Monday, 18 February 2019

AYWI30C #11: Inspired by a character

It's really weird how timing works out, with me getting up to this prompt so soon after the LBC topic of creating a coord based on a book. And it's a topic I actually rather struggle with! But in the end I came up with something I think suits the character I chose, and is pretty cute as well!

I decided to take Makoto Kino aka Sailor Jupiter as my inspiration for this outfit. She has a tough exterior, but is very sweet and romantic, and like baking and flowers! So I thought I had the perfect dress for her...which also happened to be green!

Ta-da! Honestly, I thought Teddy Chocolatier was a perfect match for her. Given that she's not shown as being as fussed about her appearance as some of the other Sailor Moon characters, I kept the coordinate fairly simple in both colours and style, with a big, practical bag and chunky shoes.

But simple doesn't mean boring! I actually love pairing these chocolate ankle socks with this dress,a and have done so before myself.

A nice necklace brings a bit more sweet detail to the coord, and the bolero I chose is also quite intricate up close. So though I've chosen to not go too heavy on accessories, the pieces I have chosen are still pretty detailled.

A beret and single bow are all I chose for headwear, and a set of wristcuffs and some bead bracelets finish is off. Now, I'm going to be a bit pretentious, but I have a new phone and look at the artsy pictures I can take now!

Isn't that just pretty? I really love taking super close ups like this ^__^

I also love that, challenging as this prompt was for me at first, I still ended up creating a coord I really like and that I do feel does draw a lot of inspiration from the character I chose. Even though it's taking me a good long while to get through this prompt challenge I've made for myself it's been great so far!


  1. That's such a cute interpretation of the character. I feel like Sailor Moon characters lend themselves well to various coords because not only you see them in a variety of clothes throughout the anime, but they were used as mascots for so many fashion companies and lines which adds another layer of inspiration. I can totally imagine Makoto as a lolita wearing something like this (of course, if she wasn't bothered by the shorter length :P).

    1. Thank you ^__^ Totally agree that the Sialor Moon characters rally lend themselves to lolita interpretations (and basically any other style too).