Friday, 30 January 2015

Meal Prep #6 & #7

Long time, no meal prep posts. That's because for most of January, we haven't had the time to do a proper prep. We did one on New Years Eve and just did another yesterday and since I never posted about the NYE one here's a double post. And man, is it good to be back into it. I ate one of yesterday's meals while writing this and it is so good to have an easily microwaveable, fairly health bundle of varied foods from fridge to mouth in under five minutes.

This is how our fridge looks right now, meals all taking up one shelf with fruit salad and other bits above. Grainy as hell photo, because it was like 9:30 when we finished up, but wanted to share anyway.

For our NYE prep we made five lots of meals. Salad and stir-fry aren't remarkable enough to warrant photos, but here are the other three meals we made.

This was roast lamb with sautéed mixed zucchini and mushrooms and baked potato and sweet potato. The great thing about this was the zucchinis were fresh from my mum's garden, and the sweet potato came from ours. Super fresh veggies for the win!

More fresh veggies here too, the beans are also from my mum! Roast lamb, corn and beans over rice.

And this meal is the potato and sweet potato mix with sausage and broccoli.

That's what we cooked on New Years Eve, keep scrolling for yesterday's cooking bonanza. Actually, you don't have to scroll far, I just wanted to write "keep scrolling". In addition to a big bowl of fruit salad we made six each of the following meals.

Firstly, canned salmon with a baked potato and carrot mix and beans. In case it's not obvious, baked potatoes is one of the best things ever.

Second, more salmon! This time with cauliflower, corn and fried rice. I love plain rice, but James isn't as much of a fan so I made a simple fried rice to change it up a bit. Just peas, onion, rice and soy sauce but definitely a step up from regular rice with a few herbs.

This lot is the baked potato and carrot mix with lemon herb chicken and corn. You know how I said I was eating one while writing this post? This was it, and it was tasty.

Lastly, honey soy chicken with fried rice, beans and cauliflower. I do pretty damn good honey soy chicken.

So that's the last two lots of meal prep we've done. We're planning to get back into a regular routine with it, so there'll be more posts of this nature. Feel free to share any of yourown meal prep ideas or recipes in the comments ^__^

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