Tuesday, 13 November 2018

AYWI30C #8: As classic as you can go

As soon as I started thinking about the coordinate I'd put together for this topic I knew I wanted the base of it to be Innocent World's Anniversary Rose and my long sleeved IW blouse (it has floral lace!). From there I just wanted to make it as typically classic as I could, which informed all my other decisions.

My favourite part of this outfit actually ended up being the fur hat thing! I'm not even sure what this is called, it belonged to my fashionista of a great aunt back in the day and I really love it. To me, classic lolita (and to a lesser extend gothic) is the best style for incorporating actual vintage pieces. And of course, because I'm me, I added some flower clips as well.

Then in the interests of having some cohesiveness I added my Axes Femme boots with the faux fur trim. The furs don't exactly match, but given the distance between them I figured it would work out okay.

My accessories for this look were quite minimal - other than the headwear just a few bracelets and a small necklace. I also enjoyed that the majority of this outfit is all Innocent World - more than any other brand (in my not-exhaustive experience) I find that Innocent World always works best with more Innocent World.

Speaking of the accessory choices I just wanted to highlight the necklace I chose. It's not a particularity high-quality piece, but it exemplifies the fact that I'm really trying to expand my jewellery collection and I'm proud of how far I've already come in that regard. Is it weird to be proud of buying things?

So there you have a coordinate that is a classic as I can go. I feel it's very perennially classic lolita; simple, a bit mismatched, feminine and vintage, elegant but still a little cute.


  1. The classic lolita you described: simple, a bit mismatched, feminine and vintage, is the best kind. In an odd way I still struggle to achieve that look (I probably strive for matching/balance a little too much and maybe overaccessorize sometimes), but when I think of the classic lolitas I admire, they are all primarily wearing it like this. It's surprising how much thought actually goes into putting something that looks so effortless and simple, and I feel that your post does reflect that a bit too.

    1. You're totally right about there being a lot of thought involved - I think it's because you have to really to walk the fine line between mismatched but coordinating without being too all over the place or too put together. One day I'm sure it'll come naturally to both of us!

  2. I love the coord you made! Vintage items are great to use and give it that special/unique look.

    1. Thank you! I love using vintage items in classic coords though I don't have many of them.