Monday, 9 October 2017

Easter in all seasons; Egg Art outfits

Egg Art is the last of my recent influx of new main pieces (five in two months!) and as usual I am celebrating its arrival with three flat lay outfits. I really love doing flat lays for new pieces (as well as existing ones!) because it gives me a good opportunity to see what options I have for it.

And Egg Art certainly has a lot going on to build off! It’s black and white (obviously) which is classic and easy to work with, but there are also a lot of different colours in the print to pick up on. You could run with the FabergĂ© egg theme if you wanted, or a bejewelled kind of look, or just ignore the print entirely and match off colours.

First of all I wanted to coordinate it as-is. That’s the great thing about special sets like this – just add shoes and you’re done! However, I don’t think I’d really wear it like this (though it does look really good, so I might) so for my other coordinates I did something a bit more interesting…

For look two I wanted to play down the black as much as possible, so I covered up the top with a white bolero and ran with light and colourful accessories. Even though in retrospect I think black shoes may have been a good idea I really, really love this look! It’s fun and cute without being too overdone, and it would be super comfortable to wear as well.

Then for the last look I wanted to take the opposite route and add more black. To be completely honest I didn’t end up being a big fan of this outfit. Not quite sure why (if you can pinpoint it, let me know!) because it works on paper but eh. My gut likes some things and not others, and who am I to argue with my gut?

All in all I think Egg Art is very cute, easy to wear, and is definitely a worthwhile wardrobe addition!


  1. They ended up being very sweet cordinates.
    I would use a black headbow in the first coordinate, making less obivious it was a lucky pack. The middle is my favorite.
    The last one would I add solid white thights or socks, as there is already a lot of pattern in the coordinate.

    1. They did! I guess it's more a sweet dress to me overall. Thanks for the tips!

  2. The middle one is my favorite but I'm always a little partial towards pastels :)

    1. Me too, I am dying to wear that look sometime.