Monday, 14 August 2017

Draw me like one of your fawn girls...

Something pretty darn epic happened recently. I posted my coordinate from the recent picnic meetup into a CGL draw thread, because I thought it was cute and figured why not. And I was super pleasantly surprised to receive not one, but five really awesome drawings! So I wanted to share them here because they made me super happy ^__^

First up one anon (who has no social media for their artwork) did this gorgeous sketch. I really love their art style, it's super delicate and flowing and detailed and lovely.

And then I got a second drawing which is just soft and wonderful. How cool is this colouring a watercolour! This anon didn't share any details of where to credit them, so I'll update this if I ever find out.

Then the third drawing made me laugh, a lot. You see, when I posted up my coord I was a bit self-conscious about the size of the beret on my head, so I pointed out that I knew it made me look like a I got drawn as a kawaii mushroom! So freaking hilarious - I showed James and he literally lolled, which was pretty epic.

This is watermarked as being by The Drunk Daily Prince, but I couldn't find any social media sites under that name.

I then got a drawing from jeilieenart (click their name, it goes to their gorgeous Instagram) which is also super delightful, so mori-girl looking!

At this point, I didn't expect anyone else to draw little old me but another anon did as well! Seriously, getting yet another really lovely drawing was a big ego boost, lol. This anon drew so many people from the thread and every drawing was super here for their tumblr!

I have to say, much as CGL has a bad rep with is sometimes quite well deserved, there is a lot of good community on the site as well. Now I've got to go and re-learn how to draw tolerably well so I can contribute to the good community aspects!

PS If you are the artist of any of these and want me to add/change credit or remove them, please let me know, and thank you again for the amazing art!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

July Auctions Haul

Last Friday while I was at work (so technically July even though I'm posting this in August) a big box of goodies got picked up from the post office by my lovely boyfriend James. As usual I ordered using Buyee and was happy with their service, so there’s no need for any preamble, let’s just show off what I bought!

I don’t quite remember what order I bid on things in, but I do know what started this whole order…

I saw Wonder Party up on auction and my heart skipped a beat. This is a print I loved when I first started lolita and that I have eyed off on occasion in both the black and brown colourways since, but I’d never seen it at a price I liked…until now! Admittedly, it still cost more than I usually spend on a main piece, but I love it and James thought it was really cute as well so how could I not? This is the Mini Sleeve JSK cut and I think it’s is super adorable.

I also love that I now have another print in the same vein as Patisserie Dream – though I love variety I also like having multiple pieces in similar themes and colours and though this particular one (black x pink tea party theme) was not something I intended to really build up in my wardrobe I’m glad that I have! This dress doesn't quite fit me yet (no zipper, and I can't get the waist over my boobs), but it is beautiful and I am super excited to wear it a lot when I drop a dress size.

I wish there was an emoji for how damn excited I was when I saw this bag! At 1000 yen! With no bids! Guess what I did next? Hehehe I adore this bag! It’s is utterly ridiculous and that’s what’s great about it. I really need to stop buying bags, but I had to make an exception for this. But seriously, my bag drawer is full. Guess I need to switch to a bigger storage area. That’s obviously the only solution!

Then, in my browsing something wonderful caught my eye…Meta’s Berry Stripe Short Sleeve OP in black! One of my wishlist items! Berry print (with both strawberries and cherries), OP, and in black.

And it’s Metamorphose and fully shirred, which are both extra wins for me. I also liked that it was a more realistic print, and quite retro in a way, so it seemed like something I could get a lot of wear out of. The only thing is, I'm no 100% sure how much the fully-shirred and high-waisted combo works one me, but we'll find out!

I’ll admit, this is something I primarily bought because it was cheap. I mean, it will be handy, but I’m just a sucker for cheap basics that I don’t already own, and I didn’t have a regular white short sleeved bolero. It certainly fills a wardrobe gap, just one that didn’t necessarily need filling.

However, it is super freaking gorgeous! It's one of those patterned knits and it is just a really lovely piece. The fit is a little off on me, but hopefully that will improve as I lose weight. BTSSB pieces always amaze me, I have to say. The quality is just amazeballs.

Another item from my wishlist was a plain black skirt. I bid on this one because it was an interesting design, with the pleased trim, and was full shirred.'s Victorian Maiden, so I was not expecting it to actually it properly, so imagine my surprise when it is completely perfect and comfortable and wonderful! So excited! I think it's technically an underskirt, but I think it can work as both and I really, really love it.

This outfit was 100% an impulse buy, but damn was it a good one. It was quite cheap and though I’ve long admired this kind of sailor uniform I’ve never owned one so I thought why the hell not. It is, as I expected, too small for me, but that just means it's a goal ^__^

I mean, come on, how much cuter (and punkier) can you get? It even came with a single garter that buttons to the skirt waist and straps around the thigh!

These Innocent World bloomers were another impulse buy. I have been vaguely intending to add more bloomers to my wardrobe but don’t really need more with any level of urgency. But I saw these and liked them so I bought them! And then kind of regretted it because of the aforementioned “don’t really need them” and they weren’t all that cheap. But still, not a bad thing to buy by any stretch of the imagination, just possibly the least exciting item of this haul.

I bought this bonnet entirely for a photoshoot. I have something creepy and oldschool in mind, and the only thing I was lacking was headwear. This cost a bit more than I like, but I figured I could spend a bit more and buy something perfect for the shoot (and any future oldschool things in black and white) or I could get something cheaper but not as good, so I went for quality. This was even NWT and perfectly gorgeous.

My order literally arrived two days before the shoot, but would you believe it, I didn't end up getting to do the shoot! It was another group shoot day where I had hoped to model two looks as well as do photography, but in the end I only modelled one look. I'll definitely do and epic oldschool shoot some other time though ^__^

Overall, I’m super happy with everything I got here! It feels weird to have gotten so many new big pieces in one haul since lately I've more been pulling in accessories but it's a great kind of weird!

This haul was meant to also include a pair of OTKS, but domestic shipping took ages for them so I had to consolidate and ship out before they arrived in order to try and get this order to me in time for the photoshoot. So, to my shame and as a failure of a budget lolita, I will have another (smaller!) haul post next month as well…

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Newcastle Lolitas Picnic Meetup

I am kind of ideally situated, in that I live halfway between our state's capital city (Sydney) and another large regional city (Newcastle), both of which have a lolita community. However, the Newcastle community is a. quite small and b. had been inactive for years. Until just recently when another member attempted to revive it by hosting a picnic meet.

When the event first got posted I was super excited. I’m not the most social person so going to a smaller meetup in a smaller city appealed to me a lot, so I hit “going” on facebook. After a reschedule due to sickness, the last weekend of July rolled around. On Saturday I made a bunch of sandwiches and tried on my outfit (which I had previously tested as a flat-lay but ended up changing) and on Sunday I was on my way. I was a bit nervy, because socialising and also because I had to catch a train then a bus to get there, and I hadn’t caught a bus since high school! However, I made it fine.

My outfit for the day!

I met up with Rosie, the girl who organised the meet, a little later than the meet was meant to start. However, I was the early one as Kate, the third confirmed attendee (and in the end the only other lolita who joined us), had parking troubles and showed up quite a while later. But it was all good and the three of us had an enjoyable picnic lunch together.

It was a great meet up. Mostly we just talked; the standard introductory stuff (what do you do and what are you into), discussion about lolita itself (of course!), and even a fascinating segue into how imprisoning people for drug usage doesn’t rectify the problem and in fact only makes it worse. We also spent a good bit of time taking photos – Rosie was even good enough to run after some passers-by to get a group shot taken of the three of us, and Kate let me play with her camera, which had a tilt shift setting. And I got to try taking one of the stereotypical “shoe shots”, which made me pretty happy.

Both girls were lovely (Rosie even caught the same bus with me to get me back to the station okay!) and I really enjoyed getting to go to a small, relaxed meetup. We are all keen for getting the Newcastle community a bit more active, and to be honest I’m more likely to attend those meets than the Sydney community ones, especially because who knows, I may even take a hand in organising a little bit!

I’m really loving the fact that I have actually gotten off my butt and been more active in the lolita community this year! It’s really been stretching me socially as well as giving me more opportunities to actually wear lolita and that’s a good thing ^__^

As a final note, not only was the meet up itself nice we only had positive (or at least neutral) interactions with the public who were enquiring why we were dressed that way, which we willing answered. And the first thing that happened to me when James dropped me at the station to go to the meet was a random lady started a conversation by saying I looked nice! So that all definitely helped it be a good day.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: July 2017

I have to say, July was really filled with lolita blog posts that wee exactly the kind of thing I like to read! And I hope my readers enjoy these as much as I did ^__^

One dress, many ways! from RuffleCloud's Adventures
I do "one dress, three looks" posts all the time...but this has me beat at "one dress, thirteen looks"! I really, really love seeing compilations of outfits with a single main piece ^__^

/cgl/ Roundup: “Lolita books, films and series” from Raven Snow
CGL can be a bit of a cesspit sometimes, but sometimes it's also really great. And this blog post is a round up of one of the times it was great, where users shared lolita-appropriate media.

Traveling To Japan For 10 Days - Packing Challenge from Cupcake Kamisama's Lolita World
Oh you know I love hypothetical wardrobe scenarios! And this one is fabulous and you get to see all the clothes together, not just in a collage like I tend to do. This really makes me want to take a lolita trip! Not that I ever would, but still!

My Past Angelic Pretty Tea Party Outfits from Lolita Wonderland
This is a really cute outfit collection from one of my favourite lolita bloggers - her outfits for five different Angelic Pretty tea parties. I love seeing how people's style changes over time!

Lovely Little Lolita #8444 from Andrea Schewe Design
I’m sharing this post as I found it a nice little behind the scenes look at the development of the new Simplicity 8444 JSK and blouse pattern. However, I must say – please do not take me sharing this as an opportunity to go slag on this pattern designer. This is not the pattern that appears to have used items purchased at Rufflecon as patterns; the only “sin” of this one is that the samples were made using a lolita-designed fabric from Spoonflower, which is a perfectly reasonable, legally, and morally white thing to do. Personally, I was chuffed to see that either Andrea or someone at Simplicity actually sourced an appropriate sweet lolita fabric for this! I do understand that the individual who designed the fabric was a bit unhappy to see it used this way, but it is part of the terms of Spoonflower that designs can be used commercially, and if it had been my design I would have seen this as great publicity! I’m actually contemplating buying this pattern as I suck at pattern drafting or modifications and the JSK seems quite nice.

2017 New Year's Resolutions - Half Way Progress from Pastel Peggy
Yes, yes...I tend to enjoy reading posts that are similar to things I myself post! I know...but this was a good read! And as a bonus it has some pretty pictures ^__^

Choosing a Meet Venue from Luna Rain
Not that I think I'll be planning lolita meetups any time soon, but this was still a handy read about things to consider when choosing where to hold a meetup.

How to Order from Antique beasT from Buttcape
I share more than pretty posts here...this one is very informative! Sometimes trying to order from Japanese sites is a bit of a pain, so I thought this was great. I know nothing about Antique beasT as a brand (other than that they make the bat headdress) but I figured this would still probably be of interest to my readers so here we are.

Hold the Whole World Accused from Libby Peaches
Super! Colourful! Pirate! Lolita! Wow, just wow. Such pirate, many colour, so wow. In case you can't tell, I am super into the outfit(s) shared in this post, you should totally check it out!

52 Week Lolita Topic Challenge : How I First Found Out About Lolita from Crimson Reflections
I love finding out how people go into this fashion, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and remember how excited I was (and still am!) about lolita.

So those were the highlights that crossed my reading list in July! As usual, if you think there's a blog out there I may not know of, please drop me a link because I am always keen to check out new lolita content.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Apricot roses; L174 outfits

I love Bodyline's L174 JSK. It's such a nice fabric, and the design is fairly simple, yet a bit elegant (especially since I added the ruffle to the hem).

I actually wore this dress out recently, and so when I came to putting these outfits together I deliberately avoided redoing a variation of that coordinate. So one of my favourite combos with this dress, salmon pink, was out, but it was good as that stretched me to try a few different things.

For he first outfit I wanted to try adding a dark, vibrant red as a complementary colour, and overall I feel it worked rather well! I'm not 100% sure if the socks were the best choice, but I think they would work nicely worn. And if not it's an easy change to make the outfit wearable.

Next I wanted to try something a bit more casual and sweet-ish. Black and indoor photography are not a good combination by any stretch of the imagination, but I actually really liked this outfit, even if this photo is a bit shoddy. I think I may even wear this when spring or summer roll around - it would also look good with pink ankle socks I think.

Then for the last look I ran with ivory. This isn't particularly groundbreaking, but damn do I like it! Especially the mass of flowers for the hair, there is no such things as too many flowers in my opinion!

I have to say, for a dress that is kind of limited as far as colour goes, I can still get some good variety in outfits with this JSK as well as the tried and true combinations, and that makes me rather pleased!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Lolita 52: Parasols: Vital or frivolous?

Normally I try to be fairly neutral, especially in regards to topics where I’m not really engaged, but I have to say I come down on the frivolous side for this one. Parasols are gorgeous, and perhaps in some climates are incredibly helpful at coping with the weather. But by and large my opinion is that in lolita, a parasol is an optional accessory item and not a vital item by any stretch of the imagination.

The only reason I have photos of myself in lolita with parasols is because James and I own some as part of our overall model wardrobe. They’re not exclusively mine, nor were they purchased exclusively for us in lolita. And I only ever do use them for photoshoots anyway.

Speaking of parasols and photoshoots, here's a throwback to a shoot with my lovely James aka The Enthusiast

My neutral side does want to point out, however, that they’re not really frivolous, no more than anything else in this fashion. They can be cute or elegant, and are always lovely so if you want to carry a parasol you carry a parasol and you’ll look great while doing it! It’s just an aspect of lolita fashion that I don’t feel much need for and probably won’t explore myself, unless I suddenly start to wear lolita a whole lot more often.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

My Lolita Wishlist

Most lolitas have dream dresses – main pieces they really want, actively hunt down, and will sometimes pay over retail price for. I am not one of these lolitas. There are a lot of items and prints I admire in this fashion, too many to name, really, but I don’t have any holy grail items. I have a few reasons for this; I like to buy my lolita items fairly cheaply if I’m buying secondhand and thus some things I quite like are beyond my budget, I don’t like the idea of locking myself into an idea of “this is what I really want” because I like to be surprised by all the wonderful pieces out there, and, quite frankly, nothing has ever made me fall quite so head over heels that I’m willing to change those things (though I’m not opposed to the idea).

However, if you’ve been here for a while you’ll know I have certain goals for perfecting my lolita wardrobe and in addition to that, I thought I would share my fairly vague lolita wishlist. How is it vague? you ask. Well, my wishlist is more for “types” rather than specific items…

Cherry or Strawberry JSK or OP in Black
With two skirts in this theme/colour scheme I just want one more piece to round out this little section of my wardrobe, because much as I love skirts I love JSKs and OPs more. I’m really not too fussed which print this is, and there have been a lot over the years! However, I think I’d prefer something with a big, bold print, and not too many fussy details, and I’d also rather it didn’t introduce any secondary themes (looking at you, Angelic Pretty, with your bunnies!) so it’s easier to work in with my wardrobe. Whether it’s strawberries or cherries I really don’t mind, but you know what would be awesome? A print with both!

Chocolate, Candy or Biscuit JSK in Brown or Ivory
Again, I have two pieces in this theme – my handmade chocolate underbust JSK and my Jam Paradise dress – and just want another one! I definitely want a JSK though – all the coordinating variety and none of the limitations of the other main piece cuts. And again similarly, there are a whole lot of different pieces in this theme that have been released, it’s just a matter of finding one that will fit my body and my budget. I’m also really chillaxed about what it is. Another chocolate bar print? Cool! Cookies? Also cool! How about just sweets? Very cool! On colour I’m also a bit flexible, I definitely want brown but given these kinds of prints tend to include brown in the design, I’m happy with an ivory as well. Of course, pinks and mints are really gorgeous in this theme, but I’d rather versatility for now.

Generic Sweet Print JSK in Black x Pink
I know it’s completely passé, but I really love bittersweet lolita. I was a teen when emo and scene where the dominant alternative fashions, and I love how bittersweet lolita is reminiscent of that aesthetic. It adds some edge to this fashion, without going all full on punk. And I love black x pink as a colour scheme. So, something that I’ve wanted to get for a while now is a black JSK with a generic pink pattern. And by generic, I pretty much mean bows. I just want something that is in the colours and style I love, but that isn’t locking me in thematically. And basically, in lolita that pretty much means bows. Or stripes, or dots, or gingham, I suppose. But probably not gingham.

Floral JSK in Spring Green
A few years ago Metamorphose released a dress I just died for. I’m not even quite sure why, but I love it. Then Innocent World did something similar, and then again this year I’ve fallen for an AP floral in a lovely light and bright green shade. After all this love I’ve realised that I do want a fresh green floral piece. I did previously own a Bodyline OP that satisfied my desire, but the fit was always a bit awkward and I wasn’t completely sold on the cut, so it’s now with a new owner. But I still sometimes wish I had kept it, flaws and all, so this is definitely something I am keeping my eyes peeled for.

Floral JSK or OP in Lavender
This is me being a bit frivolous, but I’d love to branch out into a new colour here. Much like I have a single sax blue floral, I’d like to have just one lavender piece. I don’t think pastels of any kind will ever become dominant in my wardrobe, but I would like to expand my colour palette further. And besides, if I get myself a nice lavender floral, Jurassic Party won’t be quite so lonely, and I won’t feel bad about getting matching lavender pieces!

Black Skirt
No pictures, because not that exiting, but I’ve mentioned before that I want to get or make a plain black skirt and that’s till true! Just something that’s cute, not too fussy, and easy to wear. Mostly this would probably end up being worn in casual coordinates, but hat’s awesome, because I know me and I’m more likely to wear casual than anything so why not introduce a piece into my that allows me to wear casual more often? I’ll probably end up making this piece, because I’m a bit cheap when it comes to non-prints, and especially skirts. JSKs are harder to make, but shirred skirts are easy as! I guess this will be a project the next time I get a week off work.

Gobelin Coat, Cape or Jacket
Have I ever mentioned how much I love gobelin? If not…I love gobelin! Oh my goodness, so gloriously almost-ugly, it’s just makes me happy. And so, I’d love to get myself a nice winter outerwear piece in floral gobelin fabric. To be honest, I’m daydreaming about making myself a fur trimmed cape, lined in something super warm so it’s actually practical, but that would be a make-it-myself affair, and I know it will take me a while do get around to it, so I’m keeping watch for an appropriate piece in case one pops up before I can get to sewing.

Of course, I’m likely to end up buying things that aren’t on this list as well, but these are the distinct items I am keeping an eye out for in the hopes of finding ones that fit my taste, size, and budget. What does you lolita wishlist look like?