Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Meal Prep #9

Another day, another meal prep. This one isn't technically finished yet, because I need to make up some salads, but the interesting part is done. Picture lettuce, cucumber, celery and cherry tomatoes with salmon on top and then you've go the complete picture of our prep.

Above is beef mince with onion, spinach and peas served with broccoli and baked carrots, sweet potato and [just a little] potato. The potato and sweet potato were fresh out of our garden!

This is a very simple, but tasty, meal. Broccoli, corn and satay chicken thigh. We both like corn, a lot, and broccoli is so good!

Lastly we have chicken thigh and satay green vegetables served over brown rice. This was our first time doing a satay vegetable mix and it turned out really nicely!

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