Monday, 15 September 2014

Wardrobe Overhaul Part 2

I realised, after I started planning out my wardrobe overhaul, that the one thing I really lack are flat shoes for everyday wear. I've been living in the same pair of black-and-white sneakers for about three years, and they're pretty limited style wise. Because I'm picky, I don't like ballet flats or sandals or loafers and when presented with a choice of shoes, I always go for heels. But heels aren't practical for everyday use, so I decided that step one of wardrobe overhaul needed to be finding a few pairs of cheap flat shoes to try out some new styles. Cheap being a keyword, because I'm not even sure what styles I'm going to like and use.

So today we went to Payless and thanks to end-of-season sales scored these three pairs for $39!

None of the shoes are the greatest quality or the most comfortable, but they'll be good for testing out all these different style.

I was hoping to find a slightly girlier pair of black boots, but these are still really cool. It's also good because I love the aesthetic of combining girly clothes with clunkier shoes, so these will let me experiment with that look. They'll also work for grungier steampunk looks, which make me happy ^__^

My phone didn't want to get the colour of these boots right, they're a really dark wine red, not this orange-y tone. These were an impluse buy because they were $9, so why not? But I'm actually really keen to start using these ones because I love coloured shoes!

Yeah, I know. These ones aren't flat. But I thought they were worth a try since it's yet another style and colour. Again, my phone took this photo lighter than how they actually are, they're really a much richer caramel. I've never actually owned shoes in this colour before, so it'll be interesting to see if I use them. In my wardrobe I'm planning on using darker, rather than lighter, browns so I'm not sure how much I'll use them but still, worth a shot.

So that's the first [physical, at least] step of my wardrobe overhaul. Well, I did go through my existing wardrobe and take out some things to get rid of, but this is the first addition!


  1. I have a similar pair of boots to those black ones but a different brand. They are so comfortable I keep getting the same pair again and again and would cry if they were discontinued. I barely ever war anything but them. They look a little punky with dresses and have also been described by some as looking a bit like pixie boots, which suits my fairy-ish style perfectly!

    1. Haha awesome! I'm rather liking my pair so far ^__^

  2. I love those black boots, I have a similar pair. : ) I know what you mean about quality though. I stopped buying from Payless because their shoes are so hit or miss. I bought two pairs of flats, one pair I still wear frequently (the other scuffed to crap), a pair of wedges which has survived okay and a few other pair of flats that all went to crap in a month. I also bought a pair of "winter" boots, which were actually fashion and could get soaking wet just from walking on top of snow. It's great prices with mixed results. :/

    1. I know exactly what you mean, I've already found with these that the burgundy pair are a bit iffy. Ah well. I still think it's totally worth it for the style experiment!