Friday, 19 October 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival: Create A Halloween Inspired Coord

I'll start this post with a confession, and that is that this topic was really hard for me! I wanted to come up with a Halloween-themed coordinate, not a costume suitable for Halloween that comes from my lolita wardrobe. And I was totally, utterly stumped because I don't own a single spooky item!

So, I went with a photoshop coordinate instead and put together something that I would utterly love to wear if I ever did want to have a Halloween look.

I really adored Lady Sloth's "My Spooky Macaron" series, and if I thought I'd ever wear it (which realistically I know I wouldn't) I would have bought the JSK and matching headwear in the orange colourway. It's just so bright and bold and tacky and cute, it's the perfect Halloween print for my tastes.

For my hypothetical coordinate I leaned fully into the tacky creepy-cute vibe, with spiderweb stockings and a cute Swimmer bag. A bat blouse from Angelic Pretty seemed like a perfect match, as did a pair of gothy-yet-adorable Demonia platform shoes. I also thought that a natural-ish wig would be a nice touch, so I edited one of those in as well!

I truly would love to wear this coordinate, but as I said earlier I do know that realistically I'd get little to no use out of these pieces so this will just remain as a fun hypothetical. But, to prove that I can get into the Halloween spirit in real life, have a witchy lolita Halloween look of mine from a few years back!

Photo by The Enthusiast <3

Do you have any Halloween prints in your lolita wardrobe?

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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

AYWI30C #7: As sweet as you can go

This prompt was so much fun! I’ll admit, I could possibly go sweeter, but what I wanted to do for this prompt was doing something very quintessentially sweet lolita and that informed all my coordination decisions for this outfit.

I’m trying to not re-use main pieces in this challenge (or at least, not this early on in the challenge) so that ruled out some of my typically sweet items. So I decided to instead run with a common sweet theme – chocolate! Or at least, sweet food things in brown with my Rococo Soul Jam Paradise JSK and BTSSB chocolate cardigan.

As brown can also read as more classic, I tried to move the coordinate back into properly sweet territory with the rest of the styling, such as my using the matching headbow. I also kept it sweet with the brown-and-pink wristcuffs and cute bow-and-biscuit ring. I apparently don’t have any sweet jewellery in brown other than that ring, so the coordinate is a bit sparser in terms of accessories than I’d like but what can you do? I also realised while typing up the entry that I should have included some of my biscuit hair clips as well. Ooops.

The thing I love about this coord is how warm and cute it is. I mean, just look at that layering! Isn’t it just cosy and adorable?

I also love these socks with this coord. Because of the cardigan featuring so much offwhite as well the colours are still balanced, and there’s just something about socks with bow patterns that to me is so very typically sweet lolita.

Have I ever gushed about how much I like these shoes? Because I really like these shoes! Such a good staple, and they work for classic as well as sweet. And I also love this bag! Since buying it I realised it’s an Innocent World replica, which I’m a bit bummed about, but oh well. When it dies I’ll buy a non-replica to replace it but in the meantime it’s pretty and practical, which is my favourite combination of attributes.

So I guess in the end, this coordinate is very quintessentially sweet lolita for me. It’s not as OTT as I can go, but in terms of substyle purity it is very much as sweet as I can go.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival: What makes your dream dress so special?

Dream dresses are such a quintessential lolita thing, but I must confess I've never really had any. There's a lot of things I love, but I've never really gone all out and tried to hunt something down, nor have I ever been willing to spend over what I consider a fair price on an item.

However lately I've come to realise there are two dress in particular that I really would like to get my hands on. I still wouldn't be willing to drop too much cash on them, nor would I devote lots of time scouring secondhand sales for them, but I do still consider them dream dresses. So this is an interesting topic for me because I've never put too much thought into why these dresses in particular really appeal to me.

Early Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait Shirring JSK from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Rose Stripe Shirring Pinafore JSK from Metamorphose temps de fille

I first fell in love with the Baby dress when I saw it in Chocolate Maiden's 2016 wardrobe post. It comes from what is probably my favourite lolita era (lates 200s to early 2010s) and is delightfully simple, yet still quite bold. That's the main thing I like about it, I think. There's a lot going on in the print, but the colour palette is limited and the cut is simple so it's not overwhelming. Being fully shirred it's comfortable, and both the cut and the colours work very well with my wardrobe. It also could pass as being retro or rockabilly inspired, so it would be a good one for wearing lolita while not being quite so unusual looking to members of the public. Mostly though, something about this print just speaks to me and I'd love to own any cut of it in this colourway.

As for the Meta JSK, well, you know me and florals. It's my thing! Being another fully shirred dress again it's a comfy and easy to wear piece. But the thing that mostly draws me to this JSK, in either of the green or the off-white colourway is that though it works well with my wardrobe it also brings in something new. I used to have a green gingham-and-floral Bodyline OP that never sat quite right, so I got rid of it. But I've missed it ever since and loved how fresh and springlike the light green was. So in a sense, this is my upgraded dream dress of that OP. I like the green a little more than the offwhite but either one would fulfil my spring green desires.

Meta also released a similar JSK in the same year (2014), the Flower Bouquet Pin-Tuck Frill Pinafore JSK, which I also like in the green colourway, but not quite as much. As I say, this dream dress of mine is less of a love for the exact dress (though I certainly do love it for itself too!) but for the things that is offers.

I mean, like I said right at the start, I'm not really a "dream dress" person so in a sense this is more of a ramble about two dresses I currently really like (but don't own) and why but still, it was an interesting thing to think about!

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PS In a wonder of coincidence I actually bought the Rose Stripe Shirring Pinafore JSK in green after I had written up this post, so consider that a dream dress acquired!

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

A classic country wardrobe

Oh capsule wardrobes, how I have missed photoshopping you. In a stroke of good timing, just as I'm getting active in blogging again there's a capsule wardrobe thread on CGL. And of course, I am so there.

There was one person in the thread who was asking about capsule wardrobe principles, for lack of a better word, so naturally I waxed lyrical about that. Then I offered to make them an example capsule based on their style interests, which turned out to be classic lolita with a country vibe. I really enjoyed what I came up with, but did have a few thoughts about it's versatility which I'll go over as well, because it was very interesting to use this wardrobe as a teaching tool, pretentious as that sounds.

I really like this wardrobe, I have to say (even with the few flaws that I'll go into at the end after showing example outfits), and I enjoyed incorporating the country vibe, which isn't something I usually do. The green JSK is actually a wishlist piece of mine as well so that was fun to include!

I don't have much to say about the outfits with the floral OP, they're nice but not particularly noteworthy. Which is fine! This OP would probably be the everyday workhorse of the wardrobe since it's such a gorgeous piece on its own.

This floral Meta JSK is also a very versatile and easy to wear piece. Despite not being wholly in the ivory/brown/pink/wine colour palette of all the other pieces, it works very nicely with each of them. And working with it for this wardrobe only made me want it more!

While this skirt on its own is nice and gives for some good simple looks, I really included it so we could have the jacket and skirt plaid combo. Each piece on its own is not anything special, but put them together and you have a very striking look which I enjoyed quite a lot!

Another Meta piece I adore made its way into this wardrobe and it's one that can be easily dressed up or down. You could also layer it over some of the other dresses because the buttons down the front are functional, but I had no way to photoshop that! But it gives another layer of versatility to this capsule, and that's what you want in a small collection.

Lastly, the Innocent World Annette JSK is the most "country" of the main pieces, and I included the matching tights and headdress to go with it. It's a very easy piece to work with and I honestly don't have much to say beyond that!

I promised some ramblings at the start of the post, so if you're just here for the pretty pictures feel free to leave now ^__^

Since this wardrobe was actually put together for someone looking to get into lolita I wanted to provide some more information on it and explain my choices. I also discovered a few things I should have done differently after I put the example outfits together.

First of all, let's go over the things that I think could have been chosen better. The short sleeved pink cutsew would probably have best been a wine or a brown short sleeve blouse or cutsew instead since we already have the pink short sleeve bolero, or vice versa. Another brown outerwear option, probably a more casual cardigan, would have been very useful too since the jacket is not always the best choice. Also, the bags I chose weren’t sufficiently neutral  and I should have subbed the floral one for an ivory one, unless mis-matched bags are okay with the wearer. In addition, I’d underestimated the amount of pink in this wardrobe so a pair of dusty pink shoes would have been really helpful, and a couple more headwear and legwear options would not have gone astray.

However, having said all that, other than doubling up with the pink cutsew and the pink bolero, none of the thing above are necessarily issues, just areas for improvement. But I really do think having a short sleeve brown bolero instead of the pink one would have been a lot better!

I also wanted to share a bit of my thinking behind the "statement pieces" of the wardrobe - the things that stand out and give the wardrobe as a whole variety without necessarily being versatile themselves. I love neutral basics, but neutral basics can be boring and you need balance between them and some statement items. In this wardrobe there are four main statement pieces: the green floral JSK, the plaid jacket and skirt set, the bonnet, and the matching pieces for Annette.

The first two I already discussed above and it's pretty self-explanatory how the bonnet adds pizzazz without being the most wearable of pieces. The tights and headdress for Annette are statement pieces in that they give you a full set with the JSK, which can really elevate outfits with it, but they are less thematically versatile. They still work with other main pieces in the wardrobe, but mostly only when worn together. So they are limited, yet provide varied coordination options.

I hope you enjoyed this wardrobe and the fact that I went a bit more in-depth about my choices in it. I have really missed doing this type of prepare for more!

Thursday, 4 October 2018

August lolita haul

After a while of not making any lolita purchases (except for my wedding coordinate, but that doesn’t count) I found myself browsing Mercari and, in browsing, put together a small wishlist of things that were reasonably priced and that I really strongly wanted. I’d been having a very tough time since June (if you want to know more details, read this post) and ended up making the purchase in the interests of retail therapy. Then, having an open order with Japonica Market I naturally browsed a little more (venturing onto as well) and added some other things to my order. So in the end, I got quite a decent haul in!

But oh my goodness you guys I think I need to do a wardrobe cull, it’s getting really full. And I still have stuff from the last cull I haven’t sold…

My package arrived on the 6th of August and with great glee I opened it up and welcomed my new wardrobe additions with open arms. However, as you can tell by the date of this post, I did not have a chance to take photos until the latter half of September! But I finally did it, and regardless of the lateness of this post I've really enjoyed having these items in my collection.

The item that really made me pull the trigger on this order is this adorable short sleeved red bolero from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. I figured it would be a valuable addition to my collection, given how much I do fall back on black x red for my easy-to-wear coordinates. And oh my goodness, was I right! It's a darker red, though not a burgundy, so I like that it reads a bit more classic. It also seems to be a larger size, which is great for me, and overall I just love it a lot.

I also grabbed some more Metamorphose socks, because socks are amazing and I will never have enough. I just really love the Cherry OTKs (and for real, given how much I honestly do rely on the berry subsection of my wardrobe, it’s not frivolous to get more options) and can you believe they are from 2006? So cool! They're just perfect for my berry pieces. The pink Heart Ladder Lace pair are also super cute...and the bow part of the pattern is sparkly gold! The blue version is as well, but I don’t do blue so they’re off to the sell pile.

The next item I kind of spent more money on than I wanted to but I decided it was worth it, and that is one of the Tokimeki necklaces from Angelic Pretty. I have loved these glittery bow pieces forever, I get decent use out of the matching bracelet I already own, and my jewellery collection definitely needs building up. So even though I don’t like spending twenty dollars on a necklace I think it was worth it!

And then…I bought bags. Several bags. A beautiful pink Enamel Heart Bag and a big white one that I can’t identify from BTSSB, and a Rose Lace Book Pochette from Innocent World. I had been wanting a neutral pink bag for a while, and a brown one, and a bigger white one, so finding all of these under ¥2000 each was amazing. With these, I’m pretty sure my bag collection covers all my bases pretty perfectly! And they are all really gorgeous (and the white one is massive) so I'm super happy.

Continuing with my earlier red theme I also picked up a cute unidentified cutsew from Metamorphose…isn’t it adorable? A bit of a frivolous purchase, I’ll admit, but it was really cheap and I think I’ll get good use out of it. And if I don’t, it can go into the ever growing sales pile ^__^ I don't have all that much to say about it, actually, other than that it's really sweet.

The next item is probably the one I was most excited by, because I was not expecting to ever find this for sale at a price I was willing to pay. But I did and am now to proud owner of a Baby Sweet Fawn Cape! Like seriously, one of my dream items and now I own it!

How cute is that lining?

I was so worried someone else would buy it before Japonica could get it for me but it didn’t happen, and now this beauty is mine. It’s missing the pearl chain that’s meant to be on the bow, but I don’t care about that at all. It came to me stinking of smoke, which meant the first thing I had to do was wash it, which was a terrifying prospect, but it came out fine!

Last of all I took a gamble because it was cute and comfortable looking, and bought an adorable cutsew dress from BTSSB. In typical BTSSB fashion it has a super long name (Sweet Fruit a la Mode Print Tart Cutsew OP) and is very cute! It is a quite worn, which the listing noted, and I’m okay with that because it means I can wear it casually and if it gets ruined oh well. I mean, it was a little more worn than the listing made it seem, so I'm a but bummed, but again it means I don't have to care about it at all. This also smelled bad and got an immediate wash, but it was less scary to do so due to the wear it already had.

So these are my most recent wardrobe additions, along with my wedding coordinate, which I will be reviewing shortly as well. I'm really happy with how my lolita collection continues to grow ^__^

PS Because it'd be weird to post and not say anything, today is my birthday. Officially "late twenties" now lol.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: September 2018

September felt like a really good lolita month on the internet! Whether it's because there were a couple of big events and therefore people are more active, or maybe the stars just aligned, but whatever the reason I got a lot of enjoyment out of the online lolita community this past month.

Myths of Our Own in Dublin from Gravelvet
Vlogs and photos, what more can you ask for after an event? Well, I mean, I like written posts but I know a lot of people prefer vlogs so here you go!

Fairy Tale Forest – Little Starlet – A Review from Bonniviwii
I would never wear this dress. But all the pictures in this post are so gorgeous that I still have sever dress envy! Seriously, go check out this marvellous eyecandy. 

STEAM E;DEN Lolita Meetup from ABC Lolita
Steampunk lolita is my jam. I love it, so this was a fun meetup/outfit post to see pop up in my feed this month.

Tricolour of Boleros from Cupcakes and Unicorns
Oh my goodness, the Millefeuille boleros from Innocent World are such a classic staple (and I totally want to have several of them myself someday). So it was really nice to see a post of comparison and appreciation for these gorgeous pieces.

What is One Piece That You Could Never Give Away & Why... from In Love With a Dream
This was a LBC topic that I'm glad I didn't participate in because I don't think I could choose! But still, it was fun to read other people's perspectives on it.

Eternal Twilight (Hellocon 2018) Trip Report: Day 1 from Rose Sanctuary
Now this is an epic event report! I am so not a gothic person, but I would have dearly loved to have gone to this event, it looks like it was amazing.

Otome No Sewing Book 1: English from Fuwa Fuwa Fashion
This post put me over the moon - a complete translation of the first ONS book! Now I really want to sew again and am just buzzing with ideas ^__^

Looking At The Roots Of Lolita - Pre-Oldschool Cynical Neo-Princessism
I really, really love reading "academic" posts about lolita. It's not something I'd ever enjoy researching and writing myself, but I love that other people put the required time and effort into uncovering and sharing information to share with the community.

What Lolita Wardrobe Posts Don't Show You from Vanilla Bear
This post was just a beautiful thought piece. And relatable, as my last lolita outfit (not my wedding outfit, don't worry!) is sitting in a pile on the floor right now...

Guys, I'm loving being properly back at it. I really, really missed wearing lolita and being involved in this community. I'm still not feeling 100% but it's so good to be back!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Coordinates from July - August 2018

Though it doesn't feel like I've been wearing lolita much lately I still managed four outfits in July and August. I'm posting this round up a lot later than I like to, but I'm back in the blogging habit now so things should be more on schedule from here on out.

My first coordinate in these two months was to once again visit the jeweller who were working on our wedding rings...I got to pick mine up on the seventh of July! I'll admit, I cried. Totally wasn't expecting that to happen!

And of course, I wore lolita to keep up the trend. Not a very noteworthy outfit, but still a cute one. Two photos for this look, because I liked the knee up shot James grabbed for me and then Panda was cute in a full body photo (for once).

JSK: Bodyline
Blouse: Lady Sloth
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Everything else: Taobao/offbrand

As you may or may not have noticed, I've had my hair cut even shorter. And I love it! Never going back to long hair again.

And a shot of my gorgeous rainbow wedding ring, because I love it.

I ended up wearing lolita again the following Saturday as we went to pick up James’s ring. To be honest, I was on my last legs this weekend and it shows in this outfit; I’m not really pleased with how it turned out. I like aspects, like the dress/bolero/choker combo, and adding in the fawn fur bag, but overall I think this missed the mark. Panda was cute during my outfits photos again though, so that’s something.

JSK & OTKS: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bolero: Maxicimam
Shoes: Bodyline
Choker: Liz Lisa
Bag: Coquettish Tiara
Headbow: Sweet Dreamer

It was nice to wear Shirring Princess again, and I’m pleased that throughout the entire process of getting our rings I went to the jewellers in lolita every single time. I think that’s an achievement ^__^

Then I wore a fawn-fur heavy lolita look to a friend's birthday party. The theme was "prime" and my justification was that you can get a prime cut of meat from a deer...

JSK & Shoes: Bodyline
Blouse: The Floral Notebook
Socks: Innocent World
Cape & Headdress: Cutie Creator
Bag: Axes Femme

Because it's cute, also have a picture of James and I together. We didn't match but we both looked cute!

And last of all, of course, I wore lolita to finally marry James! Not a very good photo of me, but it shows of the outfit nicely. It's also like the only photo of me solo from the day, which is what I wanted for this post.

Dress, bolero, veil, flower crown, bouquet: Lyris Design
Necklace: Kitten D'Amour
Socks: Innocent World
Shoes: Taobao

More from the wedding is to come so be ready for future photo spam! I'm currently planning to blog about the whole trip so prepare yourselves for not just a pretty lolita wedding but close-up cheetahs, dramatic mountain views, too many food photos, interesting selfies, and hobbit holes.