Tuesday, 13 November 2018

AYWI30C #8: As classic as you can go

As soon as I started thinking about the coordinate I'd put together for this topic I knew I wanted the base of it to be Innocent World's Anniversary Rose and my long sleeved IW blouse (it has floral lace!). From there I just wanted to make it as typically classic as I could, which informed all my other decisions.

My favourite part of this outfit actually ended up being the fur hat thing! I'm not even sure what this is called, it belonged to my fashionista of a great aunt back in the day and I really love it. To me, classic lolita (and to a lesser extend gothic) is the best style for incorporating actual vintage pieces. And of course, because I'm me, I added some flower clips as well.

Then in the interests of having some cohesiveness I added my Axes Femme boots with the faux fur trim. The furs don't exactly match, but given the distance between them I figured it would work out okay.

My accessories for this look were quite minimal - other than the headwear just a few bracelets and a small necklace. I also enjoyed that the majority of this outfit is all Innocent World - more than any other brand (in my not-exhaustive experience) I find that Innocent World always works best with more Innocent World.

Speaking of the accessory choices I just wanted to highlight the necklace I chose. It's not a particularity high-quality piece, but it exemplifies the fact that I'm really trying to expand my jewellery collection and I'm proud of how far I've already come in that regard. Is it weird to be proud of buying things?

So there you have a coordinate that is a classic as I can go. I feel it's very perennially classic lolita; simple, a bit mismatched, feminine and vintage, elegant but still a little cute.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival: Create A Coord Inspired By Your Favorite Sailor Moon Character

Oh my goodness, this theme was made for me. The Sailor Moon series has meant a lot to me over the years and has been an inspiration in so many ways. But my favourite senshi? Well, that's always been...

That's right! Ever since I first saw the anime as a kid I've most strongly identified with Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mercury. A bit shy and very smart, she was me. Even though I've gotten less shy (and less smart) as I've gotten older and no longer identify with her as much, she's still my fave.

As far as creating an outfit inspired by her, I ran with the idea of putting together a coordinate I imagine she might wear.

I think of this a slightly old-school coordination style with modern items. Dream Marine was the perfect print for her and for the rest of the styling I went with simple, unassuming items. This is not a flashy coord, which I feel suits her studious personality. The basic black shoes and bag make it feel more like something she'd just wear, rather than in being a specifically coordinated outfit.

And now I really want to make lolita coordinates for all the sailor scouts...ooops...

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Monday, 5 November 2018

Coordinates from September - October 2018

The first part of September swept by in a bit of a blur. After we got back from New Zealand we had a bit of settling in to do, and it wasn't until towards the end of the month that I actually got my lolita wardrobe organised and properly accessible. But when I did...I was back!

Literally the day that I reorganised my clothing I wore lolita for the first time in what felt like forever. I called James over to look at how prettily I'd arranged my racks, and said "hey, would you care if I wore lolita while assisting on your photoshoot this afternoon?" (because it's not the most practical of clothing to move lights and furniture around in, so I like to be considerate and check) and his gratifying reply was "I insist that you do!"

So I did ^__^

JSK & Headbow: Rococo Soul Jam Paradise
Bolero: Handmade
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

I was so ridiculously happy to be wearing lolita again. I hadn't realised how much I'd missed it, and how the lack of it was just one more factor in me feeling not-quite-settled in our new house. It was such an instant mood boost to wear something cute and fluffy again! I also got lots of compliments (including from the cashier with cute round glasses at the chemist we ducked into before the shoot) and James and I went out with the friends we were shooting with for a drink afterwards. All in all a great day and an outfit that I really enjoyed.

Also click here if you want to see what we shot that day, since it's quite a contrast to how I looked! It's Facebook-friendly but not quite safe for work, FYI.

And then, just like the start of September the start of October vanished into the abyss...because I got sick. Again. Bronchitis followed by a lung infection this time. Sigh. I took six days off work in a row, I was that sick. Grateful I could do that (and not have to do anything like move house or travel internationally) but I was so frustrated to be sick again. I was the sickest I've been since I met James to be honest, and it sucked.

But after getting my birthday haul in I decided I had to wear one of my new dresses before my birthday month ended, so in mid-October I once again got dressed up (in Teddy Chocolatier this time) to help out on another photoshoot. I ended up sweating horribly for part of the day, then getting rained on but hey, I looked cute!

JSK & Shoes: Metamorphose
Bolero: Handmade
Bag: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Everything else: Offbrand & taobao

Last of all I wore a lolita Hufflepuff outfit for Halloween at work! I felt very cute and got many compliments, even from strangers on the way to the train ^__^

Skirt: Victorian Maiden
Blouse: The Floral Notebook
Shoes: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand

So I didn't wear lolita that much over the past two months, but that's okay. I enjoyed it when I did wear it, and I feel like I'm starting to get a bit more...I don't know...personal style? I'm just feeling more and more comfortable in lolita, and feel more "me" in it. Which is awesome and leaves me feeling pretty good about it all ^__^

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: October 2018

October has come and gone, and it's been a very varied month on the blogging front, so I hope you enjoy reading a few of the same posts I did!

Create an Autumn Theme Coord from Fleur d'Elise
This was an LBC topic I didn't take part in and oh my goodness, this coordinate is gorgeous! I love he warm oranges, it's an uncommon thing in lolita but so utterly lovely.

Improved Outfits [2]: Color Coordination - 2 colors from Minty Frills
Guys I found another blog! Yay for new things to read! And also, wow, lots of effort must go into their graphics. It's a pretty basic post, content wise, but the visuals are fantastic and I'm just so excited to share a new blog with you all!

Victorian Girl Photoshoot with Real Vintage Camera from Gravelvet
Not a lolita post, but so damn cool! The title says it all and I suggest you check out the epic pictures.

Vintage Japanese Advertising Could Sell Us Anything from Messy Nessy Chic
Another non-lolita post, but again something really cool. Japanese ads have always been a bit weird, apparently, and these were really cool to take a look at. Besides, I figures most people into lolita are at least vaguely interested in Japan as a whole so it's not that off topic.

Birthday Haul 2018 from Buttcape
Birthday month twins! And a very, very different set of purchases than what mine were.

How to Dress in Old School Lolita (authentically) | Pt.1 from Cynical Neo-Princessism
Just read this one, okay? I can't summarise it at all, so I suggest just giving it a read.

A Year of Writing for Wunderwelt Libre from Cupcakes and Unicorns
Blogging about blogging, so meta ^__^ But in all seriousness this was an interesting perspective to read.

ANGELIC PRETTY MUSEUM - October 26th from Ghost Girl Goods
Oh my goodness, why did that have to be a limited event? I want to goooooo! But I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through other people's experiences like this blog post.

I don't have too much to say about this month's roundup - I hope you enjoyed and I look forward to seeing what awesome content crosses my reading list next month.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival: Compare your most and least worn main piece

Now this is an interesting topic because you know me, I love analysing things and figuring out the why of it all. And this time I get to turn that onto my own lolita habits!

As a quick note before I ramble on, I only chose the most and least worn main pieces from the items that currently fit me. It didn't seem fair otherwise, since there are pieces I've never worn due to fit issues that I hope to resolve and pieces that I used to wear a lot when they still fit properly but can't now.

But we'll start with the least worn because it's obvious. I have not yet worn my Wonderpunk Jurassic Party skirt, and I know exactly why. I don't have things that match!

I don't own any tops in lavender or purple, which makes colour balancing really difficult. It coordinates nicely with white or pink, but none of my tops in either colour have fit well enough to wear with a skirt, so I've been out of options until they do. Which is a bummer, because Wonderpunk is our little brainchild, and though it's not typically my style it's super cute and I really want to wear this thing that we designed. So I will...once I drop a dress size or two! Or unless I buy a lavender or purple top that fits me...

See how cute it looks?

On the flip side, there are two main pieces that I wear quite frequently. Since I couldn't be bothered looking back over outfit photos and counting how many times I've worn each to see which was the most worn, I thought I'd feature both of them!

First is my handmade black cherry skirt. Fitting into one of my favourite colour schemes and themes, as well as being really comfortable and easy to care for this is no surprise at all. Also, due to cherries being one of the more "normal" lolita themes, I can wear this casually to work and have done so quite a few times. Though actually, in writing this up I realised I haven't really done a "traditional" lolita outfit with this skirt yet. Onto the "coords I need to wear" list it goes!

And then we have Bodyline's L417 in brown, which I think does actually win over the cherry skirt in terms of frequency of wear. Once again, this JSK gets points for being comfy and easily machine washable, and it doesn't even really need ironing (I should, probably, but I don't). Being brown and floral it goes really well with a lot of things in my wardrobe, and the chiffon ruffles and bustle front mean it can be dressed up, while at the same time it's simple enough to wear in more basic ways. Given that it matches nicely with my handmade short sleeve brown bolero and that I then have a range of legwear and headwear to go with it, it's really an easy go-to if I want to wear lolita but not think too much about it.

This was an interesting post, though the outcome was not unexpected. As I work on getting back into shape and fit into more of my clothes I'l be interested to see if and how my most and least worn main pieces change.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

A not so little birthday haul

Happy birthday to me - I got lolita! No surprise there...

(I mean, James also bought me scratchies and took a gloriously artistic NSFW photo for me. Which we'll probably frame and hang in our bedroom and that is now my computer and phone wallpaper as well, but it's not on theme for this blog. Also you guys are here for pretty dresses, not amazing Warhol-esque junk pics, so let's get back on topic!)

With birthday monies I got myself a few new pretties! Not that I need more, but the pieces I got are fabulous additions to my wardrobe. All purchases were made with Buyee, who provided a good service as always, and EMS shipping got everything to me in three days so I came home from work last Thursday and was very happy indeed!

First of all, I grabbed a few things from the Angelic Pretty sale. The main reasons for that was this adorable strawberry cutsew in black because it is totally perfect for the black-and-berry subset of my wardrobe. Then, since I was buying from them I also grabbed two pairs of the Vintage Marine OTKS since they were severely on sale. Not really something I needed, but certainly cute and I'm sure they'll come in handy.

I am utterly head over heels for this cutsew. It has daisy buttons! And the collar is beautiful. I'm really excited for the coordination options this will give me for my black x berry outfits.

And then I made the dangerous realisation that you can also use Buyee to buy from Closet Child and Wunderwelt. So of course, I had a browse, and on Closet Child I fell in love with the full shirred version of Meta's Teddy Chocolatier JSK in mint.

It was a print I'd never really paid attention to, but when I saw it something just clicked. I wanted to get more pieces that I can wear now, and when I finally get back to a smaller size. I wanted to add some new colours to my wardrobe, including mint or spring green. I wanted to get another chocolate print. So it was just a win on all accounts!

It certainly was a birthday purchase though, because I normally wouldn't pay as much as I did for a dress that I'd only just realised existed. But hey, it was my birthday! And I also picked up an Angelic Pretty bolero in mint so I'd have something to match. I have my priorities...

I'm super happy with both these items. The bolero is a bit small for me for now, but it's really pretty and all the bows are detachable so it's quite versatile. The JSK is just so cute! The print is delightful and detailed. Funnily enough though, the details I thought were pink are actually lavender, which I think is pretty quirky. And the bolero matches the JSK perfectly, which is definitely a win.

Then as I always do, I kept browsing while waiting for my packages to arrive at Buyee, and what popped up on Wunderwelt? The Rose Stripe Shirring Pinafore JSK from Metamorphose temps de fille in green! Literally one day I started drafting up the LBC dream dress post, the next I bought one of the dresses I listed there. I could hardly believe it and naturally bought it immediately. Like the other dress, I did pay more than I like for it but there was no way I could not buy it!

I'm so glad I got this JSK as well. The colour is beautiful, a little warmer and brighter than my pictures show. The bows at the straps and the big waist one are detachable which is a big plus in my books - makeshift headbow, yay! And this is going to work so well in my wardrobe, easy to wear with lots of colours in many ways.

Overall I am just so chuffed with this entire haul! I had really been itching to add some new colours to my wardrobe, and to have done so with a dress that filled a niche I wanted filled and with a dress I've loved for years was just amazing. So happy birthday to me, and expect to see me wearing some of these new things in my next outfit post...because I already have!

Friday, 19 October 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival: Create A Halloween Inspired Coord

I'll start this post with a confession, and that is that this topic was really hard for me! I wanted to come up with a Halloween-themed coordinate, not a costume suitable for Halloween that comes from my lolita wardrobe. And I was totally, utterly stumped because I don't own a single spooky item!

So, I went with a photoshop coordinate instead and put together something that I would utterly love to wear if I ever did want to have a Halloween look.

I really adored Lady Sloth's "My Spooky Macaron" series, and if I thought I'd ever wear it (which realistically I know I wouldn't) I would have bought the JSK and matching headwear in the orange colourway. It's just so bright and bold and tacky and cute, it's the perfect Halloween print for my tastes.

For my hypothetical coordinate I leaned fully into the tacky creepy-cute vibe, with spiderweb stockings and a cute Swimmer bag. A bat blouse from Angelic Pretty seemed like a perfect match, as did a pair of gothy-yet-adorable Demonia platform shoes. I also thought that a natural-ish wig would be a nice touch, so I edited one of those in as well!

I truly would love to wear this coordinate, but as I said earlier I do know that realistically I'd get little to no use out of these pieces so this will just remain as a fun hypothetical. But, to prove that I can get into the Halloween spirit in real life, have a witchy lolita Halloween look of mine from a few years back!

Photo by The Enthusiast <3

Do you have any Halloween prints in your lolita wardrobe?

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