Monday, 4 September 2017

Strawberries and cherries: Berry Stripe outfits

The longer I own this gorgeous onepiece the more I love it! I've already worn it casually to work and it's definitely one of the most comfortable pieces I own.

And just look at that print! Both kinds of berries! I love how simple yet detailed this is, when you think about it it seems really straightforward but in reality it's quite intricate without being overblown.

For my first outfit I wanted to use my grey bolero to match the stripes in the print. The rest of the outfit then came together in a less matchy-matchy way than usual, and I ended up with a slightly quirky and definitely casual look that I really love and would totally wear!

The second outfit looks really simple in a flat-lay, and it is really simple, but I think the simplicity is what makes it super pretty! It really lets you appreciate the details in the print and the headdress as well, and I think it would be great to wear in summer.

For the third and final coordinate (don't judge the wonky photo) I wanted to go a little bit oldschool; since this print is from 2006 it seemed appropriate! Though in retrospect I feel like I should have run with white shoes I still really like this. I especially feel that the strawberry bow clips work quite well with the white blouse.

What made me super chuffed about putting these outfits together is that there were still more coordination options; a red and white cutsew underneath, a black bolero on top, my offbrand cherry cardigan, perhaps even working in a pink blouse! This dress is just so cute and comfortable and easy to wear that is has immediately become one of my favourites and I’m really keen to wear it more!


  1. Fully shirred dresses are the paradise of comfort in Lolita fashion! The second outfit grabbed me the most, like you said, simple is sometimes best and lets you appreciate the details of the dress itself. Although I really like the grey bolero with it, even on the photo it accentuates the stripes so nicely - but I would've put the second coord's shoes with the first one since the bolero gives it a more mature look and the chunky boots feel a bit too Sweet (but they could be excellent for the last outfit or any more oldschool one where you want that giant platform look). It's amazing when a wardrobe addition works this well :D

    1. Thank you! I'd definitely play around with the outfits more if I were to actually wear any of these, I totally see your point on the shoes.

      And yes, full shirring = ungodly comfort!