Tuesday, 16 October 2018

AYWI30C #7: As sweet as you can go

This prompt was so much fun! I’ll admit, I could possibly go sweeter, but what I wanted to do for this prompt was doing something very quintessentially sweet lolita and that informed all my coordination decisions for this outfit.

I’m trying to not re-use main pieces in this challenge (or at least, not this early on in the challenge) so that ruled out some of my typically sweet items. So I decided to instead run with a common sweet theme – chocolate! Or at least, sweet food things in brown with my Rococo Soul Jam Paradise JSK and BTSSB chocolate cardigan.

As brown can also read as more classic, I tried to move the coordinate back into properly sweet territory with the rest of the styling, such as my using the matching headbow. I also kept it sweet with the brown-and-pink wristcuffs and cute bow-and-biscuit ring. I apparently don’t have any sweet jewellery in brown other than that ring, so the coordinate is a bit sparser in terms of accessories than I’d like but what can you do? I also realised while typing up the entry that I should have included some of my biscuit hair clips as well. Ooops.

The thing I love about this coord is how warm and cute it is. I mean, just look at that layering! Isn’t it just cosy and adorable?

I also love these socks with this coord. Because of the cardigan featuring so much offwhite as well the colours are still balanced, and there’s just something about socks with bow patterns that to me is so very typically sweet lolita.

Have I ever gushed about how much I like these shoes? Because I really like these shoes! Such a good staple, and they work for classic as well as sweet. And I also love this bag! Since buying it I realised it’s an Innocent World replica, which I’m a bit bummed about, but oh well. When it dies I’ll buy a non-replica to replace it but in the meantime it’s pretty and practical, which is my favourite combination of attributes.

So I guess in the end, this coordinate is very quintessentially sweet lolita for me. It’s not as OTT as I can go, but in terms of substyle purity it is very much as sweet as I can go.


  1. Sweet lolita in brown (whether chocolate or not) is such a great look, it immediately makes the style so much more wearable. And this outfit is so cute, definitely cosy - I hope you'll take it out for a spin one day! <3

    1. Exactly! It tones everything down but still reads very adorable (so says the brown lover lol). And I do fully intend to wear this!