Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Review #51: Enchanted Dream Wear Socks

I need to start this review with a bit of embarrassing honesty...since I still haven't posted a review of our wedding outfits from Lyris Design I'm getting out of chronological order by posting this and it really, really bugs me! But this is a much simpler review but me cares that things are out of order ^__^

Anyway, recently on a bit of a whim I bought myself a pair of cream Choco Ribbon OTK socks from indie brand Enchanted Dream Wear. Here's the stock photo of all three available (well, only pink's available now) colourways.

Ordering through Etsy is easy and streamlined, and my socks shipped on the 4th of January. I think they arrived on the 9th or maybe the 10th - either way they got here very quickly! As a side note, the Etsy store says they're in the USA and items are made in the USA, but my package was shipped from South Korea. I don't care at all but still wanted to mention that.

The socks arrived in a standard postage bag, and were wrapped in this cute plastic packaging. And when I pulled them out, they looked just like the stock photo, only redder in tone. My photo is pretty accurate to colour, even if it's horribly light blurred.

Sorry for the abysmal photo quality here...

Overall I love the design of these socks, and the quality seems very good - they feel sturdy and well made. However, they are not plus size friendly. I mean, I'm quite plus sized at the moment, but I think if you have even moderately chunky legs these are not going to fit well (or at all) which is unfortunate. I'd probably put them on par with older BTSSB socks in term of stretch, if I had to make a guess.

The very red-toned brown also makes them a bit hard to match in my opinion. I laid them out on my Jam Paradise JSK (which is the warmest brown in my wardrobe, I think) and they don't even match it too well.

This review may be sounding rather negative and I guess I am disappointed by both the colour and the fit, since they're not going to be useful like I'd hoped. But I'm very pleased to have tried a new indie brand and honestly would recommend these socks if you have slim legs and browns that would match. They're a lovely sock, just not for me!

Are there any other indie sock or tight brands you recommend? I want to support more indies in 2019 and I'm a massive sock hoarder, so I'd appreciate any recommendations!


  1. I know that Enchanted Dream Wear have a stockist for Europe, so maybe they have one in other places too and use them depending on where they're shipping to? That's the only explanation I can think of why yours shipped out of South Korea.
    It's a shame that they weren't what you had hoped for in terms of fit and colour. I've seen some of their stuff in person in Madrid and they really look great quality. Someone (might've been the stall staff at the event?) said that their tights have good stretch, but I know how hard it is to give a brand another chance after getting burned once.
    If you want good stretch, then I've had great experiences with tights from MuFish, Resailan and Red Maria on Taobao, so you could always add some next time you make an order. As for Western indie brands, I heard good things of Violet Fane and Tejajamilla tights (the latter does different sizes too), as well as Peacockalorum when they do them, but I never tried any of these myself. Indie brands tend to do tights more often than socks I find, and many of them do either Classic or Gothic designs, I'm not sure if I can think of any who do Sweet ones...

    1. Who knows? I don't care but it seemed odd so I wanted to mention it.

      They certainly are really great quality! I may give their tights a try sometime - perhaps when my legs are a little slimmer!

      Thank you for all the recommendations, I have been eyeing off Tejajamilla tights for literally years - it's probably about time I gave them a try ^__^

  2. Sock brands are few and scarse. Fluffy Tori, Ergi & Piratessan, Eat me, Ink me has one pair. Violet Fane makes golf socks sometimes, but they are mostly for casual wear. Socks strech depends on the model. I can imagine other models has more strech.

    1. It certainly does vary a lot from brand to brand, even sock to sock!