Thursday, 30 November 2017

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: November 2017

I feel like November contained a lot of varied and interesting lolita blog posts, and here are a few of my favourites...

Zodiac Lolita - The Air Signs from Luna Rain
Luna has been doing a whole series of coordinates based of the Zodiac signs and their typical personalities, and I'm sharing this post in particular because it has "my" (Libra) coordinate!

Tips for Handmade Lolita Fashion from  from Sweet Dreams
A post sharing some good beginner tips for making your own lolita items. If found it was full of handy suggestions and some good, basic information. No go make some lolita things!

Splurge of Save: Lolita Edition from Cupcake Kamisama 
This was a very good read about the authors opinions on what items you should shell out for and which ones you can go a cheaper route with in lolita fashion.

Lolita Shoes Upcycling from Auris Lothal
I love it when I get to share tutorials posts here! Well... this isn't so much a tutorial as a "this is how I did this" but it's detailed and has lots of pictures and you could easily achieve similar results if you wanted to, or apply the concepts to a different pair of shoes. Plus, the final shoes just rock.

Tea time at Ladurée for my birthday! from Ruban Rose
A cute outfit and a cute outing, exactly what I like a a nice, pleasant read.

Matsuricon 2017 from Pastel Peggy
One thing I really love about lolita is that there is so much room for personal expression, even when playing by the fashion's rules. So feast your eyes on a trio of outfits; decora lolita, OTT sweet lolita, and something a little simple and retro.

Rufflecon 2017 Panels from Lolita Princess
This post is quite brief but gives you access to the three panels that blogger presented at Rufflecon - I love it when people put resources like this online!

I hope you enjoy reading those posts as much as I did!


  1. I look forward to these posts so much every month! That last link with the info/powerpoint on lifestyle lolitas is a really interesting read.

    1. Aw really? That makes me very glad to hear!