Thursday, 19 October 2017

Lolita 52: My favorite lolita print

I don’t think I have a singular favourite lolita print. I love everything I own, and some pieces in my wardrobe in particular (Anniversary Rose and Dim Light I'm looking at you!) are especial favourites which I admired for ages before buying.

But, given that I post fairly extensively about the pieces I own I thought I'd share a particular print that I do really, really love and don't currently own...

I adore Chocolate Rosette, it has been one of my favourite lolita prints right from the start. And now I can practically hear you asking; then why didn’t you buy it in the rerelease or the MTO? I have two main reasons for passing it up. The first is that experience has proven that AP is bit too short for me. I need at least a 90cm, and preferably 95cm dress length, and it wasn’t. If I were thin but tall it would be different, but I’m not, and I wasn’t going to buy a dress that I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing. The second reason is that the Aussie dollar is still not doing well against the Japanese yen at the moment, and I was not willing to spend $400 on it, especially given reason number one.

But I really love this print, and would  like to own it in ivory or brown (or special set mint). It's just a perfect sweet print for me - it is adorable, and has a range of cute colours in the print, but the overall effect is not too in your face cutesy. I could coordinate this in so many ways!

So Chocolate Rosette is something I will continue to admire from afar. When I’ve lost some weight (especially if the exchange rate gets better!) I may look at getting it but until them it will remain a print that really is a favourite, but not on me.

Do you have any prints that you admire, but don't own for whatever reason?


  1. Chocolate Rosette is one of those prints that I'm mostly indifferent to when I see the stock photos, but every time I see someone coord it that's when it really pops. It's a shame about it being too short, but having said this, since you yourself say that you're not the type to get desperate for that one print, maybe one day someone will create something similar for a better price and in a better size range (I'm looking at you, Taobao). Would you go for that as a second best?

    I'm lucky enough to own pretty much all the prints I want, or at least the ones I wanted the most. The ones on my wishlist now I'm more than happy to wait for them to pop up for a better price. Well, there's one that I'd be happy to wait for it to pop up at all and it's Marchen die Prinzessin's Nutcracker print - elegant and Christmassy, but also neutral enough to wear outside of Christmas too. I am keeping an eye on AP's upcoming releases because this season there are quite a few that have caught my interest, but we'll see whether I'll like them all as much when they've all been released.

    1. I hope something similar comes up! Also, I'm hoping length will be less of an issue once I go down a couple of dress sizes - shorter loltia skirts can be fine of more slender figures IMO.

      So good that you have most of your top tier dream dresses! That Nutcracker print really is lovely, I like that it's a screenprint (or at least that style) because the lack of colour really makes it super elegant.