Friday, 27 October 2017

Lolita 52: What's in my closet, but I haven't worn yet!

I’ll be honest; several things.

In terms of main pieces, I have not yet worn:
  • Wonder Party
  • Bodyline L571
  • Anniversary Rose
  • Princess Rose
  • Dim Light
  • Handmade Chocolate JSK
  • Classical Bustle
  • Shirring Princess
  • Bodyline L173
  • Jurassic Party
So that's 10 out of 29 main pieces in total unworn, or basically a third. And I'd guess that around the same amount of blouses and accessories has also never seen the light of day. I actually am super chill about this though... I don't really mind at all!

To be completely honest my weight has fluctuated in the time I’ve been in lolita. I lost weight and got to my thinnest point in 2014, then start gaining weight without realising it late 2014/early 2015 so at that point I bought several items that ended up too small – including Anniversary Rose. Since then I’ve unfortunately gotten to the biggest I’ve ever been and to be 100% truthful, less than half my wardrobe fits me right now. I am working on getting fitter and healthier, not just for this fashion but because it felt so good when I was actually fit (well, fit-ish, I’ve still never been precisely athletic), and so I do still buy things that are slightly on the smaller side and don’t get rid of items from my thinner days. So yes, there are quite a few things I haven’t worn for those reasons.

However, I also haven’t worn some items, like Jurassic Party, because I haven’t had the opportunity, desire, or coordinating pieces (though partially that comes from the fit issues, because my wardrobe is basically perfect dammit), which is something I’m pretty sure we’ve all done. However this year has seen me wear a lot of things for the first time as I aim to wear lolita more often so as I continue that goal and lose more weight this list should shrink and shrink.

Even though I have pieces I haven’t worn, and some I’ve still only worn once, I still love having every single item I own from a collector’s perspective. My wardrobe is a being unto itself, and a glorious one, and I’d never want to limit by keeping only things I wear regularly.

Do you have pieces in your lolita wardrobe that you have yet to wear?


  1. It's good that you're ok with having pieces you've not worn yet. Hopefully, you'll reach your weight goal in time and will be able to keep it, because I know what it feels like to not be comfortable in your own skin and to be sad that your favourite clothes don't fit. I used those clothes as a motivator and a benchmark, so if I fit into this or that piece, then I know I'm the size I need.

    I've been working on wearing my main pieces at least once and now trying to balance out those I wear more often with those that always get pushed to the side, so at the moment there are only two main pieces I still haven't worn (but I've plans for both of them and they will get wear before the end of the year). But I'm terrible with all the other builder pieces! I have two Lolita-specific blouses that I haven't worn yet, even though they fit my wardrobe pretty great (one still has the tags on!) and SO MANY SOCKS that I've not worn (because Lolita socks are life, but some are just that little bit more versatile than the others). Not sure how I'll ever work through the socks, but I guess the comfort level of a collector that you have with main pieces in my case manifests itself in socks and being very chill about that. :P

    1. Yeah, I like the collector aspect of lolita almost as much as I like actually wearing it…though I am working on being able to wear it all! My goal is to fit into Anniversary Rose as that’s the smallest piece I own. I’ll get there eventually…

      I’m trying to not wear the same things over and over (though not with the dedication you are) and it’s a good feeling, isn’t it? Haha but I am like you with socks! They are just so pretty and unique and glorious that how can you not collect socks!