Saturday, 17 November 2018

AYWI30C #9: As gothic as you can go

When I got up to this prompt in the challenge I started inwardly cursing myself. I don't do gothic! Why did I include this?

I mean, I included it because I really wanted Around Your Wardrobe in 30 Coordinates to be about fully stretching the options of your lolita collection. And it served its purpose because much as I did struggle with this, I think I pulled together a passable gothic lolita outfit.

First of all...apologies for the photo quality! I fixed what I could in photoshop but photographing all black indoors is a challenge. Also, never again will I do a flatlay where the main pieces are both chiffon because it was nigh impossible to make they lie nicely flat!

Ahem. I also have three further comments to make. I would probably use some lace tights (or perhaps even fishnets, actually yes, most likely fishnets) if wearing this but they look awful in flatlay form so I included my most appropriate OTKS instead. I also could not find my black handbag, which isn't particularly gothic anyway! Oh's still as gothic as I can go! And lastly...that's glitter on the socks, not dirt...though I have no idea how they got glittery!

Something I did love in this outfit was using my Rogue Aerie jewellery. They're absolutely perfect for gothic looks, nice and opulent. I also like the idea of gothic looks that don't rely on overt symbolism to define them as gothic, so I preferred using these pieces rather than nabbing a cross necklace from our model wardrobe.

I also got a kick (hurr hurr) out of pulling out my Demonia velvet boots for this look. I adore these boots, though I still don't think I've worn them at all! But they add a wonderful Victorian flair to any look and I think they're a truly beautiful footwear option.

Last of all, to tie in with the jewellery I used both red and black flowers along with a rectangle headdress for the hair - a bit oldschool, which to my mind suits the gothic vibe.

I mean, as I often say, I don't think I ever really do gothic all that well. But as much as a struggled with this, it was fun to see how much of a gothic lolita look I could put together from my lolita wardrobe.


  1. The outfit is cute!
    I have the same problem. I even have two or three dresses that can be worn as gothic lolita, but as my wardrobe is mainly sweet, everything I try to coord as gothic ends up with a sweet touch.

    1. Thank you ^__^ I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem though!

  2. As someone who does not wear Gothic, I feel like headwear is what makes the biggest difference between an outfit leaning Gothic or Classic. The rectangle headdress and the roses were a good choice, it's something I see a lot of my Goth friends do (when they don't wear their Antique Beast bat headdresses :P), so you definitely managed to create a Gothic outfit. Not just as Gothic as you can go, but recognisably Gothic in general. And I love the jewellery choices, looks very regal!

    1. Thank you, I'm actually really happy to hear that I got it right in your opinion ^__^