Saturday, 12 January 2019

Seagull Secret Santa

Last year I did something I've thought about doing for several years now - I signed up for the CGL Seagull Secret Santa! I signed up to give (and receive) one gift in the $30-40 USD bracket and had a lot of fun being involved so I wanted to blog about what I got and also what I gave ^__^

First of all I wanted to show what I received. I stated in my form that I was only really interesting in receiving wearable items, and listed off the main colours and themes of my wardrobe, as well as listing some specific items I'd like to receive and linking to some Etsy stores with items I liked.

My Santa identified themselves only as MM, and were from Australia (or at least posted their gift from within this country). They sent me a unicorn card and two Disney themed gifts - a pair of pouches from Typo and an Alice in Wonderland figurine.

This is my blog, so I'm allowed to be honest - I was quite bummed about my gift. When we submitted information for our matches there was a field for "what don't you want" and I put in one thing - no figurines. I also made sure to list some basic things I would have liked to get - floral hair clips and pastel bead bracelets, for example - and I know several mainstream Aussie shops where you can easily grab those kinds of things.

But oh well, it's how these things work. It was still fun to be involved and the pouches may be useful for makeup or something, and the figure is cute.

Even though I was a bit disappointed with my gift, I still had a lot of fun shopping for my match and I really hope she was happy with everything. I tried to get her a mix of things so even if I missed the mark with some I'd get it right with the rest!

I'm not sure if it's considered in bad taste to blog about gifts you bought for someone but I had heaps of fun assembling my gift so I'm doing in anyway ^__^

My match said she was into lolita fashion (sweet and classic, looking at gothic and military too), larme kei, idols (real, games, and anime), Digimon, and Korean make-up. In the end I focused only on the two fashion subsets of her interests. Since I'm no good at telling bootleg from real merchandise, and the stuff that seemed to be real was expensive (up to half the budget for one little keychain!), the idol and Digimon stuff was not something I wanted to pursue, and likewise I know nothing at all about Korean makeup! So fashion it was.

She mentioned that she was in need of wristcuffs, legwear and hair accessories for her lolita wardrobe (main colours black, navy, wine and gold) and tops for larme (main colours black, pink and white) as well as outerwear for either. So armed with that information I went shopping!

In the end, my gift included a few items I'd bought for myself at various points but that had since migrated to my sales pile, as well as some items I bought specifically for her. I'll admit, I felt a bit bad including some items that I already but I squished that feeling because hey, they were good items for her! Ultimately I went a bit over budget as well so I feel like I did a good job and according to her post on the SS thread I did well, so yay!

Sorry for the photo quality!

Her gift consisted of two big items - a BTSSB cutsew for lolita (and maybe larme) and a chiffon bolero for larme. Then I included some AP OTKS and Bodyline UTKS; some wristcuffs, a velvet bow, and a little dusty pink barette from Taobao; a couple of usamimi style headbands and a pair of flower clips from eBay (say what you like, I love getting little accessories from eBay); and a Liz Lisa hair accessory.

All in all I really enjoyed participating in this gift exchange and I think I will take part in the next one! Possibly at a higher gift tier, even...


  1. That sounds a lot of fun! I wish we had something like that in my comm <3

    1. It was fun! Perhaps you could organise one for next year?

  2. Aww, I would have loved to have been matched with you! I think I'll join the next one our local comm isn’t already doing one. You reminded me that there’s actually a lot of fun in picking out something for someone else, even if you might end up being disappointed with what you get.

    1. If you do participate in one next year I hope you have as much fun as I did ^__^