Thursday, 28 March 2019

Guess who's going to Tokyo!

That's right! In a bit over a week James and I will be packing our bags again, this time for a week in Tokyo. We are planning to do so. much. shopping. And some sightseeing. And a bunch of photoshoots. I'm so excited!

Stock photo from Pixabay ^__^

For someone who tends to over plan I actually haven't worked everything out quite yet, so if you have any must-do suggestions or want to give me any tips I'm all ears! We're staying in Shinjuku and in particular would appreciate any suggestions for gluten free dining.

So things will be a bit quiet on the blogging front for the next few weeks, possibly the next month, but never fear because of course, I will be blogging all about it once I get back! In the meantime if you want to see me being excited about everything in real time please follow me on Instagram ^__^