Friday, 19 February 2016

Lolita 52: Plan for a trip! A week's worth of lolita outfits I can fit in a small suitcase

I had so much fun with this! If you've followed my blog for a while you'll have seen some of my "500 dollar wardrobes" where I've developed a formula of clothing items designed with being able to make at least seven outfits. So I followed that formula for this post and it was really successful! Though I did realise afterwards that if I was travelling I'd need to take a bag, but there's still be room in a small suitcase for both a cute handbag and a larger, more practical tote bag.

This is my suitcases's worth of clothing in the end. I didn't picture the second of my pair of boots and as I said, I forgot bags, but this would definitely fit into a small suitcase! I also just realised you'd need to pack at least two pairs of bloomers as well as at least one petticoat, but they'd fit too! In real life, you'd probably have to do a little laundry to keep things fresh, but at the same time you have enough versatile items here that you wouldn't have to be frantically washing things at night just so you have something to wear in the morning.

I decided to make the imaginary trip I travelling for a Spring journey so I could layer but not have to be depending on coats and other warm things, as well as to avoid making a blog post filled with brown, brown and more brown ^__^

To that end, I chose three light coloured main pieces to start with. I followed the rule of my formula and had one jumperskirt, skirt and onepiece with two being patterned and one being a solid colour.

For tops again I followed the formula I'd already devised of two blouses and two outerwear, though I didn't follow the other suggestions I normally make, such as having a neutral blouse with detachable sleeves. However, I think I've covered all my bases with these tops; casual and smart, warmer and cooler.

I also followed my formula for accessories, only modifying it by adding some additional hair accessories in the form of the flowers and having two patterned OTKS rather than one patterned and one plain.

Now that I've shown you what I'm "packing for my trip", let me show you some of the outfits I could wear while travelling. I haven't come up with specific scenarios in which I'd wear each outfit but as you can see I think there's an outfit there for pretty much any location or activity you'd wear lolita to.

Casual and summery, perfect for a hotter day or outdoor activities.

Another more casual outfit, this one good for slightly chillier weather.

This one is probably my favourite outfit and one I would totally wear, it's just so cute with the cream and the pink. Once again it's quite casual but somehow I feel like it's actually quite elegant as well.

Now we're getting into less casual territory, as this outfit incorporates more traditionally lolita aspects with the OTKS and the bolero. Note another good aspect of this bolero - the fancy lace collar can be removed, leaving you with a simple brown bolero.

Then we have the casual-est outfit of all! I really like it though.

Then we spring back from casual to a fancier outfit with lots of textual details which makes it a very eye-catching outfit despite only featuring two colours.

 Lastly, a very straightforward and typically lolita look to round out the week's worth of outfits.

As I was putting together the outfits for this post, I really could have made so many more. I'm not sure if I could have strung it out to two weeks worth without getting repetitive, but I definitely could have put together ten outfits! Which made me really happy, because it means the formula I came up with for building a compact yet versatile lolita wardrobe really can work.


  1. I definitely want to use this formula to pack my own suitcase for travelling. I even have ONE SOLID PIECE.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised with how well it translated into my actual wardrobe. And if you do ever actually pack this way please blog about it because I'd be very curious to see what you pick :)

    2. Hey,
      I ended up doing using your formula to pick some stuff to pack. It's up on my blog now.
      It was really interesting to do because I came up with a bunch of outfits I never would have tried and it worked super well with my current wardrobe.

    3. I just checked it out and I'm impressed! I love what you came up with :)

    4. Oh, great! Thanks so much for checking it out.

  2. Where are those boots from? I love the ribbon-laced lace trim and cute details near the heel!

    Also interested in where the socks are from even though I'm 99% certain they're IW already.

    1. They are from Axes Femme and they are so super adorable! They are the boots I never knew I wanted till I had them ^_^

      And you're right on the socks - the brown pair are the Roman Mosaic ones but I'm not sure about the other pair.