Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Wardrobe Challenge: Sweet and classic

It's been a while since I've wanted to do another wardrobe challenge due to, you know, real life doing its thing, but lately I've been feeling to urge so here we have the wardrobe of someone I've nicknamed V-chan and my suggestions for how they can improve their cohesiveness and get more outfits out of their clothes.

This is what they already had, which they had saved to a pinterest board for me to download and work with. The peasant-style blouse is my approximation of a blouse they had as there was no stock picture of the black colourway. V-chan also had a few requests when it came to my suggestions; no brown, simple headwear, a more casual style and preferably taobao brands.

These are my suggested additions to make their wardrobe that bit more versatile. I didn't pick out the simplest hair pieces, but as usual my suggestions are for types of things rather than specific things so V-chan can use their best judgement on what specific piece to get... though I do like the two Infanta tops I picked out! This is also one of few wardrobes where I felt their shoe collection was ample. However, depending on the real-life shade of the red shoes they may need a brighter or darker red pair in addition. The red ones they have seem to be a perfect in-between shade that can work with both brighter and darker reds in an outfit, but they may not in real life.

Overall, their wardrobe didn't need many pieces to round it out. Ideally beyond my suggestions above a couple more blouses, maybe in bold colours for a more otome vibe, and a few more legwear and headwear options would really make their wardrobe pop, but what I have suggested will definitely help get them more variety into their outfits. And, speaking of outfits, I've conducted my usual test of ensuring I could make three fairly distinct outfits with each main piece before declaring the wardrobe "complete".

These coords are all a bit same-y, but varied enough to not look like the same thing,

This JSK is adorable! But, as the sole pink item in V-chan's wardrobe and with the colours in the print being hard to match exactly, these outfits all run with either neutral or complimentary colours.

To be honest I'm not completely sure of the far right outfit because matching black and navy can work well, or not at all.

This OP was one of my favourite pieces to work with, it's so simple yet so lovely!

At first I struggled a bit with this OP, but in the end it was easy enough to come up with three looks. The first is meant to be worn with the matching headdress in the dress picture.

I used to own this skirt too ^__^ A sax blue cardigan might be something for V-chan to look into getting eventually, since these coords are a bit same-y, but still sufficiently different, I think.

These coords are fairly similar to the ones above, but adequately different, methinks.

This skirt is so pretty! I'm not 100% sure how the middle coord would translate to real-life as the black may be too jarring against the creams but I wanted to give it a go anyway.

I really liked this skirt. Simple yet elegant and very easy to coord.

I may not have gotten the colour exactly right here, but V-chan also has an emerald green version of the red skirt above and I sing similar praises for it.

Surprisingly, I found this skirt a little tricky! I'm not sure how well adding navy works in the right coord, but I wanted to do something that wasn't monochromatic.

Lastly we have this pretty skirt! I'll confess that I wasn't sure if the cardigan in the centre outfits was navy or black, but I thought it was more likely to be black so I used it as such.

All in all V-chan's wardrobe didn't need many big additions. Mostly they needed a few more accessory options to be able to get the most options. As I said earlier I feel more legwear, headwear and a few more coloured tops would give them a lot more variety and interest but that have a fairly solid collection as-is and with my few suggested additions have a very cohesive wardrobe.

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