Saturday, 24 January 2015

Lolita Sewing Goals

I like making lists. And then ticking things off them. So, since I really do want to sew more this coming year, a list of sewing  projects and ideas, roughly in order of importance, seemed like a great idea.

Things I Really Want To Sew

Firstly, I want to try a variation of the pattern I used for my brown and green floral JSK with full back shirring using the lovely fabric below and a matching solid blue bodice. This isn't a wardrobe essential but I fell in love with that fabric and though I'd never buy this dress, I'd still like to own it. Also, I really want to figure out the perfect version of that pattern to continue using in the future so this is also an experiment in that.

After that, I really want to make a black and a brown long-sleeved bolero that will be simple but elegant with just a bit of lace trim or small ruffles or braid. These will go with nearly my entire wardrobe and give me some more options.

Things I'd Like To Sew

More boleros! And I'm not even joking. Though the brown and black ones are the most important, I'd also love to eventually add baby pink, dusty pink, red, burgundy, ivory and dark green ones, and possibly make a long and short sleeved version of each, or at least the main colours of black and brown. Though more realistically a short sleeved baby pink, long sleeved ivory and short sleeved red are the ones that I really at this want level. Everything else is more of an "it'll be great when I get to it" level of importance.

I also want to try making a dusty pink blouse and also a sax blue blouse. These are colours that aren't big in my wardrobe, but they would really give me some more interesting coording options. Though I haven't found a blouse pattern I really like yet, so this may take a while.

Things That Would Be Nice To Get To Eventually

Something I'd love to make, but gets low priority because I don't have the fabric, is a fawn fur beret. I need to practise on other faux fur first, but I think I've figured out how to make berets.

I'd also like to make a JSK with a patterned bodice but plain skirt. I think I have enough brown tartan to maybe do that with a plain brown skirt, and I think that'd be really cute. Along with that I'd love to make an old-school tartan JSK. I'm perfectly willing to use the same pattern for both of these [which hopefully I perfect with the blue JSK I mentioned above] as I think they'll still end up sufficiently different when I'm done with skirt variations, trims and other embellishment.

Things To Sew If I Actually Sew Everything Else

To expand into more casual territory I'd eventually like to make a red and a black-and-white cutsew style top.

I'd also like to make bustiers in different colours, because I love the faux JSK look you can get with a bustier and a skirt, and there is nothing easier to make than an elastic-waisted skirt and if I had lots of bustiers, I could also have lots of elastic-waisted skirts!

Eventually I'd like to work on an OTT classic dress, something perhaps with gigantic princess sleeves and lots of layers, or maybe something in regal black and gold, or something with an amazing print. It'd purely be photoshoot only, because I currently don't go to any events where wearing such a dress would be appropriate, so it's really a low priority thing, though it would be fun.

Overall I want to get to a point where I have the perfect JSK and bolero patterns which I can sew up easily with some variations. Getting to the same point with a blouse would also be awesome. There are lots of JSKs I'd like to make [florals in different colours, mostly, and something in a kimono print, and stripey ones] but the things I've listed above are the distinct things I actually want to make, roughly in the order I'd like to make them. We'll see how I go!

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