Friday, 30 November 2018

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: November 2018

As usual, here are some of the highlights from my reading list this month. Let's just ignore the fact that this month is November and just enjoy reading some lolita content, shall we?

In which she’s back again… from Make Lovely
Oh my goodness, guyyyyyys! One of my all time favourite lolita bloggers is back! I am super excited and totally may or may not have read a whole lot of her old posts in my glee...

AP's Fancy Box: camera comparison from Rufflecloud's Adventures
As something of a camera nerd, this was interesting to see. Both the camera and the settings used make a massive different in the photos you take, and given that this hobby of ours is so very visual it's handy to know this.

What gives, grey? Larmes influence on J-fashion from Miss Filigree
New (to me) blog alert! This post was really interesting for me, even though I don't really know anything about larme ^__^

Lolita Memoíres vol. III release party from Sanakanin
I love pretty meet up posts...not much more to say, but I enjoyed reading this post.

Little Halloween Tea Time For Me! from The Bloody Tea Party
I'm not massively into Halloween, but that doesn't prevent me from enjoying reading about other people enjoying their holiday!

Ouji Trends: Alice and the Pirates Then and Now from Buttcape
As I'm not really into ouji (yet) I'd never really paid much attention to the trends within it, so this was very informative for me. I have to say that I'm a sucker for the earlier, punkier stuff rather than the newer pastel-y styles, but I do appreciate the available variety.

My First Time Vending at MCM London Comic Con! from Teacake Time Machine
One thing I love about reading blogs is getting to experience and gain an insight into things I don't foresee myself ever doing...such as wending at a big convention!

Sailor Moon Pop-up Exhibit and Shop from ABC Lolita
Oh man...Sailor Moon stuff is the cutest! This is more of a Sailor Moon post than a lolita one, but it's so cute how could I not share?

I hope you enjoyed reading these posts as much as I did. Now it is time to gird our loins against the onslaught of the festive season...Christmas coords are coming!


  1. How is it December tomorrow already?! :O I can't believe it. Brace yourself for all the cute Winter ILD and Christmas outfit posts! <3

    1. It's just a wee bit unsettling, lol. But there are going to be so many adorable outfits!

  2. Ahh thanks for featuring my blog post! ^_^
    It's nice to see there's this many people still creating lolita blog content!