Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Meal Prep #10

Anoher week, another meal prep. This is from the day before yesterday because I've been a good girl doing uni work and haven't felt like blogging about it until now. it was an overcast day, so ym photos aren't great, but wahtever.

Above, both served on brown rice, is satay green vegetables and chicken and stir fry mixed vegetables. The stir fry isn't that great but the vegetable mix has been in the freezer for ages so I finally bit the bullet and decided we had to use it up. By contrast, the satay vegetables are amazing! I diluted the sauce more this time so it mixes delightfully with the rice.

This one doesn't look like much, but it is also delicious. Satay kangaroo mince over corn, carrots and green beans. Can you tell we're on a satay kick at the moment?

Lastly we have sausages with beans, corn and broccoli. What's funny is that sausages have featured somewhat regularly in our meal prep... but only because our mums give them to us! Given that the meat portion of one of these preps is easily the most expensive, and we try to keep them as economical as possible, free meat is always welcome.

I was quite happy with this prep and also very proud of myself because I got it all done in 2.5 hours and planned it out in such a way that I used only a single saucepan, a single frypan and a single baking tray. I rock.

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