Monday, 20 November 2017

Everybody walk the dinosaur; Jurassic Party outfits

Guess what? With this set of flat lays I have now completed a "one main piece, three outfits" for my wardrobe twice over! Of course, things have come and gone in that time so there's not two posts for each piece but still, it is done.

And I'm going to take a break from these posts for a bit. But never fear...something else will take their place very soon!

The last main piece in my wardrobe rotation is Jurassic Party. It's a definite outsider in my wardrobe but I still love it and can wear it in a few different ways.

Also, before we go further excuse the photo quality! I only had my phone to take these so they're a little bit bad...

For the first look I just ran with simple sweet. I like it, but I don't love it. Though I do want to point out that the lavenders match better in real life!

Then I went with a warm pink look and like it a lot better! Sticking lots of bows around really helps carry the colour scheme through the outfits.

But it's on the third outfit that I really came up with something that I totally love and definitely want to wear! I feel this coordinate has a good balance of colours and details and is very cute and fun.

Sometimes it takes a bit of playing around to truly get there on a coordinate, which is why I have loved doing these posts!


  1. That's impressive that you've managed to go through your wardrobe twice already with these posts. I haven't even done a full one circle yet (because I'm too slow and keep adding new stuff :P).

    The second outfit is probably my favourite, the bows at the collar and on the beret really make a difference in distributing colours evenly.

    1. Well, I am very prolific with this style of post...and it's been about three years since I started!

      I adore my bows for colour distribution. James bought me even more for my birthday this year so I have so. many. bows now. It's great!