Friday, 16 March 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival: What Has Become A Staple Piece In Your Wardrobe And Why?

As soon as I saw this LBC prompt I knew what my answer would be – my two Jillian cutsews from the Black Ribbon.

Basically, ever since I bought these cutsews I have worn them, and worn them hard. I have worn lolita 21 times since receiving these, and have worn one of them for 6 of those outfits. A full quarter! That's a lot! And a very good testament to how good these have been for me.

Some of my outfits with them...I'm wearing skirts so much more since they came into my life!

What I really like about these tops is that they are made for lolita but are very toned down. No weird details, no clashing colours, just simple niceness. And given that I tend to wear fairly simple coordinates that makes them perfect for me. I know for a fact that without these I would not be wearing lolita to work anywhere near as much as I have been, and probably not as much lolita in general. So they are definitely my most noteworthy current staple!

Love the subtle details ^__^

Of course, other items are staples as well; my handmade cherry skirt gets worn a lot, as does Berry Stripe and Bodyline L417. I practically live in beret and lace topped ankle socks. I don’t know where I’d be without all my little hairbows. Nearly every time I wear black I wear by Bodyline flats and often when I wear brown I pull out my handmade brown bolero. I definitely have a number of pieces I reach for more readily than others that are true staples of my wardrobe and it was fun to have a bit of a think about what they are.

But yes, these cutsews are my current number one staple ^__^

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Monday, 12 March 2018

AYWI30C #2: Something casual

I almost tripped myself over with this theme, because nearly everything I do is casual! So it stumped me for a moment to try and come up with soomething that was new and casual, without lookng like jsut another flatlay like I usually do.

What I ended up doing was coming up with something that is causal in the sense of comfort and ease of wear, but that still is rather detailed due to the pieces used. That's something I really love about lolita; because of the details inherent to basically ever item you use in a coordinate you can wear very easy pieces and still look really well dressed!

I haven't actually worn the tights used here yet (which is why they actually look nice laid out like this) but now I'm very excited to. In fact, I'm keen to wear this exact outfit! Which makes me happy, because I struggle a little to get excited about this skirt I made.

I also really enjoy how well the Axes Femme boots and bag match. I mean, it's not surprising given that they're from the same brand and bought at the same time, but still. The gobelin bag is an especial favourite of mine because I love how it gives a mis-matchy vintage vibe to any outfit that it's used in.

And this cutsew is just love! The lace is so pretty and it's just so simple and lovely. I really enjoy cutsews, almost more than blouses I think. Have to resist the urge to buy more...

For this look I'd go super simple with accessories; the matching headbow and a flower clip for colour balance, and a few little bracelets. It's enough to keep things interesting without adding too much.

As I said at the start, I actually really love this outfit. It's casual but so pretty, and I hope to wear it later this year!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Coordinates from January - February 2018

What's that? March isn't over and I'm already posting a coordinate roundup? Well, the truth is that I've actually been wearing lolita even more regularly so far this year so I'm posting early to avoid this getting really, really long! So I guess I'll just do these posts whenever they're needed...which bugs my organised side, but oh well. It's a good thing that I have enough outfits to share already!

I started 2018 off well, by spontaneously wearing lolita to an unexpected household brunch on the third of January. As the whole things was very impromptu, I ran with something that works...and coincidentally is the same dress and bolero combo as my first outfit in 2017. What can I say? It's a good fallback!

JSK & Shoes: Bodyline
Bolero: Handmade
OTKS: Innocent World
Hair accessories: Taobao
Necklace: Kitten D'Amour

I also asked James to try and get a photo of me with Panda, but as usual the furbaby did not cooperate...

I next wore lolita on the first causal Friday once I returned to work because I got my new Angelic Pretty socks in and had no choice but to wear the red crew socks in one of my typical black x red casual berry outfits. No choice. Also they are the best. I didn’t realise how badly I needed them until I had them.

OP: Metamorphose Berry Stripe
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Hair accessories: Offbrand

I don’t have much else to say about this outfit – it was cute and comfortable and fast becoming one of my standard outfit variations. Though two of my colleagues (from the young, nerdy half of the office) both complimented me on my beret, which was nice. I also posted a selfie and shoe shot combo to Instagram, which was cute ^__^

The Sunday of that weekend, as you may have read about, was the RinRin Doll High Tea in Sydney. which was awesome! Of course, I have written a pretty exhaustive blog post about this already so I’m just going to drop a link then focus on the outfit. A big thank you to Sam for snapping this for me!

JSK: Bodyline (modified)
Blouse: Lady Sloth
Shoes: Taobao
Brooch: Kitten D'Amour
Stockings & flowers: Offbrand

Next I wore a casual lolita outfit to work on a Friday again at the very start of February. Not too much to say about this look, except that I liked it! I feel so much more me wearing lolita than I do usual work clothes so I’m glad I can do it. Though I may not be able too for long…my bosses are a wee bit bad at communication and we were recently reminded that on casual Friday’s we’ve still got to represent the company well and not look “grungy” so who knows what that means (because no-one wears anything actually grunge to work so it’s a bit baffling). But unless I’m specifically told not to come to work on casual days in a puffy skirt I’m going to keep doing it!

Skirt: Handmade
Shoes: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I'm starting to posts more selfies and shoe shots...I actually really liked my shoes shot of this outfits so I'm sharing it.

A couple of weeks later I again wore one of my trademark black-and-berry outfits to work. I tried to do something a bit different with my hair, which I liked, and also wore a new necklace! I like how the pearls on the necklace match the pearls on the socks. I also like that the necklace was around three dollars on eBay… ^__^

Skirt: Handmade
Cutsew: The Floral Notebook
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Accessories: Taobao/offbrand

I also got James to snap an artsy photo for me to show off my hair accessories and necklace a bit better.

The next day James and I went engagement ring shopping! For him, that is ^__^ I wanted to wear lolita because why not, and I chose to wear Rose Birdcage because in light of discovering last year I've really only been wearing black and brown (and having done so this year up to this point) I wanted to make sure I got some variety in!

Skirt: Metamorphose Rose Birdcage
Cutsew: The Floral Notebook
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Taobao
Everything else: Taobao/offbrand

I snapped a quick selfie as well to show off my hair accessories a little better as I really liked what I did with them. I actually really liked this outfit overall, it was cute and comfy and it was really good to deliberate stretch myself by wearing something a little different to my default.

So those are the lolita outfits I wore in the first two months of 2018! All in all I'm pretty pleased with myself ^__^

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Good news, everyone!

I'm engaged ^__^

That's right, James and I are going to get hitched this year! As is our usual way of doing things, I don't have a fancy romantic engagement story. We talked about it (we don't even remember exactly when we decided to make this year the year) and then spent some time finding James the perfect engagement ring before announcing it today. I am using my mum's engagement ring, which I really like, both aesthetically and sentimentally.

We're planning a late August elopement (well, not exactly, since people know, but we're going overseas with our friends Nat and Luke and that's it) which I'll post about when the time comes ^__^

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: February 2018

For some reason February felt really quiet on the blogging front! Perhaps everyone was lethargic after doing their January wardrobe posts...

Regardless, as usual, I read a lot few things I liked and some things that I loved, and the loves are shared below.

Eternita–Fall/Winter–Grown Up Alice in Wonderland Magazine from Miss Carol Belle
I'm not much of a magazine person, but seeing scans like this kind of makes me want to be! With the Gothic and Lolita Bible and KERA magazine having left us, I'm glad when bloggers take the time to showcase some of the newer publications.

Why are some dresses so expensive? from Rosie Darling
An LBC topic that I didn't participate in turned out to be one that I really loved reading about! This was my favourite analysis of the several that were posted, but as is usual with LBC posts there are links to the other participants at the end so there's more to read if you're interested in getting some other perspectives.

The Princess Code from Hedgefairy Tales
This is a relic from the lolita blogging past! I'm pretty sure Princess Skye was already inactive when I began in lolita so seeing The Princess Code resurrected for posterity makes me weirdly nostalgic for something I was never around for in the first place. Like with this blogger, I'm not totally on board with the Code, but I still loved seeing this post pop up in my dash. And also, A Little Princess is a fantastic book that I thoroughly recommend.

Comm meet: Antique Fairy Tales from Sanakanin
Go to this post and feast your eyes on all the pretty photos! Man, I really want to attend a photoshoot meetup...

Solid or Prints, what is my favourite? from Poppy Noir
Another LBC topic I didn't participate in, partially because I don't quite know my own opinion! Though, like this blogger, I would probably go for prints over solids if I had to choose. But I'm very, very pleased that I don't have to choose!

2018 from Buttcape
I'm not much of a one for personal blogs, but I do like getting little life updates from the bloggers I enjoy reading already!

Getting a whole series, and in different colours?! from Ruban Rose
Pretty photos, a lovely outfit, and a musing on owning multiple pieces from a series. This post was basically all the things that I love in lolita blog posts ^__^

Where there any particular lolita blog posts you really liked this month that I haven't shared here? If so, drop me a link!

Friday, 23 February 2018

AYWI30C #1: Your trademark look

I'm really excited to be posting my first entry from the "Around your wardrobe in 30 coordinates" challenge and I love the outfit I came up with!

This theme is "your trademark look" and rather than just replicating what I wear most commonly I took those components and came up with something new. Berry print? Check. Black top? Check. Red beret? Check. This really is my trademark look, and it was really fun to come up with a new spin on it!

As I mentioned in the intro post for this challenge, I'm doing more through outfits than I usually do. So I'm also going to be sharing accessory shots! Given that this is meant to be my trademark I didn't go too overboard, but wristcuffs are always a good choice and I liked using the Milk heart hairclip as it really tied in well with the skirt.

I really loved the combo of this cutsew with the Chocoberry skirt, it really took it up a level. It also makes me want to get more printed cutsews...which is dangerous!

I also tried using a different pair of OTKS than usual. In a sense, this outfit turned out to be a more OTT (though it isn't, not really) version of my usual look; there's a lot more patterns going on! But it still feels totally me and I really can't wait to wear it.

And as a final shot, because it may have been camouflaged in the full coord shot, I wanted to show how off my Milky Berry mini tote. I'm so glad I got this bag! I really do love my berry prints, and having a matching bag makes me stupidly happy.

Do you have a trademark look that's recognisably you?

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Around your wardrobe in 30 coordinates; a lolita coordinate challenge

For a long time I've been working my way through the Lolita 52 topics but finished the last of those off in December last year. I have another blog challenge I want to do, but I've had one of my own in my head for a while so wanted to do that first!

Since I really enjoy stretching the possibilities of one’s lolita collection I thought what better thing to do as a challenge come up with than a list of ideas designed to explore just what you can do with your wardrobe? And so "Around your wardrobe in 30 coordinates" or AYWI30C (I'm the best at titles /s) was born!

Even though I put this together with challenging myself in mind of course I’d really love to see the results if anyone else uses these prompts. So if you do, please drop a link in the comments so I can check it out! Of course, with me being the verbose person I am, I won’t just be posting a snapshot and calling it a day, these are really going to delve into the depths of my wardrobe!

But enough preamble, onto the prompts!

  1. Your trademark look
  2. Something casual
  3. Something OTT
  4. A monochrome outfit
  5. An unexpected colour combination
  6. Channel a lolita era
  7. As sweet as you can go
  8. As classic as you can go
  9. As gothic as you can go
  10. Pick a substyle
  11. Inspired by a character
  12. Inspired by another lolita
  13. Inspired by a historical era
  14. Inspired by a mainstream fashion trend
  15. Follow the rules
  16. Break the rules
  17. Something you really like, but wouldn’t wear
  18. An outfit you love but haven’t worn out yet
  19. Based around a particular top
  20. Based around a certain accessory
  21. Based around your favourite shoes
  22. Based around some interesting legwear
  23. Using your most worn main piece
  24. Using your least worn main piece
  25. Using you newest wardrobe addition
  26. Using the thing you bought first that you still have
  27. From a single brand
  28. From as many brands as possible
  29. To suit a particular hairstyle
  30. To suit a certain make-up look

So you can expect to see a lot of flat lays from me again in the near future! I intend to make outfits that are more "complete" than what I normally post, with bags, jewellery and the whole shebang. It's going to be fun!

I’m looking forward to posting about the coordinates I come up with for this challenge, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!