Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Review #31: Axes Femme

In the light of my non-lolita wardrobe overhaul I've started looking into some new brands online who have a similar aesthetic but simpler silhouette, and one of them is Axes Femme. Unfortunately, most of their lovely dresses come in only one size but we were still able pick out quite a few nice items. All the clothing [other than the fur vest] we bought with the intention that if it fits me, I take it, and if not it goes into the model wardrobe.

James got me this for my birthday! It's been hidden away from me...

Axes Femme does not take international orders, but since I had made a Tenso account to order from Angelic Pretty I was all set and ready to go. We placed our order on the 11th of September, and they posted it on the 12th. It arrived at Tenso on the 13th and I paid for shipping, which was really expensive, on the same day. I guess two bags and a pair of shoes makes for heavy shipping. Anyway, we got the package [a branded box, which was nice] on the 17th or 18th, I honestly can't remember which.  Either way EMS was quick, as usual.

Since there were several items I'm just going to make some general comments, rather than go into specifics on each item, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Overall... I'm impressed! Everything is well made, and accurate to the stock photos and listed measurements. The red blouse fit me perfectly, including shoulder width and the sleeves, which is amazing. The skirt and culottes do not, but that was expected, and the vest is a little small but I can wear it open. Mostly I was impressed by the little details - the shirt features a playing card motif in the stripes and the lace trim on the vest has clusters of pearls and diamantes in it.

How awesome is this fabric?

The boots are gorgeous and seem very well made, but are absolutely skin tight, which is fair enough since they're a 24.5 and I need a 25. Since shoe sizing can be all over the place I thought I'd give them a try and I need to wear them for a day to see if the tightness is okay or if it gets bad after wearing. As for my gobelin bag... I adore it. Adore it. It's just... perfect. And it's made me even more excited ot get the other bag on my birthday!

You may recognise this photo from instagram...

All in all I'm really impressed with Axes Femme. And I'm really a mixture of bummed and grateful that most of their stuff is one size... bummed because I am not that size yet grateful because if I was, I'd probably be broke, but with pretty clothes.


  1. I love how the vest looks like a baby deer's fur, but isn't, of course!

    1. Yeah, I adore the fawn fur trend! I'm really bummed because I had my eye on a beret on taobao but it's sold out now...

  2. i love this brand! their stuff is so cute and can be incorporated into classic lolita! :D

    1. I am definitely falling in love myself, and can't wait to wear my new stuff with lolita!