Tuesday, 23 October 2018

A not so little birthday haul

Happy birthday to me - I got lolita! No surprise there...

(I mean, James also bought me scratchies and took a gloriously artistic NSFW photo for me. Which we'll probably frame and hang in our bedroom and that is now my computer and phone wallpaper as well, but it's not on theme for this blog. Also you guys are here for pretty dresses, not amazing Warhol-esque junk pics, so let's get back on topic!)

With birthday monies I got myself a few new pretties! Not that I need more, but the pieces I got are fabulous additions to my wardrobe. All purchases were made with Buyee, who provided a good service as always, and EMS shipping got everything to me in three days so I came home from work last Thursday and was very happy indeed!

First of all, I grabbed a few things from the Angelic Pretty sale. The main reasons for that was this adorable strawberry cutsew in black because it is totally perfect for the black-and-berry subset of my wardrobe. Then, since I was buying from them I also grabbed two pairs of the Vintage Marine OTKS since they were severely on sale. Not really something I needed, but certainly cute and I'm sure they'll come in handy.

I am utterly head over heels for this cutsew. It has daisy buttons! And the collar is beautiful. I'm really excited for the coordination options this will give me for my black x berry outfits.

And then I made the dangerous realisation that you can also use Buyee to buy from Closet Child and Wunderwelt. So of course, I had a browse, and on Closet Child I fell in love with the full shirred version of Meta's Teddy Chocolatier JSK in mint.

It was a print I'd never really paid attention to, but when I saw it something just clicked. I wanted to get more pieces that I can wear now, and when I finally get back to a smaller size. I wanted to add some new colours to my wardrobe, including mint or spring green. I wanted to get another chocolate print. So it was just a win on all accounts!

It certainly was a birthday purchase though, because I normally wouldn't pay as much as I did for a dress that I'd only just realised existed. But hey, it was my birthday! And I also picked up an Angelic Pretty bolero in mint so I'd have something to match. I have my priorities...

I'm super happy with both these items. The bolero is a bit small for me for now, but it's really pretty and all the bows are detachable so it's quite versatile. The JSK is just so cute! The print is delightful and detailed. Funnily enough though, the details I thought were pink are actually lavender, which I think is pretty quirky. And the bolero matches the JSK perfectly, which is definitely a win.

Then as I always do, I kept browsing while waiting for my packages to arrive at Buyee, and what popped up on Wunderwelt? The Rose Stripe Shirring Pinafore JSK from Metamorphose temps de fille in green! Literally one day I started drafting up the LBC dream dress post, the next I bought one of the dresses I listed there. I could hardly believe it and naturally bought it immediately. Like the other dress, I did pay more than I like for it but there was no way I could not buy it!

I'm so glad I got this JSK as well. The colour is beautiful, a little warmer and brighter than my pictures show. The bows at the straps and the big waist one are detachable which is a big plus in my books - makeshift headbow, yay! And this is going to work so well in my wardrobe, easy to wear with lots of colours in many ways.

Overall I am just so chuffed with this entire haul! I had really been itching to add some new colours to my wardrobe, and to have done so with a dress that filled a niche I wanted filled and with a dress I've loved for years was just amazing. So happy birthday to me, and expect to see me wearing some of these new things in my next outfit post...because I already have!


  1. You're doing birthday spending right, well done! Those are all great purchases and I can't wait to see them all worn. But especially Rose Stripe. *.*

    1. Haha I know, right? I'm so happy with all of it ^__^

  2. Happy birthday!!! I loved your purchases!

  3. Happy birthday! Those purchases seems solid!

    1. Thank you and I love all my new pieces ^__^