Monday, 2 February 2015

Red chiffon outfits.

One night, not to long ago, I had a brainwave. When I did my wardrobe post I noted that I'm not sure how well I like the empire waist of my red F+F JSK on me but my brilliant brainwave was this; if you don't like the waistline, alter the waistline! So I decided to come up with some outfits pairing that JSK with my two lolita jackets to see what I could come up with.

First up, with my brown Bodyline jacket. Even though the jacket's fairly casual I tried to make this a bit more of an elegant classic outfit with nice IW socks, more mature shoes and a simple velvet headbow. The reds and the pinks in the socks don't match 100% but I think they match well enough to work when worn.

Same jacket but a cuter approach this time! To be completely honest, this is the outfit I'd be more likely to wear., I just feel it suits me better. Shoes are Bodyline, socks are Secret Shop and flowers are from taobao.

I got really excited putting together this outfit because I realised that the socks James got me for Christmas are a perfect match for this vintage military jacket! The beige of the socks is a perfect match to the beige of the jacket trim. It's a miracle! And an awesome miracle, because much as I love this jacket I haven't had much to wear with it but matching socks solves that problem! A beret, flowers and simple shoes makes this a kind of retro-feeling outfit, which I love.

I'm pretty happy with these outfits, and I'm glad I figured out a way to wear this JSK even though I'm still on the fence about how much I like the empire waist. After I acquire/make more lolita outerwear I'll probably have even more options!


  1. This looks cute! ^-^ I'm not a fan of empire waistlines myself, they make me look frumpy.

    1. Thanks :) Yeah, they tend to either be frumpy or adorable... I'm just hoping I can figure out how to make it adorable!