Saturday, 21 March 2015

Florals for spring, groundbreaking; or, Green gingham outfits

I'm really happy with the title I came up with for this post, but I have no idea how to punctuate it correctly... don't judge me! Anyway, I was inspired to come up with these outfits after rescuing my pretty green Bodyline L411 OP from my to-sell pile. I'd always thought it was cute, but it was designed for a smaller bust than mine so the top line of shirring sat on my bust instead of underneath, and I didn't like how it looked. And only a week ago did I realise the simple solution; remove that row of shirring! So I did, and now it's back in my wardrobe and I've started planning different ways to wear it.

First off, as usual, I wanted to share a close-up of the print. The green is lovely, bright yet subtle, and the flower are really pretty.

The first coord was an attempt to come up with a different simple, summer-y way of wearing this OP than my usual white, white and more white. The blue shoes add an interesting touch and though this outfit is still very simple, I think there are enough details in there to make it quite lovely.

Second, I tried a more autumn-appropriate outfit. The IW socks are a very good match because the flowers are blue and pink, like those on the skirt. My handmade bolero and a brown beret help tie in the socks, while the cream shoes and flowers on the beret provide some lightness. I'm not sure how well this will translate worn, I have a feeling the socks and beret maybe be too dark to work well, but it was still good to experiment with something completely different.

Also, as a side-note, this is probably the most accurate photo of the dress, colour-wise. My phone does not like capturing colours the same way twice.

This last coord is my absolute favourite. It's a perfect early spring coord, a bit warm but still light. The floral piece is one of those bands designed to be worn around a bun, which I think would be a really cute hairstyle for this. It's a little dressy with the lace socks and the lace on the bolero, but still quite sweet. To be completely honest, I think this is the best sweet-classic hybrid coord I've ever come up with and I can't wait to wear it!

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