Monday, 30 September 2019

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: September 2019

Wow, okay, September was a bitch of a month, if I can be honest. I was still sick coming out of August and we were just busy. I don't like being busy. But oh well, such is life, and now that we're at the end of the month it's time to share my favourite lolita reads ^__^

Create a Coord Inspired by Your Birth Flower... from In Love with a Dream
Ahhhh it's always so exciting when people blog on prompts I created! Eventually, when I'm done with Around Your Wardrobe in 30 Coordinates I will do the birthday challenge I came up with. In the meantime, enjoy this daffodil inspired coord!

Spoon. vol. 75: AP PARIS 3nd Anniversary Tea Party「L'Echappee Belle des Princesses」 from Marinette in Wonderland
I really appreciate when people share scans of magazines, and it was great to get a look at this event since none of the bloggers I follow posted about it. Did you see any posts about this tea party?

Man Meet vol. 2 from Cupcakes and Unicorns
I love the whole concept of man meets, I really do. And boy oh boy, do I enjoy getting to see Paulina's alter-ego Paul come out for another day! One of these days I'll try ouji, one of these days...

Quick lolita hair accessory from Auris Lothol
This isn't a tutorial as such, but it was an interesting look into the making process. It also made me want to make a cute tiny hat for myself, so there's that ^__^

[Scan] Otome no Sewing Book 14 (乙女のソーイング Book 14) from Gotas de Baunilha
It feels like such a long time since I discovered a new blog, so to not only come across one I'd never seen, but to have them sharing OnS scans, was awesome!

Paris ’18, Day 4 – Angelic Pretty Tea Party 2018 from Lolita Wonderland
Gotta be honest here, I'm never not going to be excited when Loltia Wonderland updates!

So that was September in lolita blogging, or at least... my September ^__^


  1. Paul is kind of like my goth side - needs letting loose every now and then. It will be interesting whether he'll become a more regular visitor, just like goth Paulina, or whether he'll keep disappearing for years at a time. :P

    1. So all I'm hearing is that one day we'll get goth Paul...

  2. Ahh thanks a lot for linking my blog! <3 I'm glad you liked the scans, haha!