Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: July 2018

I may have gone quiet on posting but I have not stopped reading! As usual, the lolita bloggers I follow have put out a lot of really great content, and here are some of my recent favourites.

Comm meet: Old School at Alice Tea Salon from Sanakanin
So. many. cute. oldschool. photos! This was a fund read with lots of really adorable photos, check it out!

Inspiration, where to find it // 10 Day Lolita Challenge from Poppy Noir
I'm really nebulous on my own inspirations. I just like things, you know? So it was enjoyable to rad a little about one particular person's inspirational images in the fashion.

Flatlay ♥ Pastel Easter Bunny from Lolita Wonderland
I am still so happy that Rosalynn is blogging again, and I am really enjoying seeing her flatlays. Flatlays are the best.

Coming back to a community where you aren’t wanted from Rabbit Winner
Guys! It's a new lolita blog! Started this month! And the second post is this interesting thought piece on the lolita community and belonging. 

Angelic Pretty Paris 2nd anniversary Tea Party from Ruban Rose
I love reading event reports, love it. I also get a wee bit jealous, because I don't imagine AP are going to come to Australia any time soon. But I enjoy getting to live vicariously through other people's posts about brand events!

Lolita Wardrobe 2018 Midway from Ophelia of Harts
OMG guys...I found another new (to me) blog! I get so excited when I discover new things to read! And of course, I love wardrobe posts, so yeah, this was great to find.

I was so damn chuffed to find not one, but two new blogs this week. If you know of any others that I don't appear to follow please drop me a link because the more the merrier!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Coordinates from May - June 2018

Due to my relative inactivity on this blog at the moment I'm posting this a little later than I normally would. Not that anyone probably noticed or cares, but I like acknowledging discrepancies in my posting schedule ^__^

I had a bit of a break from wearing lolita for most of April and the start of May. Not really deliberate, I just didn’t have the chance. So when a Friday in May rolled around and James offered to drive me to the station in the morning, rather than walking like usual, I jumped on the chance to dress up. It was a super cold day, so my fleece-lined tights were a must, and from there I just built up a very comfortable, very casual outfit. And I ended up really, really loving it! I got a bunch of compliments at work as well, which was nice. And it reminded me how much I like wearing purple.

Skirt: Victorian Maiden
Shirt: TeePublic
Shoes: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand

Honestly, I think this is the most typically casual I’ve ever gone in lolita, and I rather liked it. Nerdy t-shirt plus a lolita skirt? I think I’ve found my new favourite thing.

Speaking of nerdy, I next wore lolita to see Solo with James. Honest talk? I only wore lolita because my one pair of comfy jeans were in the wash ^__^

Like the previous outfit, this one came together from concerns about comfort and practicality. I picked my most comfy skirt, paired it with an easy to wear and long sleeved cutsew (because Winter), long socks for the same reason, flat shoes and simple accessories. And again, I actually rather liked it! I wouldn't normally go with this colour combo (ivory? With my black-and-red?) but I think it worked out pretty okay. It's not a mindblowing outfit by any means but it was cute and comfortable.

Skirt: Handmade
Cutsew, sock & shoes: Metamorphose temps de fille
Everything else: Offbrand

I next wore lolita to work on a Friday (again). It’s Winter here right now, and I do not like the cold at all so I haven’t really been up for dressing up much since lolita doesn’t really lend itself to bundling up in a thousand layers. But I braved it on this Friday and rather liked the result! So many cherries, much wow.

Skirt: Handmade
Cardigan: Banned
Bow clip: Me Likes Tea
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Everything else: Offbrand

I wasn’t able to take a full photo so have a bathroom selfie and a shoe shot; together they give you the general gist. I actually really want to redo this cardigan and skirt combo with even more cherry things, socks and a hairclip at the very least. But that might be too much. Or not…

So that's my lolita outfits from the past couple of months. Nothing particularly outstanding, but I'm glad that I'm keeping up wearing this adorable fashion.