Friday, 25 January 2019

Lolita Blog Carnival: Share 5 Winter Meetup Ideas

It's a nice little mental holiday to think about Winter while the current Australian Summer is humid and horrible, so here are five ideas for lolita meets in the colder months.

1. Baking together
This is probably a meet idea more suitable for a small community or a group of friends, but the idea is simple - gather together in someone's home and bake some tasty things together! The most typically lolita thing would be to make so cute sweets, but honestly I think it'd be great to combine this idea with a bit of a potluck and bake bread together which you then eat with soup that everyone brings.

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2. Snow art
Obviously this only applies for those who get snowy weather, but rug up, get out, and make snow men. Or snow lolitas. or snow...whatever you people with your snow tend to do for fun. Then go inside and have a good strong cup of tea ^__^

3. Knitting and quilting
This would require having someone t teach the skills, but something nice for the Wintertime would be having a meetup where you could start knitting a scarf or pair of mittens. Quilt blocking would also be lovely, though it's obviously a much longer term project.

4. Potting plants
Sometimes the cold weather leaves you dreaming of Spring, so why not spend some time potting up nice arrangements of indoor plants? You could also make terrariums, of pot up some bulbs that will flower as soon as the weather turns. For a more practical result, putting together a kitchen herb pot would also be a great idea. If you're particularly artsy...why not decorate the pot as well?

5. Book club
Cold weather always makes me want to laze about somewhere warm with a good book - so this meetup idea is about sharing that experience! Whether it's everyone reading the same book then discussing it, or hold a book exchange, or any other thing relating to books

So those are my ideas of what might be nice to do specifically for Winter! Bring on the cold weather, because now I want to just read and sew!

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