Saturday, 18 February 2017

Lolita 52: Most versatile lolita item I own

This is a surprisingly tricky question! To me the word “versatile” means it really is about main pieces, otherwise the keyword would be “useful”, and a lot of my main pieces are fairly firmly classic, and occasionally sweet.

So I think my black Bodyline JSK (L348) probably wins this round, narrowly beating out my Lyris Design JSK. It wins for the following reasons:          
  • If I’m going to mix-and-match colours black is a great base (black x pink 4eva)
  • Also, black is super easy for me to wear and I like it ^__^
  • JSKs are the most versatile main piece style in my opinion
  • The style is a little old-school, but not so much that it is old-school, so it can be styled in any way from 2008 era onwards without looking odd (though maybe not the current OTT classic trend!)

The main reasons it wins over the Lyris JSK is because of the cut. The brown/classic side of my wardrobe is more well developed than the black/sweet section, but the underbust cut of the Lyris JSK limits how it can be worn.

I wore this JSK for a photoshoot with Phocal Photography last year.

I have to say, even though it’s not one of the most exciting pieces in my wardrobe, this JSK is certainly one of my best investments, and a testament to something I always say…solid coloured main pieces are a must have for a lolita!


  1. Verstaile pieces are rarely interesting on their own. But black is definely a great base shade, it works with whiney sweet pastels as well as earthy jeweltones and everything between.

  2. I agree, black looks great with everything!

    1. Haha it really does! I keep trying to wear less black and repeatedly fail...