Friday, 9 November 2018

Lolita Blog Carnival: Create A Coord Inspired By Your Favorite Sailor Moon Character

Oh my goodness, this theme was made for me. The Sailor Moon series has meant a lot to me over the years and has been an inspiration in so many ways. But my favourite senshi? Well, that's always been...

That's right! Ever since I first saw the anime as a kid I've most strongly identified with Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mercury. A bit shy and very smart, she was me. Even though I've gotten less shy (and less smart) as I've gotten older and no longer identify with her as much, she's still my fave.

As far as creating an outfit inspired by her, I ran with the idea of putting together a coordinate I imagine she might wear.

I think of this a slightly old-school coordination style with modern items. Dream Marine was the perfect print for her and for the rest of the styling I went with simple, unassuming items. This is not a flashy coord, which I feel suits her studious personality. The basic black shoes and bag make it feel more like something she'd just wear, rather than in being a specifically coordinated outfit.

And now I really want to make lolita coordinates for all the sailor scouts...ooops...

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  1. It's interesting how we both looked at Ami in different ways. As a shy/reclusive and smart kid, I understood that characters like Ami were like me, but instead of identifying with them I tended to ignore them and focus my attention on the characters I wanted to be like (which were usually whoever I thought was pretty - yay for the smart child complex growing up female :P).
    That aside, this is definitely a coordinate that Ami Mizuno would wear. 100% something you could see her in on a Sunday girl-date as they all go shopping and have ice cream :D

    1. See, what I liked is that despite being shy and all that, she was still a badass who fought for what she believed in - taught me I could be both (and now, where I realistically most identify with Usagi - clumsy, hungry, lots of feelings - the same thing holds true).

      Now I totally feel like I need to hold a Sailor Scout casual meetup, with sundaes and a game arcade!

    2. Oh yes, as annoying as Usagi could be when watching from the outside, definitely relate to being hungry all the time and being all emotional.
      And you should totally do a Sailor Scout meetup! Would be cool to hold it at a convention too - casual lolita works better for cons, plus all the opportunities to take photos of fandom inspired lolita vs cosplay (for both fun and educational purposes). :D

    3. Oh gosh, you just made the idea better ^__^