Friday, 19 October 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival: Create A Halloween Inspired Coord

I'll start this post with a confession, and that is that this topic was really hard for me! I wanted to come up with a Halloween-themed coordinate, not a costume suitable for Halloween that comes from my lolita wardrobe. And I was totally, utterly stumped because I don't own a single spooky item!

So, I went with a photoshop coordinate instead and put together something that I would utterly love to wear if I ever did want to have a Halloween look.

I really adored Lady Sloth's "My Spooky Macaron" series, and if I thought I'd ever wear it (which realistically I know I wouldn't) I would have bought the JSK and matching headwear in the orange colourway. It's just so bright and bold and tacky and cute, it's the perfect Halloween print for my tastes.

For my hypothetical coordinate I leaned fully into the tacky creepy-cute vibe, with spiderweb stockings and a cute Swimmer bag. A bat blouse from Angelic Pretty seemed like a perfect match, as did a pair of gothy-yet-adorable Demonia platform shoes. I also thought that a natural-ish wig would be a nice touch, so I edited one of those in as well!

I truly would love to wear this coordinate, but as I said earlier I do know that realistically I'd get little to no use out of these pieces so this will just remain as a fun hypothetical. But, to prove that I can get into the Halloween spirit in real life, have a witchy lolita Halloween look of mine from a few years back!

Photo by The Enthusiast <3

Do you have any Halloween prints in your lolita wardrobe?

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  1. Lady Sloth did so well with that whole series, both the Lovely Macaron and Spooky Macaron (although I think she sold way more of the spooky ones, it was just so perfectly timed for Halloween). I'm also completely not a spooky person, which is why I didn't even try this prompt. Yours is a great outfit, definitely lolita with a Halloween theme rather than leaning into costume and it is so wearable. As well as pretty budget friendly too! :D

    1. I loved both series! Again, I didn't buy the Lovely version either because I just couldn't see myself realistically wearing it, but I wanted it! I'm glad you like this coord, I think it's pretty adorable if I can say so myself ^__^

  2. It is lovely print, but I am not into the halloween aestic, I love pumpkins. That is it. But creepy cute aestic is not me.

    1. Pumpkins are great! I love creepy cute...just not on me ^__^