Saturday, 30 September 2017

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: September 2017

Another month and another round of blog posts to share. Oddly enough, September was actually a quiet month on the blogging front. Still have some cool posts to link you to but yeah, there was not as much going on in the loltia blogging world this month as there often is.

A Lolita Reads Lolita from Luna Rain
Exactly what the title says! I read Lolita in high school to keep up with some of my highly intelligent and super literary girlfriends. I did not, and still don’t, like it both from a moral perspective and simply because I didn’t enjoy reading it. However, being part of a fashion subculture that shares the name I am glad that I have so I can at least say “no, it’s not a paedophile thing” and actually know what I’m talking about.

Dream Masquerade Carnival 🎠 Part 1: A Dream Come True from Teacake Time Machine
I always enjoy reading about events, but this one stood out for two reasons. One, it was from the perspective of a vendor and designer, which was cool. And second, look at how cute all the pictures are! Everything is so bright and colourful and wonderful and just makes me feel all happy and fluffy and excited about lolita. And I really freaking love posts that make me feel like that.

As a note, there were a bunch of other posts about DMC but to avoid being repetitive I'm not going to share any more of them.

Barcelona ’17, Day 3 – Omnia Vanitas Main Event from Lolita Wonderland
And another event report! This one is a pretty late in coming, but it’s from my number one favourite lolita blogger, so I couldn’t not share!

SWIMMER vs FLAPPER: Biscuit Bag Battle from Milk Circus
Comparison reviews are super helpful, and this one is no exception. Though now I have a hankering to buy more bags...

Angelic Pretty Lovely Shopping Cutsew OP from Ruban Rose
I love seeing lolitas happily wearing new pieces! This blogger shared her purchase of this dress in one post (with some great close-ups, it's worth checking out) and then followed it up with this outfit post and that honestly just makes me so happy to see.

Classic Lolita from Silver Afternoon
I really don't need to reiterate how much I love seeing people do lolita photoshoots, so I'll just drop the link and tell you to go have a look at all the pretty pictures!

Pop-up store: Laforet HARAJUKU in Paris from Deer Alice
I don't always mean to sound jealous but oh my goodness I really get envious about shopping opportunities like this! Oh, to be able to browse all the wonderful things in person...

Did you read anything awesome online that you don't see on this list? Link me! I'm always looking for new lolita blogs to follow.


  1. I'm so glad you're doing these roundups, you've reminded me that I meant to add the Deer Alice blog to my reading list, but kept forgetting until now. :P

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me in your roundup! I'm so glad you enjoyed my post! <3

    1. You're very welcome! Even though I'm slack with commenting a lot of the time I always read (and very much enjoy reading!) your blog :)