Friday, 27 April 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival: Create A Coord For An Event You Wanted To Attend But Couldn’t

I love dreaming up coordinates for all kinds of occasions, so I leapt on this LBC topic! I decided to come up with a coord for the event “any Rufflecon ever” because I very much wish I could have attended one of them, but the whole “being on the other side of the planet” kind of makes that a bit impossible! Now, I know there were different themes in different years, but given that Rufflecon was focussed on more alternative fashions than just lolita I wanted to pull together a look in my favourite style combo – steampunk lolita.

I decided to use my trusty Lyris Design underbust JSK because I have done steampunk lolita looks with it before and loved it. I actually nearly always pair this dress with this offbrand blouse, but I decided to fancy it up a bit with an Innocent World bolero. Of course I needed to use my beloved steampunk boots which paired nicely with my new AP OTKS. A bowler hat made for a good headwear option and the Innocent World corsage was just pretty, no real thematic justification for it, just prettiness! I finished the look off with my octopus necklace that James made for me years ago – like the boots, it’s one of my perennial steampunk pieces that just works with everything.

Having put this look together I’m really excited to wear it, or something similar, soon. I love steampunk with lolita, and if Rufflecon was ever an event that was feasible for me to attend, I like to think this is what I would have worn.

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  1. I really like this outfit. People who only have a superficial understanding of steampunk will cover everything in brass-coloured cogs and goggles without rhyme or reason, but this is far closet to what I think of steampunk: very Victorian, with focus on textures rather than prints, very elegant, yet still practical enough to be racing in to an adventure if need be. All it needs is some fancy Victorian hair do and you're good to go! :D

    1. Yay I'm glad you like it! I'm a terrible steampunk snob and get really pissed off about the "just stick a cog on it" aesthetic. I have so many thoughts on steampunk, probably going to blog about it at some point...