Saturday, 2 December 2017

Lolita Blog Carnival: Build A Coord Using Only $100

So I finally joined the Lolita Blog Carnival! My reason for waiting so long was a simple selfish one- I didn't like the idea of having to post on a Friday! But that's a silly reason, and no-one but me probably notices or cares that I tend to post at very regular intervals so here we go. Besides, I feel very strongly about the lolita blogging community, so I really ought to get involved in one of the most long-running fixtures of it. And I've already blogged on some of their topics after the fact so yeah. It's about time!

Enough preamble and onto the topic of the week: a coordinate that costs only $100. My maths may be a bit shoddy (due to currency conversions) but I did three, so that makes up for it...right? Also, as a note these do not include the necessary petticoat nor do they factor in shipping.

OP: $50 Shoes: $30 OTKS: $18 Beret: $1 Bow: $1

First of all I headed to the Bodyline site to see what they had, and this OP caught my eye. Given that it's so striking on it's own you can go very simple in the accompanying pieces which kept this under budget and allowed me to pick up some nice brand OTKS from Closet Child to go with it. Seriously, the reason I love berets and bows so much is that they are ridiculously cheap and versatile!

JSK: $42 Blouse: $17 Shoes: $27 Tights: $5 Flower crown: $7 Bracelet: $1

For the next coordinate I pulled together a look that took advantage of the range of items available from Taoabo re-sellers to do something that I think is rally quite cute and elegant. If I wore white I would definitely wear this.

Skirt: $40 Cutsew: $18 Boots: $30 Tights: $3 Flower crown: $4 Bows: $2 Bracelets:$3

For the last look, I took to Wunderwelt to see if I could find a cheap printed brand main piece, just to see if it could be done and I stumbled on Angelic Pretty's Rose Toilette! I actually love this print (on other people, that is) so it was fun to put together a look for it in my ultimate favourite colour scheme.

It was really fun doing this sort of thing again and trying to work on a budget. It's challenging, but you can do it, and I really enjoyed coming up with looks that I was happy with that stayed under budget.

If you are interested in knowing sources of individual items please let me know!

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  1. I love how you used three of the most popular sources for cheap Lolita fashion to build a coord, it really goes to show how much variety and how many options there are available to everyone. Also, I've never seen that Bodyline dress before and it looks really cute, it's very close to the kind of OPs I've been after myself, so maybe I need to have another look through their website.

    1. Thank you! I wanted to try a few different sources ^__^

      Yeah Bodyline has put out some cute new stuff lately(ish) but I'm trying to be good and not buy things unless I LOVE them, and though there has been a lot of like it's not love for me...