Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Lolita 52: My "signature" outfit

You know, when I got up to this topic I really couldn't figure out what my signature outfit was. To be honest, I didn't think I had one, especially because I don't actually wear lolita too often. Flat-lays don't count for this! And besides, what I like and what I wear tend to be different animals. In the end, I went through my lolita outfit album and I found that there were actually two repeated outfits (or at least, item combos) that I have worn three times each over the years.

The first combo was not at all surprising; my Chocoberry skirt, a black top, red beret and red shoes. I think I wore all of these for uni! I do love red and black and berries and to be honest this is an outfit I'm probably going to continue wearing variations on.

Middle photo by The Enthusiast.

The second one was also not surprising when I thought about it; my Lyris Design underbust JSK with an offbrand blouse and a brown beret. I just love this blouse with the JSK and what can I say, berets are awesome! I wore this outfit for a better range of scenarios: probably uni, a photoshoot, and a local convention (awkwardly cropping out my friend Nat)!

Honestly I was kind of surprised to see that I did have this much repetition and could identify two "signature" outfits. To be fair, these coords are all from 2016 and earlier, so my wardrobe was smaller and I was also wearing simpler outfits with some regularity for university. It will be interesting to review my outfit timeline again in a few years and see if any other patterns emerge, or whether I still will gravitate towards certain coordinations.

Do you have a lolita outfit you keep coming back to? Or even a particular item, like me and berets?


  1. As soon as I saw this topic, I started thinking about what this would be like for me, but I've never worn Lolita regularly or repeated outfits. When I get home and find some time, I'll have to browse through all the Lolita outfits I've ever done and see if there are any common themes that I could identify. I want to think that I do red/white/blue combination a lot (well, comparably), but I'm not sure that counts as a signature look. :P

    1. Have a look, I found it really enlightening! I'm keen to see if you find any patterns in you own outfits ;)