Friday, 15 March 2019

Lolita Blog Carnival: Why Do You Think Photoshoots Have Been So Big in Lolita

Oh man, this is my kind of topic. I really enjoy thinking about the "why" of things and it just so happens that this one is right up my alley. Overall I think there are five main factors that have contributed to photoshoots being such a big thing in this subculture.

By the way, this is written by someone who was modelling and doing photography for years before getting into lolita. Photoshoots came before frills for me, so I am maybe a little biased in my massive love for photoshoots ^__^

It's a visual hobby
First of all, being a fashion-based subculture lolita is a visual thing. Therefore pictures are inevitable, and the more you take, the better you get and the more interested in photoshoots you get, and before you know it you're posing for photographers and creating amazing art together.

My 2018 Christmas photoshoot was in lolita!
Photo by The Enthusiast <3

We love the Internet
Similarity, the other half of the visual coin is that since lolita has a global community, we share our coordinates online. Which again means photos and I still hold that the progression continues from taking snapshots of outfits to participating in full-blown photoshoots. We also can get inspired by seeing what other people are doing with their outfits and photos, and that leads to the cycle. Basically, photoshoots are like Pringles - once you pop, you can't stop.

Like attracts like
Furthermore, like with any alternative subculture, many of the people involved in lolita aren't only into lolita. Creative types tend to flock together, so you're likely to get to know various photographers, amateur and professional, as you participate in this fashion. Doing photoshoots is not difficult so it's more likely than not that you'll end up doing some in your time in lolita.

I mean, sure, you can levitate wearing anything but lolita is the best!
Photo by The Enthusiast <3

Lolitas are pretty
As we are very well aware, lolita is a gorgeous and varied fashion. And a lot of photographers, especially those who focus on more creative and artistic work, love having that in their portfolio. This again feeds into the fact that it's easy to do a photoshoot - if there are some Amaterasu photographers looking to build a creative portfolio in your area, you can likely get free photos in exchange for the photographer using them too. We're a natural creative photographers dream, whether we're in regular coordinates or if we've done something flashy and themed just for the shoot.

Photoshoots are fun
Last of all, photoshoots are a heap of fun! You get to create something cool and get fun photos of yourself. You may get to know new like-minded people in the process too. Sure, sometimes there is a lot of effort involved and sometimes the photographer's vision may not match yours but overall they are enjoyable, and that's why we keep doing them!

I mean, you could boil this down to three points. Photoshoots are big in this fashion due to the subculture's inherent interest in documenting and sharing our looks, the fact that they're enjoyable, and the fact that it's a look that lends itself well to photography.

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