Sunday, 29 March 2015

Meal Prep #11

Last Wednesday [yes, yes I'm being a very late and lazy blogger] was meal prep time again!

First up, and no picture because it didn't come out well at all, was a repeat of a meal from last week: satay mince on beans, corn and carrots. However, we couldn't get kangaroo mince this week so we had to use regular mince and wow... cooking normal mince  really makes you appreciate how lean kangaroo is. It still tastes good, but it's nowhere near as healthy.

This was salmon and sautéed spinach and zucchini with garlic on a bed of baked potato, sweet potato and carrot. As usual, the sweet potatoes were fresh from the garden. The sautéed greens are absolutely delicious and I'm already thinking of making them a regular addition.

Another repeat from previous weeks: satay celery and beans over brown rice, topped with chicken. Still a great meal. And so cheap! For reals, these work out to maybe $3 per meal which I think is pretty good for something with meat in it.

Lastly we have honey soy chicken and corn on a bed of baked potato, sweet potato and carrot. Simple yet tasty.

The more we do this the more I'm finding that, as a general rule, we need to put one "exciting" thing into each meal. That is to say one thing that makes you eager to eat that meal. If it's just plain meat with plain vegetables yes, it's very healthy, but it's not particularly appealing. I find I'm way more likely to stick to eating just these meals and not cooking up something different if there's something to look forward to in every box.

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