Tuesday, 19 March 2019

AYWI30C #13: Inspired by a historical era

This prompt called for a bit of research! I won't bore you with the details, but in the end I put together a look (very loosely) inspired by Western 1780s fashion. The dress I chose, Innocent World's Classical Bustle, is highly reminiscent of a dress style known as the robe a l’anglaise, which was popular at that well as years prior and after.

The only thing I do not love about this coord is that the colour scheme of primarily brown and ivory does not capture the luxury of the fabrics you see in pictures of the royal and rich of the time. But I wanted to stick with this colour scheme so I could use this Innocent World bolero because of the lush lace at the neckline.

I did still manage to work in a little colour in the hair accessories and the socks. Socks were a bit of a hard choice to make, since obviously the legs were not part of the outfit in the 1780s, but I decided to use them to bring in just a little colour.

Then I ran with that colour to the max with hair accessories! Admittedly, a big fancy hat would have been the absolute best for this outfit, but alas I do not own one.

In terms of other jewellery and accessories I kept it simple, and very much not period appropriate! but it was nice to use my Peppermint Fox brooch and I thought the choker necklace was a good touch in both colour and style.

All in all I liked this outfit! Unlike some of the other coords I've pulled together for this challenge there's nothing really new here for me, but it's still a nice coordinate and it was fun to deliberately try and pull historical influences together into an outfit.

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