Friday, 10 November 2017

I know why the caged bird sings; Rose Birdcage outfits

Rose Birdcage is such a pretty print, and I love it in this cut. It's simple but elegant and really easy to coordinate.

However, I find I can coordinate it outside of brown/offwhite/peach pink. But the good thing is that I have lots of items in those colours, plus it's floral, so I'm not limited in anyway except colour scheme. And I don't mind limited colours sometimes!

First of all I was dying to combine the skirt with this Innocent World cutsew, and came up with this cute and casual outfit. This is just a 10/10 for me!

I also really wanted to pair my Axes Femme fawn fur vest with the skirt and it took a lot of tweaking before I got to an outfit I was happy with. That's odd for me, normally I get things pretty right the first time around. But it was worth the fiddling because I really like the end result which takes it in a much sweeter direction.

Then for the final outfit I just wanted to do something nice and very typically lolita. I do't really have any comments on this look, but I do really quite like it.

Do you have any pieces in your lolita wardrobe that you can really only wear with a couple of colours, but can still coordinate quite differently?


  1. Those are great outfits. First and last are my favourites, it'd be nice to see either of them worn.
    I guess the only piece I have that I can coord with only one or two colours would be my Innocent World Strawberry Tart OP. But then again, the majority of my wardrobe fits with the various shades of red, white and blue, so I feel like I always do stuff with these colours anyway. I try to expand and have bits of pink, green (jewel tone and mint), lavender and brown, but in comparison to my red, white and blue collection it's a teeny bit limited. Not that I mind that much. :P

    1. The first is my favourite, totally want to wear it sometime!

      Haha that's fair enough! It's great that your most "limited" piece fits your dominant colour scheme.