Monday, 4 February 2019

Why no wardrobe post?

You may or may not have noticed, but January has come and gone and I have not posted up my lolita wardrobe. It's been a tradition for me ever since I started lolita, making my first post in 2013. But this year I gave it a miss and, pedant that I am, thought I owed my readers a bit of an explanation.

One of my favourite pictures from my 2017 wardrobe post.

January turned out to be quite a hectic month for me. I've had a bit more of a social life, did some family stuff, and got sick. My Love Live group, suddenly had to produce a fully polished audition video in under two weeks, accelerating out timetable on perfecting our dances by a month and a half. As I started getting my head into a working writing routine as well the thought of dedicating a day to ironing and photographing everything was just not appealing.

So I decided against doing it this year. I know my future self will regret this gap in the wardrobe post series, at least a little bit, but that was not enough of a motivation to push past the immense feeling of "I really don't want to do this now". What's good is that since I blog about new additions as they come in, I still have that kind of record if I want it.

Some of last year's excellent purchases - I have used all these bags a lot already!

I guess my point, if I'm making a point at all, is that you shouldn't do things in lolita (or any hobby) that just drain you at the thought of it. For sure, you should try new things and push your comfort zone, but if something is just making you miserable and there's no good reason why you should do it, just don't!

That's why I haven't posted my wardrobe up this year. I've still enjoyed seeing all the other posts, and I fully intend to post again at the start of 2020 ^__^


  1. Amen to that! Doing a wardrobe post, especially if you want to photograph everything, is extremely exhausting work, it's an actual physical workout. So if you don't have the energy to do it, you shouldn't feel the pressure to do it. Besides, it's not a set-in-stone rule that you *have* to do it in January, so if you feel like it later in the year, you can always do it later :)

    1. It really is tiring! And you're totally right, I may tackle it when I have more headspace and it's (hopefully) cooler too.