Sunday, 17 September 2017

Review #47: Pastel Skies

Recently the indie accessory brand Pastel Skies put out a call looking for bloggers to receive two items in exchange for a detailed review. I thought their stuff was pretty cute so I volunteered and was chosen! Cue excitement!

I have been thinking about making some gradual improvements to my jewellery collection so this came at the perfect time for me. I chose the Pastel Pearl Shower Chiffon Ribbon Heart Bracelet and the Biscuit Heart Bow Ring in Brown. They also had some cute hairclips, a range of multi-coloured bracelets and even some things like scarves but I wanted to choose things I would actually get some good wear out of.

The items were listed on Lolita Desu and shipped via them. As per the last time I got something from Lolita Desu the shipping was fine. The two items came packed in a little tupperware container and I got a free cute gift as well! So ten out of ten there. However, this review isn't about shipping it's about the accessories so here we go.

To put the TL;DR at the top – both items are aesthetically pleasing and good quality. I’m super happy with them ^__^

First of all, the ring. As soon as I saw the ring my immediate thought was "I want that". The ring is set on an adjustable base and is securely constructed. I gave it a few experimental tugs to see how well it was attached and it didn’t budge (not that I was trying to break it, of course, but just seeing how it stood up to normal bumps and stuff). 

The ribbons are nice and soft and the biscuit charm is very cute – and matches the biscuit hairclips I got off eBay recently, which is a total win. I’m really happy with this ring; it’s cute, relatively simple, and just the right size for me.

I was told the bracelet was a production sample and thus had some flaws. I didn’t care, because I thought it was pretty, would fit my wardrobe and once again wasn’t something I already had. Then, on receiving it my first thought was “flaws? What flaws?” Because really, the only thing that may be considered a flaw is that the knot of the ribbon to the bracelet itself is a bit large and feels a bit rough when you really poke around at it (it appears to be tied and then glued for security, though I certainly could be wrong). Along with that, the two sides of the bow are of different sizes.

However, it’s comfortable to wear and fits great on the wrist as well as looking really cute so I think it’s fine! Like the ring, this feels really good and sturdy, and is super pretty.

All in all I'm very happy with these new accessories for Pastel Skies, and if I'm ordering from Lolita Desu in the future I'll certainly add a few more things to my cart from them if there's something to my liking!

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