Sunday, 31 March 2019

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: March 2019

Where did March go? Serisouly, it was February, and now it's a month later and I'ms tanding ehre wondering what happened. It was a very busy month for me - my Love Live group had our first two public performances and I got really sick for a bit over a week. But throughout it all, I still had time to read a lot of lovely blog posts ^__^

In which she shares a cozy crafty meetup… from Make Lovely
This is the cutest casual lolita coordinate I've seen in ages - I want to steal her sweater! Always #goals for casual lolita ^__^

Coords: I Need More Gobelin from Cynical Neo-Princessism
Yes, yes, and more yes. Gobelin is seriously one of my favourite fabrics so this cute coord with the edgy old-school photos is totally my jam.

White Linen Tea House Meet-up! from Aries Kitsune
Is there anything better than reading simple posts about meetups with great food? That's right, I didn't think so ^__^

The garden of live flowers – Ciudad de Victoria, Bulacan from Sanakanin
I honestly have sever garden envy right now. And hat envy. I want to swam around a lovely series of gardens in an opulent rococo coordinate and take beautiful photos!

The Art Of Taking Tea & Frolicking In Flowers from The Bloody Tea Party
If you were looking for the quintessential lifestyle lolita post...that was it.

LBC: Winter to Spring Transition Coordinates from Teeny Travels
I love the Lolita Blog Carnival not just for the fun and varied prompt, but because it brings new blogs into my world. I may not have participated in this topic, but I found a new blog to follow!

So that's a bit of a snapshot into what I read in March! As always, if you have a lolita blog yourself or know of one that I don't seem to follow please drop me a link int he comments because I am always keen to discover new content creators!

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