posts, I have been experimenting with wa lolita, and James has started using some kimonos in his photoshoots. We still need to acquire the proper undergarments and such if we want to dress me or models properly, but for now it's just been great fun to have bought such beautiful clothes and be able to wear them in non-traditional ways.

Friday, 24 July 2020

Lolita Blog Carnival: Why Is Lolita Fashion A Safe Space For You? How Do You Make It So For Your Community?

Now this is an interesting topic! Buckle up and prepare for some ramblings, because there will be ramblings ^__^

For myself, lolita fashion is safe because I participate purely on my own terms. It's a subculture that I can engage with on my own, online, or in person and I get to set my limitations there. Mostly I'm a lonelita, as they call it, as I'm not a hugely sociable person and I think I've been to...five meetups? Not many, that's for sure. I'm part of my local communities on Facebook, but tend to lurk rather than participate. I go on CGL sometimes but again, mostly a lurker. My most active community platform is this blog, and again this is a space where I am very much in control of what I'm doing and with what frequency and intensity.

So it is a safe space because it's on my terms. I'm not less of a lolita because I don't go to lots of meetups, and I am still engaged with the community in ways that I'm comfortable with on a much more regular basis.

The question of how do I make lolita fashion a safe space for my community is a little less simple to answer. On it's surface the answer is that I haven't really, and by that I mean I have not taken any action to make my community safer, more inclusive, or more welcoming. Luckily the Australian communities in general seem to be that way anyway, but this prompt is really making me think.

My first meetup ^__^

Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I personally do not really care about anyone's anything. If you're in trouble, I will sympathise and help how I can, and I try to be a good ally but on a personal level - you do you as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. I know that as a straight, cis, white woman I'm pretty privileged to be able to be flippant about such things.

This topic has made me realise that I want to make my community a more openly safe space. By my community, I specifically mean the Newcastle Lolitas, since that's the community I moderate. Even though we really only have two active members, there are more in the group on Facebook, and after this pandemic is over I really want to start organise more for the comm. And before I do that I think I want to step up a little, and make it clear that that community is a safe space for all regardless of race, gender, orientation, religion, or anything else. Lolita is a joyful fashion that I think anyone should be able to participate in.

So I think I'm going to go off and edit the description of the comm I manage on Facebook to make these things clear ^__^

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Monday, 20 July 2020

Japan 2020 Highlights: Shining Moon Tokyo

I like Sailor Moon. Like, a lot. My first tattoo was Sailor Moon's Crisis Moon Compact. It was my first anime, and back when I couldn't actually watch the anime in high school there was a website where I read literally all the scripts for the original anime. Sailor Moon matters to me.

So when I realised the we could go to the Shining Moon dinner show while we were in Tokyo, you bet that I stalked their website until I could book tickets! And then the waiting happened, during which time I watched lots of YouTube videos about the show. To say I was excited would be a massive, massive understatement.

Also while we were planning the trip James surprised me by buying us a pair of Luna and Artemis beanies! So cute, so warm, so weeby ^__^ And relevant to the story a little later on!

After I started writing this post I realised that unfortunately the venue has closed, so I won't talk about the booking process or getting to the venue or anything. Instead, prepare for some gushing, because there will be gushing...

Alright - let's go back in time ^__^

When we arrived at the venue, we were greeted by a staff member at the door who confirmed out reservation and took our drink orders. Tickets came with dinner and a drink, but we had to specify our meal when we booked. I found it a lot harder to choose a drink but in the end went with a pink lemonade, which was delicious.

Then we entered the venue, which was in a basement area. The stairs to go down were decorated with gorgeous hanging pretty things!

And then we were there, and right in front of us was the giant moon I'd seen in pictures. We were greeted by another staff member, who took us through into the theatre and showed us to our seats.

We had booked "A" seats rather than "S" seats, but I have to say our seats were just as good. The S seats were right in front of the stage, and there was a tiered section behind them that was the A section, as well as in an area to the right which is where the costumes were displayed. It was a quiet night though, so our seats were right at the very front of the A section so I was very happy. A bit cheaper and just as good!

At the tables were pretty pink menus, which of course deserved a photo. I was just so excited to be there! I was wearing the Artemis beanie James had bought me, but he'd exchanged his Luna one for a tiara and looked very, very cute. So of course, we took selfies ^__^

But seriously, I was bouncing in my seat I was so excited. Though the house lights were still on the stage looked shiny and amazing already and I was just so ready to see the show!

Our food and drinks arrived very shortly after we sat down, and James got lots of nice attention from the staff over his tiara! I didn't understand what one lady was saying to him exactly (gotta love not speaking the local language), but I heard the word "Serenity" as she gestured to his head. All the niceness made us both even more happy!

The food was nothing to write home about, but the drinks were delicious! I also appreciated that the food was served on a plastic plate on top of the ceramic plate, because we actually got to take the plates home. What a great souvenir!

Speaking of souvenirs, there was a gift shop upstairs from the theatre. I was determined not to buy anything'll see...

Before too long, meal time was over and it was show time!

It's almost impossible to describe this show so I'm not even going to try too hard. It was amazing. For a small venue and small cast it was so well done and featured a variety of styles of dance and acrobatic type performances. Nothing was not amazing, and I have to say the ensemble cast was particularly amazing. All the main cast were too, of course, but I was just so impressed with the "background" performers as well.

It was exciting and nostalgic and so well done. I really, really hope that after the pandemic is over they can re-open because if you're a Sailor Moon fan you really ought to watch this show!

Something that was a lot of fun is during the show sometimes the performers would go through the audience. And, so cute, one of the ensemble cast noticed my beanie and made an adorable cat ear gesture to me ^__^

The show finished with Moonlight Densetsu which the audience was allowed to film and take photos during, which as you can see, I did. And then I was surprised because the house lights came up and the main cast wen through the audience to say hello and pose for photos at each table!

Most of my photos came out super blurry, but I'm glad I got this cute one of Mars and Venus because oh my goodness, the Venus was such a wonderful ham of a performer. So cute! James and I also got more barely-understood compliments on our headwear, which was lovely - all compliments are better from the Sailor Scouts!

And then the show was over, leaving me a happy, tired, emotional mess. After sitting a little longer to recover we went to check out the costumes. They were so gorgeous to see up close! I did take photos of all of them but in the interests of some kind of brevity I'm only sharing my favourite ^__^

And we also went to check out the gift shop. Because yes, I had changed my mind, and when I told James you could gets photos of the cast in costume he encouraged me to get them. So I did!

On our way out a staff member was available to take photos for us on the moon, and then it was time to ascend the stairs back into the regular world. Back at the hotel I took photos of our souvenirs, and for the whole rest of the trip I don't think a day went by where we didn't talk about how great this show was!

Writing this post has made me all nostalgic and excited again. I really hope that this show can open up again because it was a really wonderful experience. And if it's fated to have only existed for a short period of time, I've very grateful that I was able to see it in that time!