Saturday, 23 December 2017

Love Nikki (my current gaming addiction)

I’m kind of a one game at a time person – I play something, focus obsessively on it, then eventually move on. I often return to games, so my current lack of activity in Tamriel will not necessarily last (so I’m not losing my “I’m a serious gamer” cred, right?), but for now I’ve given it up for a delightful little diversion called Love Nikki Dress UP Queen (and yes, the capital UP is part of the title stylisation). I actually discovered this game because of a thread on CGL and fell head over heels for it.

This post isn’t exactly a review of Love Nikki, it’s more of a spreading the good news. It’s a very cute and very fun game, with a lot more intricacies of gameplay than you’d expect of a dress-up game. I’m utterly hooked and have also hooked three of my girlfriends on it as well…so it’s not just me who thinks it’s great. One this I love is that the clothes available range across so many styles – not just regular fashion but more niche styles such a mori girl and, of course, lolita.

I even made a few lolita outfits to show you how cute this game is! My collection is still limited (apparently I’m at 15% so I’ve got a long way to go) but I thought I cam up with some cute coordinates regardless, without resorting to using full pre-made suits (as outfit sets are called in game).

First of all I put together a cute little red-and-white sweet lolita look. It’s almost a cheat, styling wise, as the main pieces are a mesh of two different red-and-white lolita suits but I still did something different with the warm and fluffy accessories. I’m also getting Minako Aiko idol vibes because of the hair, and I like it a lot because of that!

Then I totally did cheat and use a full suit…I just wanted to show this one off! How perfect is it as a lolita outfit? I did change out the hair and face though, so I get to claim a tiny amount of creativity here. But this suit shows just how good this game is in treating alternative fashions like lolita – if this was real you could totally wear this coordinate out and it would be perfect.

For a third try (because all the best things are done in threes) I put together an opulent classic lolita coordinate, which I feel actually fits the current OTT classic trend quite well. I would so wear this if I owned it for a photoshoot or fancy event. I’ve also discovered that you can buy a cosplay of the suit that the bonnet with veil comes from and I’ll admit, that is now on my “to cosplay” list for when I slim down enough to fit back into a Chinese size L ^__^

And, as a last thing, I wanted to try my hand at an ouji look! Not my best work, but still cute!

So that’s a few of the way you can dress up if you play Love Nikki! I am really loving this game and thoroughly recommend it, for lolitas and non-lolitas alike.

Do you play any games that are somewhat lolita in nature?


  1. Ooh I love Love Nikki right now! I adore the chocolate set, I need to complete it but so stingy with diamonds...

    I also play Moe Can Change which is a dress up style game but there's not much lolita outfits.

    1. It's so much fun! And thanks for the recommendation, I may try Moe Can Change some time ^__^