Friday, 8 September 2017

Review #46: Metamorphose Dim Light & Egg Art

You know how I said literally three posts ago that I wasn't gonna buy more lolita? What can I didn't last! Because what good are good intentions when your favourite brand announces that if you buy a dress (that you've loved since it was first released in 2012) that you will get a $1 special set as well (which you also liked and contemplated buying)?

So I have a few new wardrobe additions from Metamorphose temps de fille - the Dim Light Peplum JSK in Bordeaux, the Egg Art Puff Sleeve Dress set, and also a pair of Fluttering Ribbon Lace-up OTKS in lavender x white. I have to say, even though a little part of me was disappointed in myself for making such a big purchase so soon after deciding to put a halt on my purchasing, but the rest of me was just so excited that I know I made the right choice.

Last Saturday I went to the post office with James to pick up the branded Metamorphose box, came home, and was utterly gleeful over everything. First off, of course, I took out Dim Light.

James convinced me to get the fancy peplum cut, which is one quarter shirred rather then full back shirred, so for now fitting into it is not possible, unfortunately. But it's a great goal pieces because it's just. so. damn. gorgeous! Though at first I though the plainer cut would be more wearable, being honest with myself, this is not an everyday print for me, so why get it in an everyday cut? And besides, this exact dress is what I fell in love with back in 2012 so it felt right.

I love the print - it's so straightforward yet complex. And the fabric has this beautiful rough texture to it. The chiffon of the ruffles and peplum and cape sleeve is the nicest I've ever felt.  This is one print that I adore in every colourway, but the wine is what I'm most likely to wear. Also, as a note my pictures came out a little brighter and redder than it is in real life, it has a bit of a purple-y tinge to it IRL which is really beautiful.

I also love the beautiful cameo bow! The great thing about that is it's detachable, like the cape sleeve. Gotta love that versatility! Not that you can really tone down this dress, but being able to remove those two bits does let you restrain the look a little bit.

Getting the OP cut of the Egg Art set hardly counts as a decision - it's just adorable! I found the JSK a little dull but this to me just has the right amount of detail. With full back shirring it fits me fine. The socks are your standard Meta (which is to say, fabulous) and the headbow is wired and cute as. What I actually love is that both he socks and heabdow will be useful for me to coordinate with other pieces as well...I'll probably get more use from them than I will out of the OP itself!

I actually love this print way more than I thought I would, it's just beautiful and detailed! It's sort of straddling the line between sweet and classic lolita; the dress cut is very sweet, the harlequin pattern could go either way, but the actual print is very classic.

As for the OTKS, you all know how big I am on lolita legwear so I thought I'd take a browse and see what they had. From the stock photo these seemed to be a muted lavender which felt like a perfect match for Jurassic Party and they are! They are the best lavender match I've found for that print. Not much more to say on these, but I'm very glad I bought them.

And, as usual, Meta included a few little extras in the box - a black and white plastic shopping bag, a pink sticker, and a bit of promotional material in the form of a colour flyer for the Cherry Berry Song series, a design page for Marching Toy Soldier and Teddy Bear Baker, and fabric samples for Teddy Bear Baker and Matryoshka Doll. I've never received samples before, so this was super cute. And I have to say if Teddy Bear Baker pops up at a good price I may have to buy it!

I'm over the moon with these new purchases. It's great to finally get my hands on Dim Light, and the Egg Art dress is just so easy to wear it will be a great wardrobe addition. And of course I love socks ^__^

Did anyone else take advantage of this deal?


  1. I did! I choice the standard short cut for Dimlight in wine(what else?). And the long version for Egg Art. The one piece is cute though. But 52cm is abdolute minimum I can wear, so I choice to be safe with decent length, rather figure to run out to find a underskirt that cost more than the dress...

    1. That's awesome! Meta buddies! Haha yeah, it's a tad short for my taste but it's still my preferred cut.

    2. Absolut Meta buddies!
      The good thing about that cut, is you shouldn't have issues to find a blouse to wear with it. Egg Art is more ekstravagant and loud than I usually buy.

    3. True that! I know what you mean about ti being pretty loud, like it's gorgeous but it's quite full on. I think you'll have better luck dresing down the JSK than I will the OP.

    4. And up. The bodice of jsk is really simple, an extravagant blouse wouldn't look out of place.
      But the op can be next coordinate Challenge.

    5. Good point on that! And absolutely, I've already shot some flat lays with it :)

  2. I was quite tempted by this deal, I won't lie, but there wasn't anything that I wanted and I thought that if I did go with it, it would be a purchase for the sake of a deal rather than actual want for any of the dresses. Although their 2017 Egg Art in blue is beautiful. I'm so impressed with the fabric samples though! That's a nice touch, I've never gotten a fabric sample with anything, so that's such a great way to entice people in - and likely much more effective than postcards since you get to fall in love with the fabric and see colours accurately. :P

    1. Good on you for making the sensible purchases (or not purchasing) decision! Getting the fabric samples was a super nice surprise and yeah, definitely is more convincing than just a picture.

    2. Haha, I make up for that elsewhere - full of sense in one case and then blowing my money away somewhere else. :P I wonder how much does it cost a brand to include fabric samples instead of postcards. There has to be a reason why it's not more common yet, when it's such good advertising.

    3.'s not blowing it if it's a good purchase for you :)

      I guess it depends if they make them out of otherwise unusable offcuts or not. Though I'm sure a professional manufacture of garments minimises offcuts there may still be scrap fabric and if so, I think this is a great use for it.