Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: October 2017

First things first; Happy Halloween! If you head to my facebook page later today you'll see my lolita-esque Halloween shoot ^__^

And then onto your regularly scheduled posting...

In contrast to the quiet of September, October was busy in my corner of the internet with lots of good content from the bloggers I follow. As usual, here are some of my favourite posts from the last month.

Lolidrobe Reassessment Post 2017.3 from Cupcake Kamisama
If you are a regular reader you know how much I love wardrobe building and wardrobe analysis, so this was a fun read for me!

Low Energy Lolita - Tips for Bad Mental Health Days from Adventures of A Drop Bear Lolita
This post was just heartwarmingly good. Wholesome, if I can co-opt internet parlance for my own purposes. I don't know why but any kind of alternative community tends to attract people with anxiety and other mental health struggles, so this guide to still being active in the lolita community while dealing with anxiety is really quite helpful.

My Dear Special Anniversary Tea Party: First Look at Alice and the Pirates A/W '17 and S/S '18 from Buttcape
Not even going to ramble about this; it's exactly what the title says and is an awesome read!

Moi-même-Moitié is Back! Ownership Transfer Announcement from Rose Sanctuary 
I'll be honest; I'm pretty meh about MMM. But, I know a lot of lolitas care so I am signal boosting this post!

Best way to keep up with blog updates from RuffleCloud's Adventures
Hint hint nudge nudge...look at how easy it can be to follow your favourite blogs. Like my blog. Yeah. Hint hint ^__^

Angelic Pretty - Cream Cookie Parade Review from Milk Circus
Lolita reviews with detailed photos are the best! I think I could actually have loved Cream Cookie Parade a lot if it came in a muted dusty pink or ivory; the print is super pretty! But as it is I’ll just have to enjoy it in the wardrobes of other lolitas.

Comm meet: Lace Up! PGLC 8th anniversary from Sanakanin
If you’ve been here a while you’ll know I like flowers. So oh my goodness do I love this outfit! And am actually inspired to do my own mega floral outfit in the near future…

How I Brainstorm Outfits from Luna Rain
I love love love posts like this that let you learn a little bit about how someone else’s brain works. I don’t think I could ever be this proper and methodical about coordinate planning but at the same time I really appreciate it and enjoyed reading this post. Go read it!

Paléontologie from A season in the sky
Oh. my. goodness. This is just the most gorgeous lolita phtoshoot I've seen in a while! So different, so well shot, and just so amazingly beautiful. Seriously, drop everything and go take a look!

If you have a blog, send me a link! If you know a good lolita blog, link me to it! I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to read and to feature so always feel free to link to me all thing things!


  1. Thanks for featuring me! :D Thanks for featuring me again last time as well! :'D I appreciate it that someone is reading my blog and likes entries enough to recommend them to others :)

    1. You're welcome, I really enjoy reading your blog!